2012 Letters ~ Las cartas de 2012

December ~ Las cartas de Diciembre 
Diciembre 31, 2012
¡Feliz año nuevo a todos! & 
There are 
lots of people waiting to hear the Gospel, 
we just have to find them. 
Hermano Banuelos harvesting his maize with Elder Hill

Jaina's hijo David
 It was good to be able to Skype and see the family again. It seems like Mother´s day was just around the corner! Before you know it, May will be here again and so will Christmas. I think that 2 years goes by so fast because one third of it we spend sleeping! After talking on the 24th we ate with the Ramos Family and we talked about their missions for a while. Hermana Ramos ended up going bald in the mission in Chihuaha because she had a fungus that got in her hair, and so did her companion. But because the Lord is merciful, they ended up having two wigs that matched their hair styles and nobody in the zone picture ever noticed. Pretty cool. 
Diana & Boyfriend

Elder Hill, Diana's boyfriend, Diana & Elder Martin
Yesterday Diana got baptized. She has been going for a year and one day we met with her and I don´t remember what I said, but she decided to get baptized. When her boyfriend baptized her they were in white, and I thought (to myself as not to scare her),  that the next time that they would be dressed in white together would be in the temple. They are for sure a couple that will get sealed in the temple... that is when they get married. I think he was waiting to see if she would get baptized first, but who knows. 

Also yesterday we had a pretty cool experience. We were in priesthood meeting when one of the YM came and told us that there was a man outside that wanted to get baptized and be a member of the church. I thought he was just playing but no! Ramón showed up all on his own and said that he has the desire to learn more. He doesn´t correspond to our area, but he called the other missionaries and they went yesterday and he accepted a baptismal date! Miracles do happen. There are lots of people waiting to hear the Gospel, we just have to find them. D&C 123:12

One thing that I love about the mission is that I actually love to read and study the scriptures now. I didn´t put that much effort into it before, but now I love it. For example, I never took advantage of the topical guide. It´s so awesome because only in English is it that complex. Funny scriptures under the word "strange" are: Jude 1:7, Ezekiel 3:5, and Ezra 10:11. The Bible is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! 

Well, gotta go because we have to be in the house early tonight. Gotta keep working. 

Thanks for everything. I hope that everyone has a great week. 


Elder Hill 

From Tezo still 
I´m sending two from the baptism but that´s it for now. I´ll take more later on. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE FAMILY & ALL.

David hijo and me with Hermano Banuelos when he was harvesting corn.

24 Diciembre 2012
Felìz Navidad y Prospero Año & "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD

Well, I think I`ll start out this week`s details with the fact that the mission isn`t all clean and happy as some people think. I arrived to my new area with one of those horror stories about missionary houses- mold, dirty, tons of cockroaches, and just not that great. My companion cleaned a lot before I got there but his last companion just didn`t mind the mess. Elder Martin is a good Elder and we worked hard this week to have a clean house, and it`s better! It`s definitely a nice Christmas present. 

On Tuesday we went to do a service project in a community in our zone. We cleaned up a lot of weeds outside and waterproofed the roof. I don`t have pictures, but that was a good second service project. I don`t remember if I wrote last week that we had gone and cleaned up a lot of garbage in an area by the city cemetery, but that`s what I did on Saturday in my last zone. Fun times. 

Wednesday we went to find a less active member and found some other guy who rents in his same building. We had a lesson with him and at the end he asked if he could pray his way and he did. We knelt down like we did at the beginning but then he stayed standing, so I thought O.K. Then he started praying really loud and put his hands on our heads and starting blessing us. He went on for like 5 minutes and ended, but that was a strange experience I tell ya! 

On Friday I had an experience where I felt that Heavenly Father really does send missionaries to areas where there are people ready for that missionary. Diana is the girlfriend of an RM, (return missionary), and has been investigating the church for about 1 year, but hasn`t been baptized. On Tuesday we had a lesson with her and I don`t remember too much of what was said, but we invited her to pray to know if she should be baptized this next Saturday. So she prayed and felt like she should and said that something that I had said is what helped her to make the choice. I tell you that it wasn`t me, but the spirit acting through me. That`s what makes the mission amazing- all of the little experiences like that. 
Presidente & Hermana Call's son, Shane, with Matthew's tie on!

Saturday there was a little activity as a zone for Christmas with President and Sister Call and their family. I don`t have the pictures yet but we sang songs, played activities, and exchanged ties. We dressed up and acted out Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and guess who was Rudolph? Yours truly, Elder Hill. 

Sunday, well, we went to church and I met the ward. Nobody was there because a lot of people left for Christmas, but they tell me the ward is huge. 

Queretaro District
And today we had a little activity as a district. We exchanged gifts, broke a piñata, and went to a Chinese food buffet. Haven`t had Chinese food in a long time, so that was good. 
I read this week in Jesus the Christ, In chapter 8 about the Babe in Bethlehem and the story of Christ`s birth.  Click here to read Jesus The Christ~scroll down for Ch. 8
It was a little more in depth than just reading in the scriptures and I really enjoyed it. If you have the book, it is an invitation to study a little more about Christ and WHY we SHOULD be celebrating Christmas. He did a lot for us, but I feel that many times in the Christmas season we forget about Him and just spend a lot of money on things that have no eternal significance. Although Christmas is not over, the mission has opened my eyes about what matters most. 

I hope that everyone has a great week and that you can have more Christ in your lives. 


With Love, 

Elder Hill 

1- Elder Martin and I 
2- District activity after breaking the "mission sins" pinata (waking up late, facebook, etc - all the stuff that we shouldn`t do and don`t do) 
3- Cockroaches in the cupboard
 ****************funny de la biblia 
 ***************1 Tim 2:11-15 and 1 Cor 11:14-15

 17 Diciembre 2012
Cambios, Cucarachas y Navidad!
I received transfer notices this week that I was to leave Tezontepec after 6 months and go to Hidalgo, Querètaro. My new companion is Elder Martin from LA, California and he is from the same group of missionaries as my son Elder Clayton. He`s the only member in his family and was baptized two years ago. He`s pretty cool and I hope that we have success together in what everyone says is the hardest zone in the mission. It`s a really nice area with lots of people that have money so we`ll see how it goes. Anything is possible. 
This last week we found a family of four in the street that started asking us questions because we were two white guys that always walked buy their house. We left them with some things to read but they weren`t there when we went by the next day, so I don`t know what will happen. Other than that, things were pretty chill in Tezo. ON Sunday the Bishop chose the hymn 266- The time is far spent- to sing in Sacrament Meeting  but in Spanish the translation is "The end is near" because of the 21st of December when supposedly the world will end. Well, good thing I`m in the mission! Everyone says that If it ends this week we don`t have to get married to go to the Celestial kingdom, but it`s not going to end so don`t worry. 
I hope everyone has a very merry Christmas. People here make wishes to the "reyes magos" or the three kings and everyone celebrates Christmas on the 24th, not the 25th. Normally the family gets together and eats a big dinner with bread de Rusca de Reyes where they put a little toy thing inside. I haven`t seen it yet, but they tell me it`s big. There are also Posadas for like the 12 days of Christmas where they take the Virgin Mary around in remembrance for what Joseph and Mary did when they asked for a place in the inn. They`re like big parties that they do and they close down main roads and neighborhoods and it`s just a little loco but still cool. That`s about all I remember about what they do. 
We also got kidnapped one day by some members and they took us to a family get together to eat because we didn`t have anywhere to eat and we ate fried fish. It wasn`t too bad and apparently it`s really expensive, too. 


Rosita in the wheelchair has spinomeningocele or Spina bifida and she got baptized almost a year ago and goes with the other missionaries of her ward to appointments. 

Sofia is like the Mexican twin of Alivia, Tyler and Kelli`s daughter. 

Merry Christmas! Be safe, be giving, and be happy! 


Elder Hill 

More Pics- cockroaches in the house and Bishop`s family. (Missing in email)

10 Diciembre 2012

It´s Tough Here ~ We Are Teaching People, Satan Works Within Them and Just Makes it Difficult & The Bible Has Lots of Funny Scriptures!
Well another week has come and gone. This week Jaina was called to be a young women´s teacher and she´s super excited. The young women here need someone like her who has the testimony and the desire to help others. Being a young member here honestly isn´t too easy. There are so many more distractions and temptations and it´s a lot easier to fall than at home. At least that´s my perspective as a missionary. 

We started teaching a family this week that was really interested and had so many questions about the church and the next day we went, they told us that they didn´t want us to come back. L We think that their family and neighbors started talking to them about how they shouldn´t change religions. 
It´s tough here because as soon as the people see that we are teaching people, Satan works within them and just makes it difficult. People here put a lot of weight on what the people say and their family. They have a lot of difficulty being independent. It´s a totally different culture. 
We started teaching the parents of one hermano in the ward. They have talked to soooo many missionaries in the last 6 years but for some reason they haven´t ever read nor prayed about the Book of Mormon. They like the change that they saw in this hermano and his family, they like the church a lot, but they don´t want to change because the feel obligated to their ancestors. We invited them to read, ponder, and pray and we know that they will receive an answer. I´ll let you know what happens next week. 

The Bible has lots of funny scriptures. I think I´ll share one a week for a while.... 

1 Thes 5:26
1 Thes 5:16
Prov 20:29

This week we ate Aztec Pie and lamb barbacoa. I am disgusted/proud to admit that I was able to eat a sheep testicle..... gross, but it´s a one in a lifetime opportunity! And a balloon guy climbed in the combi (van) this week and I took a picture.
Elder Hill 

Oh I also found out that I have had bed bugs for the last few weeks so I have to go buy this stuff and scrub down my bed this week! Yay!!! 
(Mom) The essential oils and cream I sent you was for that too! The mixture and the brown cream!!!! YOU are so funny!

I´ve been using it. Thanks for your ingeniousness. 
Loves, gotta go. Have a good week.
Me. (Yes, Elder Hill may not like to see this on the blog...HOWEVER, it does show the dedication, sacrifice, character and sense of humor one must have when Called to Serve!)

Greater Light = Greater Condemnation & My Jumpsuit is TOO Small!
Jaina, Elder Hill, Jaina's hijo Arjun & el Papa, Arjun e hiram Garcia at Arjun's baptism, (just turned 8!)
This week was a little crazy. We´re already in the 5th week of the transfer and it feel like it just barely started. I get confused with what happened this week and what happened a month ago. However, David and Nicte were confirmed yesterday. It was Elder Clayton´s first confirmation so that was cool. I also got to baptize Arjun, Jaina´s son who turned 8 last month. I thought that I would wear the jumpsuit because I 
didn´t have any clean white shirts but when I put it on at church it was too small! I looked like a little kid in pajamas that didn´t fit. Hence, I am behind Arjun. His dad, Hiram, came and is also going to church where he lives and reading the BOM and the pamphlets. The gospel changes lives. We´ve been trying to find new people to teach this week but it has been a little hard because of relying on the members. It´s difficult because we have to train the members on how to talk to people and what to do. Many members get embarrassed when talking about the church, but we are helping them build THEIR testimony so that they can help others. This last week we also had flu shots and I got to help. We have a hermana in the mission who is a doctor so she came to give the shots. When Hermana Call told her that I was an EMT, she had me fill the syringes. With nearly 11 months in the mission.... I was a little caught off guard but I think that everyone survived.

We went to Tula today because our district wanted to get out of the little village and see something bigger, so we went to a store and Burger King! Elder Clayton has been wanting to go ever since he got here, so happy birthday to him (on Wednesday)!!!!! We don´t go because it´s really expensive and just not a place for missionaries to be. I´m okay without burger king for another 11 months.

(From Elder Clayton's letter) Oh yeah, Elder Hill and I got spit on the other day for the first time. We were walking down a road and some car zoomed past us and a woman spit on us, haters gonna hate and mormons gonna morm.
One thing that I was studying this week was a talk from Ezra Taft Benson about pride. It´s from the April 1989 conference and is titled Beware of Pride. I highly recommend it because I think that we are all subject to pride in one form or another. It´s powerful. I was also studying about knowledge. I came to the conclusion that knowledge won´t save you, but it will condemn you. Greater light = greater condemnation. It´s interesting that in D&C 131:6 it says that we cannot be saved in ignorance, and other scriptures that tell us we need to always learn. Being a member of this Church is "easy" but hard work at the same time. We are always progressing forward, or falling down the ladder of progression. That is also a bad effect of pride-- we can´t progress. Keep studying ´out of the best books´ and ´treasuring up the words of life´. I know you can do it.

Have a great week! Gotta go!

Elder Hill

1-burger king
2-guys washing a big tent at a circus
3- Arjun´s baptism

October Letters ~ Cartas de octubre

Elders Hill & Rangel
Such is the day in the life of a missionary....Hill & Rangel

Día de los Muertos y Todos los Santos y ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
October 29, 2012
One SPECIAL Hermana (Sister) must've know that those chocolate muffins are probably
 Matthew's FAVORITE treat, ok, choc. chip cookies, brownies, ice-cream and Keva's too!

Thanks for all of the Birthday wishes!! I was a pretty normal day for me. Went to church, worked, and had a family night lesson and they remembered it was my birthday so we had cake. Pretty cool. 

Good to hear about Ryan and all that. No es tu trabajo. Haz lo que tienes que hacer que seria mejor para tus hijos. 
(He wanted me to send brownies…takes 3 weeks for a package, I asked if he had an oven) No. I don´t need anything to bake nor do I have an oven. it is rare that people have an oven.

One thing that I like about being Mexican for two years is that we have holidays and parties for EVERYTHING! This week, starting yesterday, is Day of the Dead and All Saints Day. It´s pretty interesting from what I learned in Spanish class, but now I get to live it for real. 

This week Jaina and Wendy were confirmed members of the Church. Pretty exciting. Jaina signed up in RS to have us eat in her house this week AND paid her tithing. What a stellar convert. She is truly converted in her heart. We had a FHE lesson with Wendy last night and they remembered that it was my birthday. Her birthday was this week too so we all had a nice little festival for the refreshments part of the FHE. 
Wendy's familia with Elders' Hill & Clayton
David and Nicte also said that they wanted to be baptized because they said that they haven´t seen any other church as true as ours, so they are going to try it out, as they put it. It´s pretty neat. They are one of those couples that you just wonder "how are these people not members?" We are working this week on helping them be converted, too. 

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes from everyone! You are all fabulous and I love you all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE THIS WEEK, AS WELL!!! 

Elder Rangel in my district made me a pretty cool b-day card with a popup elder and everything. He´s going to be a big artist someday. We also had Costco muffins this week..... something very rare unless you find someone who has a membership and is willing to buy them. We have secret connections from one certain HERMANA. Were the favorites of the bunch! ;) 

Well my pals, have a great week. Be safe trick or treating and don´t take candy from strangers! Good luck! 


Elder Hill 
Triple Action and The Church is TRUE. Never Leave It.
October 22, 2012
Elder Matt Clayton, Irineo & Elder Matt Hill
This week was a week of threes. We were in a trio for the week because Elder Cruz went to the offices for a week but comes back today. The three of us were Elders Clayton, Rangel, and me. We also had three baptisms, Jaina, Irineo, and Wendy. It was pretty good. 

Elder Clayton, Jaina, Elder Hill & Wendy Baptism
Irineo said that he felt really calm and a peaceful feeling that very few times in his life he has felt. He was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday while Jaina and Wendy were only baptized on Sunday. It was a really great service. Jaina had some problems before she left her house with her family because they didn´t want her to get baptized so it was special for her becuase she did it out of her own conviction and doesn´t really care what everyone else says. Wendy said, "Thank you so much, really, thank you." Almost her whole family are members but inactive, and we are starting to get them back to church. It´s always great to see how the Gospel changes lives, if people just let it. Nicte and David have changed their minds since they saw what happened with Jaina and Nicte´s mom. Nicte is influenced a lot by what her mom says, and David just doesn´t want to accept it. It´s sad that some people KNOW and FEEL that it is true, but don´t have the courage to say no to the world and do what is best for them. Nicte wrote a little paper one day at work and shared all of her feelings. All of them pointing to the Gospel, and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson, but her mom just doesn´t want to let her be a grown up. Maybe some day. 

P. S. Missionaries with sexual sins are a risk to the work because if something happens in the field, it can ruin a whole village from listening to the gospel. Read Alma 39. There is a process of repentance, but they can talk to their Bishop about it. He has the keys. Also, if they go through the temple and everything, and messes up on the mission, they will NEVER, (rarely) return to the church because the guilt and the sin will be way too much for them to handle. Greater light = greater condemnation. Read Alma 39 by clicking here!

Yes, there is repentance for young people that break the law of chastity, but most of the time it is not enough to stop them from serving a mission unless it is a pattern, and a consistent trend.  That has been my experience.  It is all about the sincerity of their repentance, and the remorse which generally stops them from doing the thing over and over again.  So although the bar is raised, it is still a bar that most can jump.  President Epperson

The Church is True. Never leave it. And if you are not a member, investigate, pray, and you will know. Just do it. 

Elder Hill 

Zone Conference & Bueno Bueno Bueno!
October 15, 2012
Zone Conference Tezontepec

 Bueno Bueno Bueno! 

That´s how some people answer the phone here. It´s pretty funny. A while back we had zone meeting so here are some of the pictures that we took. I haven´t taken any pictures lately because I have run out of interesting things to take pictures of. We´ll see how this week goes! 

This week was a pretty good week. We have been going with Jaina, Wendy, and Ireneo who all three are going to be baptized this next weekend. They all went to church on Sunday and got to see the baptism of a member´s daughter so that was neat. They´re all excited, and Wendy is a little nervous, but she´ll be okay. David and Nicte are in the process of receiving their answer. They feel like it is true, but they still don´t KNOW. Faith is not a perfect knowledge, but believing in things that you can´t see but do exist. We are trying to explain that principle to them. Also, Nicte is from a religion that doesn´t believe much in Christ. We asked her the baptismal interview questions and she doesn´t know why everyone says that Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the World. We have an appt tonight and we are going to talk about that. Pray for her, please. They just need that much more help to make it to the waters of baptism. 

We have had a hard time finding new, committed people to teach. There are LOTS of people, but few who want to listen. There is a scripture in 3 Nephi 19:12 that tells us that Christ chose people, prepared people, to be baptized. It is the same today.
(11 And it came to pass that Nephi went down into the water and was baptized.
 12 And he came up out of the water and began to baptize. And he baptized all those whom Jesus had chosen.
 13 And it came to pass when they were all baptized and had come up out of the water, the Holy Ghost did fall upon them, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost and with fire.)

There are chosen, or in D&C it says that 'mine elect'. There are people all around us who are being prepared... it´s just the job of each of us to preach the gospel and help them know Christ and come to the straight and narrow path. 

I hope everyone is reading conference talks. They are holy scripture for us in the next 6 months, and even more. Keep doing the small and simple things and the Lord will bless you! 


Elder Hill 

General Conference and Birthdays!
October 8, 2012

The big old 18! Happy Birthday! (bro)
Happy Birthday to Hayden! (nephew)
(Elder Hill also turns 20 on the 28th and many of his friends birthdays are in October!)
Matthew, Josh & Hayden last year

Today we made flour tortillas in the church and ate tacos. Everyone here eats corn tortillas because it´s cheaper, and because flour is more expensive, nobody makes them. We also moved houses last week because of a few problems that we had at the other house. With a new house comes buying and doing a few new things. We bought a mirror and had to silicone it to the wall. The wall is concrete and tape doesn´t stick, so we used the shower curtain rod to keep it in place while we went and worked all day. Here in Mexico they call that a "mexicanada", or like a mexican jimmy-rig. It works! 

President Monson, "I am pleased to announce effective immediately all worthy and able young men that have graduated high school or it's equivalent, regardless of where they live, will have the opportunity of being recommended for missionary service beginning at the age of 18, instead of the age of, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service beginning at age 19, instead of age 21."
Conference was amazing. There are a lot of things that I loved, but the message that struck me with the most power was President Monson when he announced the change in ages for missionaries. When he announced that it would be 18 for all young men, and 19 for all young women, I felt the Spirit testify that President Monson is a prophet, and that CHRIST is at the head of His church. That was a prophetic change. It will be a conference to be remembered for many, many years. I also had a more perfect realization that Heavenly Father knows each of us and knows our future. He helps us plan for our future if we will just let Him guide us. Click to learn more ~ Church Lowers Age Requirement For Missionary Service

Before I left on the mission, I wish I would have familiarized myself better with Preach My Gospel. It is an inspired manual that came from the other side of the veil and put together here. The story behind preach my gospel is fascinating. If you can look into it, I invite you to do so. 

Elder Clayton continues to progress. He had to put extra notches in his belt this week because his belt was too big! He lost a little weight when he got sick. He told me that even his pants are a little looser. That´s how I felt when I was in the hospital before left. My suit looked like a fat man´s suit when I wore it. But no worries.... I´ve gained it all back. :)

Be good. Love you all. And in case you didn´t understand Elder Nelson.... If you have a question about ANYTHING, ask the missionaries. WE KNOW EVERYTHING! Elder Nelson's talk on The Importance of Missionary Work~ Click here!

Elder Hill 
Elder Hill with Chapulines... fried Grasshoppers/Locusts!
October 1, 2012

October Conference and Grasshoppers!

This week was another week of eating weird things. They are called something like chapolines, but I´m not sure how it´s spelled, (Los saltamontes, Grasshoppers know as locusts in Mexico  as 'chapulines'. ) They weren´t as gross as the other Shaguey, (Shumways/Fried Beetles) (again, not spelled correctly). I don´t know how to spell it because people in Hidalgo talk a little funnier than people in Mexico state. They weren´t too bad because I put lots of Habanero salsa on my taco to cover up the taste a little. It didn´t really help. All it did was burn my lips for a while. Cheaters never win!

I can´t believe that conference is next weekend. I´m really excited because this time I will be able to understand it a little better. It´s strange to hear the translator´s voices instead of the actual person. That´s something a miss a little. 

David and his family are doing great. They are soaking up the gospel and progressing. So David and Nicte-ha are married. Jaina and Adrian are bro and sis of Nicte. Jaina is separated from her husband, Iram, but they went to church together becuase they feel that it could be the link that brings them together again. It´s amazing to see the Atonement and the gospel change lives. Jaina was totally different when we first taught her, and now she is more into it than David and Nicte. Elder Clayton and I are excited to continue finding people like them who are ready to hear the gospel and change their lives. Wendy is doing good and has a baptismal date for the 13th. Ireneo went to church and loved it, and said that he wants to be baptized. He has a bapt date for the 14th. The work continues and the days fly by. 6 months ago I was beginning my time in mexico and here I am again for conference. What a privilege it is to listen to the Prophet, Apostles, and the other General Authorities of the church. Prepare for it- don´t take it for granted. At home we don´t have to go to the church to watch the translated broadcast. Let us be better than 6 months ago. Always moving up and forward. 

Keep your chin up, each one. 

Elder Hill  
Elder Hill with a GIGANTIC lemon!

Septiembre 24, 2012

Sounds like everything is going great. Keep up the goodness and you will all see the blessings of doing what is right. Tell Allie happy birthday. I´ll send a list for my CHRISTMAS package next week. So far I´m thinking dark chocolate orange, orange stick, dove dark choc, reeses, maybe brownies in a sealed ziplock..... they usually last three weeks... who knows though. That´s it so far. I´ll let you know next week if anything changes. Love you. Thanks for the prayers and taking care of Josh and Des. 
P. S. Thanks for the scripture. (He who overcomes will gain eternal life, avoid the second death, inherit the celestial kingdom, and rule many kingdoms… “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that aovercometh will I give to eat of the hiddenbmanna, and will give him a cwhite dstone, and in the stone a newename written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” Rev 2:17)
I wouldn´t mind the New Jersey boot if you want. It would probably help with my orthotics so that my heel doesn´t get popped up too much. 42 is what I have now and they are tight, so I´m sure 43 would be perfect. I´ll send my box soon... promise! 

Love you. Thanks for your love and your support. Keep up the good work with Josh and Des, and Mike. 
pics- super gigantic lemon and a macro pic

¡Felíz Otoño! 

One hermano told us yesterday in his talk that yesterday was the first official day of Fall, but I don´t really know because I don´t have a calendar like at home that says "Fall Starts" or something like that. It´s pretty nice here because the weather is cooling off and it isn´t so hard to walk all day. The sun still burns, but it isn´t hot. Elder Clayton is finally adjusting to Mexico, which is interesting to relive. I didn´t get sick when I got here, but he sure has. Poor guy. But he is battling through it like a champ! Spanish is getting much better as well. All in all, he´s just great. 

This week has been really great as far as finding those "golden" investigators. We have been working in a village called Anaya that is the furthest point in our area. I only went there twice in three months, but I felt that there were people there waiting for us. We starting working there when Elder Clayton got here. The second week we found David, Nictehah, Hayna, and Adrian. They are a family that have gone from church to church looking for something that would help them get closer to God, progress, and fill their souls. They haven´t found anything so far, but they went to church yesterday and liked it! We will see them again today, but they´re great to work with. Also, Wendy is Flor´s sister (like Jose and Flor from a few months ago). Almost her whole family are members, but just lack her, her dad, and a sister that doesn´t live at home anymore. She also went to church. One day I asked her what she learned from the pamphlet about the restoration and she said, "...that I have to go to church to receive more blessings, read the scriptures, and pray.." The Spirit can teach a heart any concept if we are open to it. It´s really great to see how the Gospel changes lives. 
Something  I learned in Alma 1:29-31, ( 29 And now, because of the steadiness of the church they began to be exceedingly rich, having abundance of all things whatsoever they stood in need—an abundance of flocks and herds, and fatlings of every kind, and also abundance of grain, and of gold, and of silver, and of precious things, and abundance of silk and fine-twined linen, and all manner of good homely cloth.
 30 And thus, in their prosperous circumstances, they did not send away any who were naked, or that were hungry, or that were athirst, or that were sick, or that had not been nourished; and they did not set their hearts upon riches; therefore they were liberal to all, both old and young, both bond and free, both male and female, whether out of the church or in the church, having no respect to persons as to those who stood in need.
 31 And thus they did prosper and become far more wealthy than those who did not belong to their church.”) is that if we want to be "rich" we should be members of the one and only true Church. Not just rich in material, but spiritual also. Blessings come in many forms for doing what is right- which is doing what God wants us to do. Keep studying the scriptures and you will feel a power and knowledge come into your life. It´s great! 

Well, Mexico is going well. The days just keep flying by faster and faster as each day goes by. 

Love you all, 

Elder Hill 
Septiembre 17, 2012
Viva México! I Have Strep Throat, So Much For My Tonsillectomy! :(
Viva México! 
Yesterday was the Mexican Independence Day, and man was it crazy! Friday we went to the ward´s party that we had and it was cool. We had to leave right when they were getting started, but I´m sure it turned out great. They had a mariachi band, food, dancing, and games. By the way, their national anthem is SOOOOO long! Saturday night they had what is called "La Grita!" where they shout Viva Mexico like fifty times. We were at home trying to sleep, but it was pretty loud. I also had a flashback from being an EMT this week. We walked into a house to eat this week and there was the grandma with half of her face droopy and her eye couldn´t shut. I think I shouted because the hermana shouted back QUÉ!!!???? I was like, hermana! Your face! You´re having a stroke! Then her daughter are just like 'it´s no big deal Elder'. Don´t take for granted the ambulance system or the expensive healthcare.... it´s all worth it. 
YEA! Elder Hill with his contacts at Atlantes again!
Elders Hill & Clayton with zone at Atlantes, Tula
So, nobody came to church yesterday because all of the kids have to be in the parade in order to be in school, so all of the parents went to watch their kids. There were only about thirty people in church, and they slowly started leaking out with time. We are teaching Ireneo who lived in the US and married a member there. He has been reading the BOM for 8 years but still hasn´t been baptized. He is super faithful and kind. He has been humbled through his experiences, both physically and spiritually. he lives in a one room block house with a dirt floor. Also Gaby. She is an older lady that we are teaching in Anaya, a village in our area. She is cool because she tries to read and even came to church, but didn´t want to interrupt so she went home. I didn´t know that until she sent me the text message, but next week she´ll be there. Yoletzi is still doing well and will be baptized on the 30th. Edgar and Denise told us that they won´t be baptized to our religion because they will be disowned by the catholics.... oh well, maybe someday. 
Elder Hill, Elder Clayton and his zone at
Atlantes, Tula (ancient Jaredite ruins)
Elder Clayton and I are doing well and working hard. I´m still surprised at the things that he finds as new and amazing. It´s still pretty funny! 

Keep at it. Love you all. 

Elder Hill 

2 MATEO'S!! Elders Matthew Hill & Matthew Clayton
Septiembre 10, 2012

This week is week number one for Elder Matt Clayton from Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada! I told him where my grandma lives and he´s like, 'Oh yeah, those streets!' So, I´m not sure if he really knew, but it was funny! Elder Taylor left and Elder Treviño left as well to other areas.

I´m seeing the mission through new eyes now. All the little things that I have gotten used to and are just normal now, are extremely astonishing to my companion. I am also realizing that the Lord prepares whom He calls because I didn´t really feel ready to train a new missionary, but it´s not so hard. The new things that have sparked a reaction are the following:

-All the dogs in the street
-Teaching real people who accept the invitation to read the B.of M. because they want to
-Stopping people in the street to talk to them about the Church
-Eating weird things (consumé- greasy soup with beans and veggies....and chicken legs)
-Mexican people who talk so fast you don´t catch anything they say
-Well, this one I´ll just say people are more open about their feelings here than at home
-Teaching a lesson in a van while going to another area and this person saying he´s been looking for answers the last few months
-Things the Spanish teachers teach them from other countries that NOBODY does or says here
-and the list will go on for a few more weeks! :)

I ate Dominos pizza at the training meeting on Monday-- Dominos for the first time in a long time. Everyone says that they get sick when they eat American food, but it was delicious and I didn´t get sick at all! The funniest thing that Elder Clayton told me when he got here was that he remembers reading my blog before he went to the MTC.

Also, my voice is cracking again. I think my voice is hitting stage two of "the changing phase". It´s kind of funny when I speak Spanish and words that are accented funny because my voice cracks and I turn red and try not to laugh because it´s super funny. Oh, the things that entertain a missionary!

Something neat that happened was yesterday. We got in a van to go to another village and a little after we got in, a man stopped the van to climb in. As I saw him through the window I felt like I had talked to him before or at least seen him. He got in and sat by me. After a few seconds I asked him if I knew him. He said no. I introduced myself to him, and him to me, and I  said that we were missionaries. Jesús is his name, and he said that he knew that we were missionaries. He had been investigating religions lately and read something about our Church, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. As about 20 minutes of our ride went on, I taught him the whole first lesson, explained the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and gave it to him. He is the first person that I have met that describes the scripture in D&C 123:12  that says the people are kept from the truth because they don´t know where to find it. He´s a chosen one- he´s ready to be baptized. We just need to be able to meet with him because his family doesn´t like other religions coming over, so that would be a problem.

We have other people to teach, but I´m out of time to tell you about them. None of our investigators went to church this week so it was a bit of a downer, but all will be well.

Gotta go. Love you all! Keep your chin up and congrats on the beginning of a new school year.... or just another month if 
you´re an old person.

Elder Hill

September letters ~ Cartas de Septiembre 2012

This is the Honeybee that stung my throat...Elder Hill rightly chastens below:

Hey peeps,

This week is a little bit of craziness, but let me share you just a little bit of what´s going on.

We continued teaching Paulino and his family. He said that he believes that the Book of Mormon is true but that he can´t just change his religion overnight after being catholic for 50 years. I think it is more of a pride thing because he can change, but he fears what others might say if he changes. He is a great guy and his family are great people. I have high hopes for them. He came to church yesterday and sat through testimony meeting which is a bit of a miracle. In 3 months he hasn´t come to church, but he did yesterday. He left after sacrament meeting because his granddaughter came to visit. I´ll take a miracle step by step if I have to!

Yoletzi is a part member family. She came to church, too. She has a baptismal date for the 16th, I think. She´s so going to get baptized.

We were looking for a family on Saturday and a lady comes out and stops us and tells us that her son, 16 yrs old, has been acting weird, having visions, screaming, and a whole bunch of other things. We went and talked to him and there was definitely a heavy feeling there, but not too overbearing. After trying to figure out what was going on, there was a point when we asked him if he knew us. He said yes, that we were the "intelligent eyes". There were several occasions when he looked me in the eye and I felt that I knew before this life, whatever spirit he has. Crazy. We left pretty soon because he was on drugs and we can´t do anything when he´s like that. After studying the scriptures and Jesus the Christ Sunday morning,  I realized just how parallel everything that was happening with us happened with Christ when he cast out demons. We went again yesterday and gave him a blessing, but he was still a little crazy. We told his dad to start praying every day so that his son would be healed. His dad accepted a baptismal date. On Tuesday we´ll go back to visit his family.

Treviño is now a Zone Leader in Queretaro and I get to train a new Elder from the United States of America! I still don´t know who because they are still in the airport and I´m in the offices waiting with the other trainers. I´ll let you know next week, if Hermana Call doesn´t send a picture this week.

Well, gotta go. Sounds like Josh is doing good. Tell him to keep up the good work. Congrats to Abel Chavez and your mission call! What a champ!

Keep your chin up and move forward!

Elder Hill

Mom’s FB post with the honeybee…(BEWARE OF LEAVING YOUR SODAS UNCOVERED IN SUMMER, the BEES LOVE them!! Funny today, miserable yesterday! Had a WICKED ride marathon @ Lagoon with Destiny Michelle, Jaxie Taylor, & Alex. We rode 16 times, 8 straight without even getting off! We walk down and Alex & I grab our drinks, take my Rockstar and guzzle it..Feel lump, then pain and sting! Ran to car and drank water, induced vomiting! VIOLA! A dang honeybee stung me and left stinger by epiglottis! HORRIBLY painful. Hours, benedryl, prilosec & zyrtec later, miserable. So to the ER I go!)

The honey bee is a sign that you should stop drinking Rockstars and caffeine and eat more natural fruits, vegetables, and grains. They will give you more long lasting and healthy sugar. After teaching the word of wisdom so long, I can only tell it how it is. The word of wisdom is principally to free our body from ADDICTIONS, not necessarily what the pamphlet just says. There is a scripture in Corinthians that says ´the letter killeth; the spirit enlighteneth´or something like that. Look it up. (2nd Cor. 3:6 ~ Who also hath made us able aministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but thebspirit giveth life.)
(Latter-day Saints know that true doctrine comes by revelation from God, not by scholarship or worldly wisdom (see Moses 5:58). Similarly, the Apostle Paul wrote that we are not “sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God” (2 Corinthians 3:5). Rather than trusting in our own interpretations of written texts, we rely on God and the glorious “ministration of the spirit” (2 Corinthians 3:8). Here we encounter a new meaning of Paul’s familiar teaching that true believers are “ministers … of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life” (2 Corinthians 3:6).)

Steve told me about Abel. That´s cool. Tell him congratulations for me.

Gotta go.

August Letters ~ de agosto de cartas
"The Pure Love of Christ"  & Joseph Smith: "El amor puro 
de Cristo" & Joseph Smith
Photo nicknamed by Elder Hill's whole district as "The Pure Love of Christ."

Hola, ít´s good to hear about all the things that are going on at home. It is crazy to think that next week school starts already. Summer has gone by way to fast. Sounds like Destiny is having fun and enjoying spending time with you. Tell Ryan and Allie that I hope that they get the house and Josh that he does well. Our ward mission leader´s name is Josué, or Joshua, in Spanish. They are similar in many ways, actually. Thanks for my package. It did get here. Some of the ward members saw that I left the bishop´s house with it and they started telling me to open it, so I did. The most interesting thing was the wax paper that said, "Mom and Destiny´s dead skin" with tape on it. (Destiny put tape on me for some reason, then her and turned around and put it in plastic wrap and threw it into Matthews package…guess we started some new weird thing!) Don´t worry, I´m going to send my package this week with something that tops that. Keep up the good work- you´re doing great! Also, ask Abel what´s up with the mission. He should have his call by now.... Also, can you look up Nuñez on Facebook and send me his email for next week, please? It is Alex Nuñez from Acapulco.... The other picture is from when we got soaked at night. We ran three blocks straight and still got drenched.

I´m not really sure if I have sent this picture, but if not, here it is. It has been nicknamed "The Pure Love of Christ" by my entire district. Sometimes it feels good to just be a bit of a dork. Elder Treviño and I this week also talked about how we need to love others in order to love Christ and Heavenly Father. It feels like sometimes we just say that we get along with people, but it doesn´t really mean that we love them. It is a difference that from this week on, I will work on correcting. 

Most likely the picture he had
This week Paulino, they guy who has been investigating the church for about 10 years, since his daughter was baptized, had something amazing happen. He laid down one night to go to bed thinking of other things, but once he fell asleep he dreamed that somebody from the old days told him that the Book of Mormon was true. On Saturday morning I felt to take a picture of Joseph Smith that I had on my wall with our lesson to him that day. I brought it and asked him to remember about his dream and what the guy looked like. He grabbed his Book of Mormon and turned to Joseph Smith and said it looked kinda like him. Then I gave him the pic of Joseph and he was like, "Yeah, that´s him! That´s the guy!" He didn´t know who the two pictures were, but we told him that they were Joseph Smith. Then he took us to buy a cake and we ate cake, and we didn´t get any further in the lesson.... until next time, I guess. I hope that he accepts it.

Elders Hill, Trevino @ Hilda's Baptism
Hilda was baptized yesterday. It was a pretty awesome baptism because she started to cry after when everyone was congratulating her. One of the hermanas told us that it was one of the most spiritual baptisms that she had seen in years. The Lord prepares the minds of people to be taught. Alma 16:16-18 I think, talks a little about that. Oh, Hilda also told me that she lived in Layton seven years ago for three years! She was practically my neighbor and here she is in Hidalgo, and live is Veracruz. "Coincidence? I think not!" (teacher from the Incredibles)

Other than that, it was a good week. We have transfers next week and there will for sure be changes here, and if not, in three weeks more there will be changes. It has been good to work with Treviño because I have learned a lot.

That´s all folks. I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Hill

Me with a lizard in the street that Elder Baez
caught when we were on exchanges
Lo Mejor de Ambos Lados ~ (Best of Both Sides) and A Lamb In A Wheelbarrow, Now Missing it's Hoof(ves)

agosto 20, 2012


Bummer to hear about Tom passing away. He was a really great guy. Our FAVORITE neighbor: Tom Crosby obit :(

Tell Chris sorry to hear about his brother. That´s a bummer also, but he´s in a better place being taught the Gospel.

I still haven´t received the package, either. It should come this week, but I don´t really know. Should get it before transfers on the 3rd.

Something I´ve learned and dealt with here in Mexico is just because one is released doesn´t mean they should stop going to church. A member of the Church never gets released from being a member nor un-assigned from visiting/home teaching. Christ doesn´t need the church; we need the church in order to make it back to His presence. If we don´t fulfill with ALL of the ordinances, we won´t be able to make it back. And ONLY in this Church do we have that opportunity. It isn´t a game, it´s salvation.

The mission is great. I´m enjoying everything that I do. And I won´t be coming home early.... sorry! (I had a dream/nightmare, really that he came back early from an injury! We are thrilled even if we miss him, we don't wanna see him early!)

LOOK TO SEE IF TRANSLATE WILL WORK ON TOP OF BROWSER OR TO RIGHT CLICK TRANSLATE. I have always wanted him to write in Spanish and as I received this, I wanted to beg him not to! I have attempted to do so here... (Wendy)

Muy buenas tardes a todos, (Very good afternoon to all)
Ésta semana estuvo muy bien. (This week was very good.) México ganó el oro en las Olimpiadas en Inglaterra y Estados Unidos ganó a México en un partído nacional aquí, entonces tengo lo mejor de ambos lados de mi mente. (Mexico won gold in the Olympics and the United States won Mexico, so it's the best of both sides on my mind.)
United States 1, Mexico 0. U.S. Wins in Mexico, (Soccer) for the First Time In 75 Years!

Ésta semana yo leí un discurso que se llama "Only an Elder" por Bruce R. McKonkie y ese hombre era muy poderoso. (This week I read "Only An Elder, by Bruce R. McKonkie, he is a powerful man.) 
Aprendí mucho de lo que yo debo hacer y ser como misionero y miembro de ésta iglesia. Lo recomiendo para todos, aunque sean mujeres.  (I learned more of what I have to do as a missionary and member of this Church. I recommend it for everyone, even the woman.) También estaba leyendo otro discurso que se llama "The Transforming Power of Faith and Character" por Richard G. Scott de la Conferencia de Octubre 2010, 
creo. Igual, aprendí muchisimo is es una fuente muy poderosa de lo que tenemos que hacer como miembros y discípulos de Cristo. (A lot is learned and (these) are a very powerful source(s) for us to know what we should do as (Church) members and Disciples of Christ.)
Hilda todavía quiere tomar un bautizmo y eso es muy bueno. (Hilda wants to be baptized and that is very good.) Solo tenemos unos detalles con ella porque tiene que ir a Veracruz otra vez para trabajar, y no sabemos todavía lo que va a hacer. (We have details to work out because he has to work in Veracruz) Encontramos una persona que se llama Victor. Es muy buena persona y acceptó su fecha bautismal, (We found a person named Victor, he is a very good person, we accept his baptismal date,) pero no pudo venir a la capilla ayer porque se esposa tuvo una cita con el ultrasonido para su embaraza. (he could not come yesterday because his wife had an ultrasound appointment.) Lo vamos a visitar hoy. (We will visit today.) Nadia se mudó hasta otro lado y ya no podemos vistarle, tampoco la dieron permiso sus padres para bautizarse. (Nadia moved to the other side, so we cannot visit, nor did parents give permission to baptize (her).) Vamos a dejar Edgar y Denise una semana más para ver sí deciden que quieren venir a la iglesia y cumplir con sus compromisos. (We leave Edgar & Denise for another week to see if they will come to church & fulfill their commitments) No es su tiempo todavía. (It's not their time yet) Estamos enseñando a Paulino y su familia. (We are teaching Paulino & family) Son investigadores de años con muchos misioneros. (Some investigators spent years with many missionaries.) Su hija es miembro, pero no vive aquí. (Her daughter is a member, but does not live here.) Su problema es que estan un poco duros de corazón pero lo ésta (Her problem is a little hard heart, (softening.) ablandando mucho, y éstan progresando poco a poco. (progressing a little) Por fin estan leyendo el Libro de Mormón, so faltan que lean y oran para recibir una respuesta. (They are finally reading the Book of Mormon, so now to pray and receive a confirmation of it's truth/ a reponse.) José tomó despúes de su bautizmo, como una semana, pero ya está bien. Él quiere dejar todo atrás y empezar de nuevo. (I think it says Jose took off after his baptism, about a week later is doing well but left for a fresh start...basically.)
Me "playing" the guitar with a hat and
ray-ban´s looking like a country song
Tuvimos entrevistas el Viernes y fueron muy bien. Hablé con presidente, y me siento muy bien en mi progreso como persona y misionero. (Interviews Friday went very well, I spoke to President (Call), I feel I am progressing very well as a person & missionary.)
Pués, es todo. No hay nada más interesante pasando aquí. (Well that's all, Nothing more interesting here) Vamos a seguir trabajando y haciendo todo lo posible para encontrar personsas para enseñar. (We will keep working to encounter people to teach.) Que hagan todo lo posible para ser lo mejor que pueda, en si mismo, y no comparandose con otras personas. (Make every effort to be the best you can, in yourselves, don't compare yourself to others.)
Hasta luego, (Until then,)

Elder Hill

Wait until the 3rd and I will tell you what´s up. (re: transfers) Also, you can add this to my letter, but I´m not going to write in Spanish. (WHEW!!)


On Saturday, we went to find a person in a village called Anaya. We ended up finding somebody else, but right as we started talking to them, some guy came out to the street with a lamb in a wheelbarrow. I thought, "Huh.... he´s just going to wheel the sheep to where he needs it instead of walking it. That´s strange." But no, it was even more strange. He just takes it to the side of a ditch and kills it. Elder Treviño runs over to ask him what he is doing and he jsut says that they have some baptisms tomorrow so they are going to cook some barbacoa lamb. So, while I am teaching these two people outside of their house, Treviño is over there taking pictures and recording the whole thing. When I finish, I go over and contact the guy and tell him that we are missionaries. At one point in the process, the guy breaks one of the hoofs off to have his kids take it to start being cleaned to cook. Then my companion asks if he can break one of the remaining three, and he does! Then I, being a little bit competitive, decided that I would ask, too, and I got to break one! I was a little more worried about blood getting on my shirt than my companion, but I came out clean. Normally I would say "No way!", but only once in my life will I ever be able to say that I broke a sheep hoof in my mission. That was the strangest part of the mission so far, because I saw everything-- from skinning, to hanging it in a tree and taking all the parts out. (I'll bet that GROSSED him out!)

Gotta go, Love you.

Beetles, Scorpions & STUDY the Scriptures!

August 13, 2012
I was going to write in Spanish today, but as they say here, "me dio flojera hacerlo". Or in other words, I got lazy. :)

Eating???? a Shumway
This week was a little crazy. I forgot to tell you all about the dog bite story with Elder Taylor, but from what I hear, it is already on the blog so happy reading! The dog that bit him is still alive and he doesn´t have to get shots. That makes him happy! He doesn´t like shots.

I ate these fried beetles that are called Shumways this week. They tasted like fried pig skin, so I don´t recommend eating them. Not so great.

Shumways....Fried BEETLES!!

I didn´t eat it, but we walked in the house and there was a scorpion behind the door. I hadn´t ever thought of scorpions. Cockroaches, yes, but scorpions, no. Long story short, Treviño sprayed it with a water bottle and I swept it up and put it in the garbage can.

Last week we went to another area where we have to take a bus to get there. On the way back I sat next to a mute guy. Being the missionary that I am, I decided to contact him. I gave him a card, and he showed me his ID, then he spelled out to me that he is a Jehova´s Witness. I don´t know if the missionaries that we gave his address to will be able to find his house, but it was a cool experience just to contact a guy who doesn´t talk. When he got off, he left his hat on the seat. I ran off the bus to give it to him and the bus started to leave and I had to run to get back on. Fun day!
A Book of Mormon we found at a yard sale

Clementina, the lady we have been teaching, hid from us this week so we aren´t going to visit her anymore. There is some lady who is a relative of a member and she has been talking her out of meeting with us. All I can say is that Jesus will judge them in a perfect manner. More perfect than I could ever think. On the brightside, we had a family night with the ward and abt 80 people showed up! That´s a pretty good number! We met someone named Hilda (said, eel-du) and she is on vacation. She is here for three weeks. She accepted a baptismal date for the 25th. Amazing how the Lord puts us in the perfect places where he needs us to grow and improve. She´ll get baptized and go back home!

This week I studied Alma 37. Something that I have learned from Elder Treviño is what he once told me, "Don´t read so much! Study!" I spent four days on that chapter and learned a lot. I invite you to STUDY the scriptures!

P.S. Tell Ryan & Allie congratulations for me. Tell him that he will make more money if he doesn´t work on Sunday and goes to church. If he doesn´t believe me, tell him to test me and if it isn´t true, I´ll send him something soccer ish from Mexico.

Also, tell Gail that I understand English, but sometimes it is hard to speak it after speaking Spanish all day ever day.

Tell Susan, Kim & Shon thanks again!

Have a great week Mom. Also, look for blessings that you have received while I have been gone. I don´t know what they are, but I invite you to look for them. If you can´t find them, pray, and you will find out.

That´s all folks! Gotta get back to working!


Elder Hill

Elders Cruz, Trevino, TAYLOR & HILL@Atlantes

August 10, 2012
Hermana Patricia Call & Presidente J. Dana Call

Hi Wendy,
I’m really slow at updating Dylan’s blog but I wanted you to see the adventure he related in Monday’s letter.  This is straight from his letter, no editing as you can see.
 okay well im gonna tell you guys a story. but im just going to relate the conversation that i had with Elder Hill, Myself, and the Hermana Call.

EH: Okay we need to call the
Phone Ringing.....
HNA: Bueno?
EH: Hi hermana its elder hill
HNA: Hi elder hill how are you?
EH: Im fine but my companion is not.
HNA: What happened?
EH: Well i did divisions with elder taylor and we were knocking on a door and facing the door and out of nowhere a dog comes up and bites him on the butt.
HNA: Oh okay well is it bad?
EH: Well it broke the skin
ME: No! dont say that she will think you have seen my butt!
EH: It wasnt your butt it was just your left cheek.
ME: Hill! she doesnt need to know that!
EH: Hermana we are men here okay.


hahaha so it was crazy. a stupid dog bit my butt. and i might have to get shots. the hermana said if the dog dies within 10 days it has rabies and i have to get shots, if not then i dont have to. so now we have 4 days down and we’ll see if it lives haha. but im fine. it just hurt to sit down for a few days. but now im all fine and such.

I’m glad Elder Hill was with him, it sounds like his paramedic training kicked in.  The best line is “we are men here okay”.  So funny!
We have been laughing about this and saying carefully worded prayers for Dylan all week.  “Please bless Dylan’s …injury...”
I just hope he is using antibiotic ointment on it and other than that it will be a great story for him to tell about his mission.  Knowing Dylan he’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.

Just wanted to share, have a great day!


August 6, 2012
Barbacoa Pork & "Discipline Is “Knowing What You Want And Taking The Most Direct Route To Get It!”

Hey Mom, 

Thanks for sending the package. I really appreciate it. I still haven´t sent the package yet. I have been waiting to see a few things. Transfers are somewhere around the 1st of September, but it depends because there are a few missionaries leaving next week so we might have emergency transfers. I´ll let you know when I know. 

I asked you to tell Susan thank you for me. Please let her know. 

Bummer to hear about XXXXXXXXXX. Seems like those two just can´t get out of their own holes and into the right path. I´ll pray for them. 
Here is a quote: "Discipline is “knowing what you want and taking the most direct route to get it!” If you know what you want, you will go for it. Just like the Olympics. 

Congrats to Ryan. I hope he gets the house! 

Viewmont is a good school, however, there are more opportunities to do wrong there, just because the bad stuff is more available and more known, but it is a good school. It all depends on the person and what he wants to do with his life. 

I´ll send my SD card home with this new package that I´ll send.
I´ll wait for the package and all that. Life is good. The work goes on. I´m in Tezontepec de Aldama, not in Tula de Allende. Tula is a different area than mine. 

I´ll wait for your reply. 

Love you, 

Elder Hill 

Hi-Thai! (That´s what Treviño always says to little kids who ask if we speak a different language) 

This week went better than last week did. Jose and Flor got married this week after a whole lot of jumbling things and working with our connections in the government to get them married, they finally tied the knot. They said it pretty much just feels the same, but now they are keeping the commandments. Jose was baptized on Saturday night and Jose, Maria Isabel, and Fanny were all confirmed on Sunday. Maria Isabel´s baby was also blessed so that was neat-o! 
Saturday the Elder´s Quorum had a nice activity on the farm. We played soccer in the pasture and then we had barbacoa pork and chicken. I was already sick for 3 days this week and I thought that I would be worse after eating, but I was just fine! It was interesting to see how they do it and experience just a little piece of culture. I remember from when i watched a movie about barbacoa in Spanish class in junior high. It was pretty much the same. 
Also, I don´t know how many of you have heard funny stories of companions and/or members tricking missionaries into eating strange things, but it happened last week. The bishop´s sister had a birthday party and that day we were assigned to eat with the bishop. They hired a taco stand to come to their party and make tacos, so, we ate tacos. However, I know by now the normal parts of animals. One hermano told me that I should try "machitos" and that it was just meat. I didn´t want to, but he ordered one for me. I ate it and it tasted o.k. but was grossly soft. Later he told me that it was the private parts of a bull, and I felt sick. But hey, I already ate it so the damage was done. Later on in the week, I asked someone else what it really was. Turns out it was just the stomach of a bull. WHAT HE DOESN’T KNOW YET IS: MACHITOS>>>(One of the many tacos fillings available are machitos, which, depending on who you talk to, are either bull testicles or the small intestine.)  All is well. 

Edgar and Denise didn´t go to church yesterday. We are starting to get a little frustrated because they really want the church and get closer to God, but they don´t fulfill with what they say. They are super cool and Denise wants to get baptized, but Edgar just doesn´t like to read, so he hasn´t received an answer like Denise. We´ll see how this week goes. 

Our Bishop also says that he is scared to learn English because they might call him as Prophet! He´s a big jokester! 

Oh, I also had to play "Nearer My God To Thee" in church yesterday. The bishop found out that I could play that song all the way and made me play. It went well. I am learning other songs also.

Be happy and stay healthy! 


Elder Hill 

July Letters ~ Cartas de Julio

Julio 30, 2012
My Testimony Was Renewed, I Had An Amazing Experience!

It´s pretty much August already! Summer is going by fast, but 
I´m not on summer break so it is all the same for me! This week was really 'chafa' as they say here. Our confirmations, Maria Isabel and Fany, didn´t show up to church.  We went to her house to look for them and the grandma was there. She said that the girls had left to a party with her other daughter and that Maria had to work, but I knew that she was lying to me so I went in the house and the two daughters were there watching T.V. and having a good time. Later we found out that Maria had to work because her boss wasn´t going to pay here for the three days that she had already worked if she didn´t go on Sunday. Jose and Flor didn´t get married this week because they couldn´t find some of the papers required, therefore, he didn´t get baptized. But we hope that this week all will be well and things will work out. 

On Saturday we were on our way to an appt. and we stopped to say hello to una hermana at here business. She was outside talking to a friend and we started talking to her. We invited here to go to church yesterday and she came! That doesn´t happen very often, but she is super cool. She knows a lot and is ready to hear the truth. We have another appointment tonight. Her name is Lucia. 

Last week, I had an amazing experience where I found out that I had done something that normally I wouldn´t have done, but I felt like I should. Turns out that it was the Spirit helping me to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands to answer. Then, this person also helped to answer a few questions that I had been having. It was like a cycle of inspiredness! Pretty cool. After that, my testimony was renewed about how Heavenly Father knows what we want even when we don´t consciously ask Him for something. Even when we don´t know what we want, He does, and is willing to help us if we do our part and look for answers. 

Oh! Elder Treviño is from JalapasVeracruz and is the youngest of eight kids. He likes playing football, soccer, swimming, and ping pong. He likes colognes and doesn´t like it when people don´t use perfume or cologne. Before the mission, he lived in Michoacan with his brother and left from there. He was studying two years of premed, but changed to Law because the teachers were too 'do it my way or don´t pass' types of people, and he doesn´t like that. He´s super cool and we get along great. There´s so much more, but time does not permit. 

Well my fellows, that´s all. Love you all. Keep doing the little things and God will make great things come to pass in your lives. That I promise. 

Con Cariño, 

Elder Hill 


HAPPY 24th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hardly even remembered until I saw the date and all that jazz! Time flies when one is having fun! 

Yesterday, Edgar and Denise went to church and loved it. They had a good time and said that they will get baptized if they like church as much as they did yesterday and if they feel that it is true. Pretty much that means if we have faith and do what is right, the Lord will bless them and us with a baptism! Also, Nadia went to EFY this last week and she loved it. She talked to one hermana yesterday and asked her, "I loved EFY! Now what do I need to do to be baptized?!" She left church early with her sister and we couldn`t find her after, so we will keep searching. Or as the scriptures say, "fishing".

The funny thing about Edgar is that when we taught him the first time we had mentioned that somebody he knew was a member of our church. He sells propane and knows a lot of people. He started asking if a lot of people that he knew were members. Almost every name he rattled of is a member of our ward or the other ward her in Tezo. I find it funny because he has so many friends of the church that had NEVER talked to him about the church, and here he is loving what he learned yesterday and being around the people that are members of the one and only true Church of Christ. I invite each and every one of you to talk to your friends about the church. Pray for a way to bring it up casually and talk about it. I have a friend who talked to a girl about the Church, and when she got baptized she asked him, "Why did you wait so long to tell me?" You can have that experience and be a part of the joy that comes from saving souls. It`s amazing. I know it is hard, but it is amazing. I have recently been thinking about all the people that I know who aren`t members of our church, and that is the first thing I do when I get home is talk to them! Missionary for Life! 

We also had two baptisms this week. Maria Isabel and her daughter Fanny were baptized Saturday. Her other daughter Amairani wasn`t baptized because she was sick (but really she told us later that her grandma had talked her out of it. Grandma is from a different religion). They also didn`t get confirmed yesterday because she went to work, so that was a little hard. We hope that Amairani will be baptized this Saturday with José and the four of them will be confirmed Sunday. 
          Elder Trevino, Fanny, Maria Isabel & hijo, Elder Hill

Transfers were today, but we stay the same. I`m excited to stay with Elder Treviño for another transfer because he knows a lot and I am learning from him. Next week I`ll do a little biography of Elder Treviño in celebration of being together 2 transfers. He`s only had one other companion for more than one transfer, so I feel honored! :) 

Stay righteous! 


Elder Hill

Julio 16, 2012
It's Been A Year Since My Call & Don't Play With Snakes!
Elders ?, Trevino, Taylor & Hill @ Tula
(He has NEVER said “Aloha”! What he doesn’t know is that that is how Jordan’s Bishop welcomed everyone to Sacrament Meeting and Jordan’s Farewell on Sunday!!!)

I was reminded by mom that I received my mission call one year ago yesterday. I didn´t even remember. I just thought, "July 16.... Wow! July is going by fast!" and that was it. One year from the call, and six months in the mission. I think that when I left, Cameron Hawkins had six months in the mission. Crazy! 

This week was pretty great. It was surely a wet week because the rainy season has arrived. A little late, but it usually rains every afternoon now. We found 5 new people to teach this week and they´re great! Edgar and Denise are one couple that we found. We showed up to a business of a member who always helps us and she was like, "Hey Elders! This is Edgar! Talk to him!" She has no shame about sharing the gospel and it´s AWESOME! We taught them Saturday and they said that they would go to Church, but they forgot and went to DF to buy a truck. But we went to their house last night and they said that they would get baptized if they like the church and all that it entails. That pretty much felt that for sure they are going to get baptized. Also, every Sunday we work as a district (the other 2 companionships that are close to us) in one of our 3 areas. Yesterday we worked here and the others elders went and talked to a contact that we had and they accepted a baptismal date! I don´t know them but they are Marisol and Juan de Dios. To be continued..... 

Jose, a guy that we stopped visiting nearly two weeks ago, accepted his baptismal date again and is excited to be baptized. I think that sometimes time can heal old feelings and get us excited again. That´s what happened. Yesterday he came to church in slacks and a white shirt. That´s awesome! 

This week, I picked up a small black and yellow snake. I don´t remember much about snakes from Boy Scouts, but if anyone knows if that snake was poisonous, please let me know. The talk from conference a while back came to my mind that was titled "Don´t Play With Snakes!" ( think that was the spirit regeñandome. I don´t know how to say that in english anymore, but it´s something like chastising. My friends, it would be hypocritical to tell you not to play with snakes after relating that story, but I highly recommend following the counsel of our leaders. I was thinking what other "snakes" there are in life. You know what your snakes are, and I invite you to get rid of them. Snakes are no fun! :)

This week I read a few talks from conference. I love conference talks. One that I loved is from Richard G. Scott and talks about how to receive personal revelation.  I can’t think of the actual title, but check it out. ( ) It´s pretty awesome. Also, for you guys out there, read the talk from Elder Bednar in priesthood.... ( ) Oh man was that good! 

We went to the Atlantes in Tula today. It wasn´t much to see, but it was cool. They are pyramids and they have lots of symbols of things in the church. 

Anyway, I don't have much else. 

Love ya all! 

Elder Hill

Always has reminded me of Elder Matthew Hill!
(Artwork by Greg Olsen ~ permission granted for us in this blog)

Julio 9, 2012


Buenas Tardes!
This week went by super fast! Elder Treviño and I didn`t even notice it was Friday and now it`s Monday! Anyway, this week we had Zone Conference. That was great. We basically got told, "Good job, but why aren`t you guys working?" The Stake President showed up and said that it was an embarrassment to missionary work that a Stake took 20 years to be divided. Honestly, it was GREAT! I sometimes feel that people don`t understand what they need to do when they are told in a nice and round-about way. I think that the Zone (and me as well) will start to understand better what it means to be a missionary in these days. We are fulfilling prophecies of thousands of years past by Prophets of the Old Testament! We are also fulfilling prophecies in the Book of Mormon. It`s pretty sweet to think that I`m fulfilling a prophecy! :)

This week we were in a store that is owned by a member. Across the street is another store owned by our ward mission leader. So, some guy pulls up across the street on a red motorcycle  with a sombrero. The member across the street also has a red motorcycle. So, I whistle at this guy like (whooot-wooo)..... this guy turns around and looks at us and it was just some random guy who went to pick up something from the store. We just started laughing!! I learned to not whistle at people, no matter what.

Love is not looking at each other, it's
looking together in the same direction.
Our investigators Clementina and Nadia came to church yesterday. They are great people and are willing to learn. We don`t have very many new people to teach this week, so we are scrambling to get to work. Our baptisms should be for July 21. That will be cool.

Mexico City North Mission
Everyone here in my district keeps teasing me that I will be getting a call, everyone has started spreading rumors. Guys and gals-- rumors don`t end. They`re always there, but the topics change!
Jeffrey R. Holland ~ General Authority

This week I read Elder Holland`s talk from Conference- Laborers in the Vineyard. Read it. (Click to watch it!) My favorite part is the last line. Don`t delay! It`s getting late. If that just isn`t a Spirit filled line I don`t know what is!

My friends, I love ya`ll! Keep at it and be good.

Con amor,

Elder Hill

Yo lo sabia, y yo sabia qué Dios lo sabia, y no yo no podia negarlo! 
(I knew it, and I knew what God knew, and I could not deny it!)

Julio 9, 2012

Just felt like saying a big ol` hello from Hidalgo, because everyone here is a cowboy and works in the fields. It`s pretty awesome!

Today for P-day we dressed in our street clothes and watched the Restoration video with the other elders in our district. We had popcorn and candy, too. It was just fun to do something different than play soccer and basketball.

This week was pretty fun. It went by so fast that I hardly remember what happened, but I remember that it was fun! We went to a place called Anaya and while we were walking, I found an ambulance. Apparently this guy just has the ambulance in his driveway and I`m not even sure if they use it. It looks like it has been there for a while. Every day I am more and more grateful for what I have at home. 
On Friday, we went to lunch with a member who is retired from some big company here in Mexico and lives in the nicest house I have seen here in the mission. The other nicest house that I have been in here belongs to his son (who owns two schools) and their neighbors, so that`s cool. Anyway, he took us to a restaurant called El Vaquero. We had Aztec soup (super delicioso), steak with enchiladas and beans, and raspberry cheesecake. You don`t even know how great it was to eat like that. The food here is great, but this was just 'different'.

On Saturday we talked with Jose and Flor again. Jose said that he wanted to change his life around, but yesterday he didn`t go to church and hid from us. Unfortunately, we will just have to leave him alone until he really wants to change and not just say it because we are there. We are teaching Clementina right now and she is super awesome. She has read everything that we have left her and has come to church. She just has one problem..... she`s not married and lives with some guy who is still married to his other wife. We are working in that, but we can`t force people to use their gift of agency. We also had a referral come to church and her family is ready to be baptized. They go to church and read and all that... just waiting for them to complete their number of times required in church to baptize them. Her name is Maria Isabel.

That`s about all that happened this week. I could tell you about my companion and I this week, but suffice it to say that we wrote Ether 14:23 on the bathroom door. I wouldn`t want to tell any of the real missionary stories because somebody might faint of what really goes on! :) 
(And the scent thereof went forth upon the face of the land, even upon all the face of the land; wherefore the people became troubled by day and by night, because of the scent thereof.) (YIKES!)

Something that I experienced this week was that the scriptures tell us things that are much deeper in meaning than they appear to be. For example, analyze Joseph Smith History 1:30. (While I was thus in the act of calling upon God, I discovered aalight appearing in my room, which continued to increase until the room was lighter than at noonday, when immediately abpersonage appeared at my bedside, standing in the air, for his feet did not touch the floor.) It talks about much more than Moroni appearing. ...... by the power of the Holy Ghost ye shall know the truth of all things. Just ask God if you have a question(s).

Love you all,

Elder Hill

1. ambulance in a yard
2. me in an area in Achachilco
3. raspberry cheesecake

June Letters ~ Cartas de junio
June 25, 2012 

We live in a pink building on 5 de mayo in Tezontepec

Hello family & friends, 

Honestly, I don´t know what I am going to write about this week. I know that we did an incredible amount of work, but it all goes by so fast and all blends together. I guess I can start with the "feria" or the fair that they have here. It´s just a whole bunch of those little kid rides and candy, and everyone goes to mass. They all say that they pretty much go to mass once or twice a year- Christmas and during the fair. I don´t know why it is that way, but it is. And with the fair comes fireworks, but they aren´t like OUR fireworks. They´re just big bombs that go off in the air, but the joke is that they start at 5:00 in the MORNING!!! Ah! It´s awful! But it´s fun because in 2 years, I 
won´t be able to say that anymore. 

Mexico City Temple
Oh, and they youth this week are going to the temple in Distrito Federal so that they can do baptisms. When I was at home, I struggled a little when we went to the Temple at 5:30am, however, think about this..... ARRIVE at the temple at 5:30am, BUT, you have to leave your ward building at 3:00 to get there on time. Just think that you´re blessed to have temples so close. I have realized here in the mission that I have a lot in life. 

This week we didn´t find very many people to teach, but we had 6 referrals come to church yesterday, so we have six new people to teach who already have a support system. That´s awesome. Also, I would exhort you all to give missionaries referrals when they ask for them. I know that it is sometimes a little annoying ( at least I was annoyed when they wanted to check my contacts list for referrals) but it is so worth it. Just like the scripture that says "How great will be your joy if you bring but one soul unto me", you can all be a part of that joy. I promise. 

Well, I know that Christ lives. He is our Savior forever. Heavenly Father knows each one of you and He is looking out for you. Just look for His help and it is there. There is a talk titled "It is better to look up." It´s a good one, but I know that each of us have so many blessings in life to look for, if we will just look. That is one thing that I am focusing more on this week, is look for the blessings. 
Count your many blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings and see what God hath done. (something like that, because the Spanish is getting to me)

"May the Lord bless you, and I know that He will." -Rex L. Christensen
Hasta ver, 

Elder Hill 

P.S. photo is from Dylan Taylor. I think he said it is his cousin, but it shows that there is a disadvantage to losing weight! 

  1. When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
    When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,
    Count your many blessings, name them one by one,
    And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.
    • Refrain:
      Count your blessings, name them one by one,
      Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
      Count your blessings, name them one by one,
      *Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.
      [*And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.]
  2. Are you ever burdened with a load of care?
    Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?
    Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,
    And you will keep singing as the days go by.
  3. When you look at others with their lands and gold,
    Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;
    Count your many blessings—*money cannot buy [*wealth can never buy]
    Your reward in heaven, nor your home on high.
  4. So, amid the conflict whether great or small,
    Do not be discouraged, God is over all;
    Count your many blessings, angels will attend,
    Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.
No matter were i go or what I do, there will
always be a lot of "cop" in me!
JUNIO 18, 2012

Life in Tezontepec is super cool because it is city with farmland. Just walking down the street, we hear cows, turkeys, chickens, dogs, pigs, etc. It’s nice to be out in the open air instead of in the city.

Just a few things that are kind of cool that I found out this week.
Elder Hill on a wire bridge
1- I went into the MTC on the wedding anniversary of Joseph and Emma Smith.
2- Elder Dillon Taylor from American Fork is in my district now, and he knows Melissa Angus. Strange to have connections when we’re like 6,000 miles from home.
Elder Trevino with a chicken

Elder Hill and a hen...did he ever
tell you the Little Red Hen Story
was cited to him MANY times!
I really enjoy my new companion and all that we are doing in our area.  I am working harder with him than I have in my whole mission and I really enjoy that. We have found a lot of people this week, but they’re not really secure for progressing. There is one couple, Jose and Flor, that we are working with. They have two kids, but aren’t married. Flor is a member just Jose no. We met with them yesterday after church to talk to them about the word of wisdom. Turns out that Jose has difficulties with smoking and drinking on occasion. He said that he is willing to give it all up to be closer to his family and friends. Then, the marriage thing came up. Jose said that he wants to get married, but Flor was a little hesitant. She said that she doesn’t want to marry him (keep in mind that they already have two kids together) because of how Jose drinks and smokes. We asked her that if Jose quit smoking and drinking in 3 weeks, if she would marry him. Her answer was YES! It’s just super cool to see how many blessings we can receive from living the commandments.

There is another hermana, Inez, who isn’t married either because her boyfriend is still married to his previous wife, and hasn’t divorced. He is a member but super inactive and she feels like he is holding her back a little bit from progressing (being baptized with her kids) and to keep going. We are working on that situation as well. We might be missionaries with the power of God, but we don’t have powers to marry or divorce people on the spot. That would be kind of cool though!

So here is the citrus oil part. (Mother’s letter last week: There are at least 20-24 months that you will have opportunities to have the oils serve you and during that time you will know when your mission is up who you are prompted to leave the oils with.)

Yesterday we were at a homecoming for a missionary that came home and there is this 4 year old kid in the ward who is super hyperactive and just mischievous as can be. He is innocent, but he is still difficult to control. Well, my mom so lovingly sent me some essential oils that I didn’t think I would use and yesterday I had brought some with me to show an hermano in the ward who uses them. I handed him a blend of citrus oils. He went over to this super active kid and rubbed this oil behind his ears and was like "Oscar! Smell this!"...... and within 5 minutes this kid was calm as can be! The 5 of us who knew what happened were laughing soooo hard! I think we found a solution for Sunday so that everyone can take the sacrament without yelling and screaming. :)

My Captain Moroni stance, overlooking the river.

-Elder Trevino with a chicken (like Simba)
-Me with the hen
-A super huge pig
-Oh, and "I didn’t know it was there.... It isn’t mine!" (Marijuana leaf)
-Me on a wire bridge over a river

Well my friends, this is what I am doing in Tezontepec!

I hope that you are all enjoying your summer!

Junio 11
"The difference between who you ARE and who you want to BECOME, is what you do."   -Hermana Call  

Elders Hill & Galvan outside wardhouse

 Estimados amigos mios,

Today we had transfers, and I got transferred from La Quebrada to a place called Texontepec Hidalgo. Honestly, I thought that I was for sure going to stay with Elder Galvan because President Call asked me two weeks ago if I could stand going another week with Galvan. I told him that I would do what he felt I should do, but looks like the Lord had different plans for me. So, I am with Elder Trevino who is also my new district leader. Tezontepec is a pueblo or village in the state of Hidalgo. It´s kind of like Cache Valley in that it is still populated and urban, but there are cows and fields and all that. Pretty cool, but I have only seen a very small part of it in the 5 hours I have been here. 

Here is a quote or poem that I found in the house that I like:

"All the water in the world
No matter how it tried
Could never sink the smallest ship
Unless it got inside. 
All the evil of the world
And every kind of sin 
Could never hurt a human soul
Unless we let it in."

"The difference between who you ARE and who you want to BECOME, is what you do." 
-Hermana Call  

So true. WE have more power than Satan and all of his minions because we have bodies and they don´t. WE have God on OUR side and they do not. 
Elder Galvan, Juan's familia & Elder Hill
Oh, how could I almost forget that we had a baptism Saturday! Juan was baptized Saturday after almost two months of teaching him. We taught him very sporadically and that´s why it took so long, but he finally got baptized and a lot of his family was there, even though they aren´t members of our Church. That was cool to leave an area with a baptism and confirmation. 

Well my friends, this is another part of my journey here in Mexico. Life is always changing and I´m looking forward to working in a ranch town versus a city with tons of people. I´ll let you know how it goes! Oh, and if Jasilyn hasn´t left for Spain yet-- Good luck Jassy! 

Con carino, 

Elder Hill 
Salvador, Elder Hill, Ana & Nino
PS- Salvador, (Elder Hill's 1st Baptism) cut his hair. Not because he wanted to, but because he found a job and they asked him to do it. Either way, it looks gooooooood! 

(1st Baptism) Elders Hill & Nunez w/ Ana,
Salvador & Nino March 2012

4 Junio, 2012



I got your packages. Thank you for everything in there.
I know where the circus is!!!

Also, this is a combi that ran into a tree... who knows how, but it did. This is who we get around our area.

This is another one that says "Looking for a girlfriend: nice, simple, and if possible- cute. Sincerely Miguel Angel (ring the bell)"

Solicito Novia, carinosa, sencilla, y si se pude hermosa
School´s out at home, but the kids here still have a week left. It´s so strange to think that it was a year ago last year that I graduated and here I am in Mexico preaching the gospel!

Just thought I´d share a few things from this week, spiritual and just a little bit of randomness. First the randomness. Here, they teach that there are only 5 continents- America is one and Europe is one. Also, they count their weeks as 8 days. For example, on Sunday they say that "Every 8 days we have the opportunity to take the Sacrament and come to church." They say 8 days because they count the day that we are in (e.g. Sunday) twice. They value their time and their family, because pretty much everyone works here and it is all for the family and school. They seem to understand a little better than we (or I) do about time, family, and helping everyone out. Of course, there are exceptions, but for the most part, that is how the people are. It´s awesome.

We met with a less active family that I haven´t seen at church my entire time here, and after we visited them, their whole family and extended family came to church and took up the whole row of chairs. That was cool. Shows just how a little visit to someone can make the difference. Visit someone this week. :)

Another randomness.... we got pulled over on the bus on Wednesday. The driver stopped, turned off his engine, grabbed 50 pesos from his money thing, paid the police, and off we went! How easy is that!? Just pay the police and you´re free! I will give the short version of the story, but I learned this week that Blackberry used to be what they called the ball and chain on the prisoner´s ankle so that they couldn´t move. You know, the ball that you see in cartoons with black/white striped uniforms? What was the first smart phone that everyone was anchored to? Blackberry. Food for thought. I thought it was interesting. The things that learning another language can do to bring light to things we say in English.

We have a baptism next week with a guy named Juan. He is a cool guy. A bit timid, but he likes the church and has chosen to be baptized. That will be awesome, because we started teaching him back in March. Some people take a little longer, but it´s all worth it.

Love you all! Be safe this summer!
Be safe and Be nice, and if you can´t be nice, at least be safe. -Mrs. Ball

Elder Hill

May Letters ~ Cartas de mayo

My Zone at lake in Villa del Carbon
BIG flag in Villa del Carbon

It All Takes Time, Prayer, and Fasting!
Hey, how did the wedding go? Happy Birthday to Destiny! Tell Ryan and Allie congratulations for me. 

I feel like this week went by way too fast! Every night when I wrote in my journal I felt like I was just there, and the dates just kept going and going! 

This week we found two new guys to teach. Carlos is a doctor that lives in our area and has a "Papeleria" or paper store, just for a hobby on the side. He works in two hospitals in the ER. I like to go and talk to him just for that, not to mention the Gospel. He is married and has one daughter, but we haven´t really talked to his wife because she isn´t usually at his paper store where we have taught him. He is super cool and says that he will read and go to church, because he doesn´t usually work on Sunday in the hospitals and the paper store is always closed on Sunday. 
The other is Arturo, but a different Arturo than the 60 year old biker/lawyer. He is 26 and single. Says he is catholic, like every other person here, but he isn´t stuck to it because he sees things that are wrong with it. We are working with him, but we have only met with him once. It all takes time, prayer, and fasting. 

Me at Lake in Villa del Carbon (no swimming)

Also, there is this guy named Pedro who we contacted in the street way back in March while he was playing with his kid. He has family in California who are members and they have talked a little bit and he likes it. However, his wife is different. She is catholic and wants to stay that way. Every time we stop by and talk to Pedro, we teach him a little snippet of the gospel at the door, but he always says that he wants to talk to his wife first before letting us come by to teach them. We finally found his wife and actually placed an appointment with her, and we will meet with them tonight. Pedro and his 10 year old son are cool, his wife as well, but we don´t know her very well. We´ll see what the Lord has in mind for them. 

Church in Villa

Gabriel, the husband of the hermana Yenny (pronounced Jenny), is also progressing in his own little way. He isn´t progressing in accordance with the standards we have of “going to church, reading, and praying” but he is opening up a little bit more. Little by little he is realizing that his Chruch isn´t the true church. I wouldn´t say that it is bad, but it isn´t the only true Church of Christ that will save us in the last day. 

 That is a little bit about my week. It is fun to be here and be busy for the most part, anyway. All is well in Zion, both here in Mexico and I suspect there at home as well. 

Take care everyone! Love you all! 

Zone in Villa del Carbon
Elder Hill

Villa del Carbon & Pg. 19 of Preach My Gospel in the Blue Box
May 21st, 2012


We just got back from an activity, so I don´t have much time to write this week. We are normally supposed to end p-day at 5:00p, but we just left the house after changing clothes and all that jazz.

Tell Ryan that I wish I was at his wedding, but I´m not worried, because at some point in time I´ll be at her baptism and marriage in the temple,  therefore, all is well. 

I will get my packages next Tuesday when we have interviews with the president. I will also send my memory card home next week as well. 

--It is always your best and above & beyond. Most of the time that is great, but sometimes it is too much. :)
--I always had what I needed and I know that you love me.

Love you,
Gotta write the other letter and go work a little before going back to the house for the night. I will have to send pictures next week because we are in a different internet place this week that doesn´t have a built in card reader and I left my cable in the house. Quote is on page 19 of Preach my Gospel in a box

Actually to save time, here is my letter for this week--- 

This week I don´t have a lot of time to write.... SORRY! We left to a place called Villa del Carbon today, and we were gone ALL DAY! We left the house at 7:30a and got home at 6:20p. President Call called our zone leader while we were on the bus home, and I don´t think that he was very happy that we were all out of our areas when we were supposed to be working, but hey, we had a good time.
It is a little old village that seems a little touristy but for mexicans. We did meet one hermano from Texas, who had apparently served in our mission many years ago because he knew the names of our areas. We went to a little lake that they have on the outskirts of this place (no we didn´t swim or boat) and had a nice bbq with all of the missionaries.  I will send pics next week, but it was pretty sweet.

I just realized that I have been in the mission for a little over 4 months! Time has gone by so fast, yet so slow. I know that my time here is short, so I am trying to make the best of it. 20 months will go by super fast, then the real life starts!

Lorena and Raul gave talks in Church yesterday. That was super awesome because the spirit was so strong. Lorena cried a little because she feels so much love from the members in the ward, not only at church but at all of the activities. They are great people.

That is my report for the week. Sorry it is short, but hey, it is something, right?

Love you all! Have a great week in paradise! (Which is wherever you are, eh?)

Elder Hill

May 14, 2012
Elder Hill's "Mother's Day" Cake...first cake on mission

Yeeehaaa! & "Hmmmmmmm..... My Daddy Doesn´t Understand the Word of God..."
Don´t know why I called this week Yeeehaaa, but it rings good in the ear after speaking Spanish 24/7.... or at least very close to that. 

I don´t have a whole lot that happened this week because my companion and I were a little sick in the stomach for most of the week, and we missed out on a lot of lessons... however, we did have a few neat or funny things that happened. 

-- We went to a chapel today and played futbol, the real football, with all of the missionaries in the zone. Let´s just say that I ´m not Mexican yet.... but it was still fun. We got to play with all of the elders and a companionship of sister missionaries. My companion hit both of them in the head with the ball.... the zone wasn´t happy about that. We also kicked the ball over the fence 3 or 4 times and the neighbors weren´t happy with us either, but all is well, we were happy. I also sat down with an elder and we started talking. His name is elder Barerra from Chicago. When I told him that I was from Utah, he told me that there was an Elder Hill in his District in the MTC, but he never showed up. I asked him when he was in the MTC and he said December 7, 2011. Turns out that he was in my class that I was going to be in if I hadn´t been in the hospital. He served in SLC for two months waiting for his visa, so we pretty much have the same amount of time here in Mexico, but he is fluent in Spanish from his family. 

-- We are teaching the husband of one of the sisters here in the ward. They are like 28 years old, and have one little girl, and another on the way. However, he is SUPER catholic, but only because his entire family is. He was in the catholic seminary, where they learn theology and such, but he doesn´t know the bible very well. He told us that he doesn´t accept ANYTHING from our Church-- Book of Mormon, DyC, Pearl of Great Price, Prophets... etc. So, he said if you want to teach me about your church, do it with the bible. Well, we have visited once doing exactly that, but he wouldn´t even accept the scriptures that we read. We read 5 scriptures about how the Godhead is three, but he would only accept the one scripture that says they are one. I think that he is a little scared to admit that he and his family isn´t in the right-- not wrong, but not right-- because his wife has told us that each time after we leave, he looks like he is thinking and meditating about what we talked about. He also isn´t willing to pray to see if our church is true or anything like that.... it´s super hard to teach people like that, and normally we would drop him from our investigator pool, but we feel like we can help him. And his wife wants more than anything to be sealed in the temple..... to be continued.... 

--Oh, and the daughter of this family is 3 years old, ok? Ok, well one night her mom was reading the scriptures and the daughter asked, "What are you doing?" she replied "reading the scriptures, or the word of God." The Daughter said, "Hmmmmmmm..... My daddy doesn´t understand the word of God..." HAHAHA that was probably the funniest thing that happened this week. Oh children and their innocence. 

--Also, if you thought that Mormon Standard Time only existed in Utah... you´re wrong. There was an activity at the church on Saturday at 12:00p and at 1:00p lots of people still weren´t there and they hadn´t started. Then someone said that it was just about time to start, according to Mormon time! Zion is anywhere the church is, and Mormon time is as well. 

Well, that´s about all I have this week. The Picture is a cake that we made for mothers day, which is always May 10 here. It was good according to missionary standards! But really, it was pretty good. The other picture is the sunrise through the smog.... normally it would be bright, but no, you could see the outline of the Sun. Cool, yet not cool. All is well.

That´s all folks! Have a great week and I love you all!

Elder Hill

...The Prophets Have Counseled That 
We Will Be Blessed....
Elders Hill & Nunez with Raul, Lorena, Uriel (4) and Gael (7)
This week’s letter is a little short. We had to change our schedule for P-day because we had to change a few things around. I still have to head to the mission offices and pick up materials and all that jazz. 

I forgot to inform you that I gave my first talk in Sacrament meeting last week about missionary work and how the members can help us. I wrote my notes for my talk and what I would use, and I was surprised that when I was up there talking, I used most of what I had prepared, but I talked for much longer than what I had planned but that was all the Spirit. The Bishop said that when I was done, it was a great talk and that " it was strange, but we can’t deny the Spirit". I think that I was called to the ward to accomplish their duty as members of this Church. Rather, the Spirit called them to their duty and asked them to be better. It wasn’t my intention, but hey- the Spirit knows all. 

Also, we found Nestor this week after 3 weeks of not teaching him. I don’t know if he is interested anymore, but we have a lesson scheduled for tomorrow. I felt like what President Hanks told me about agency and forcing people to use it, which is contrary to the plan of God. We have our agency and we need to use it for the better.

Raul was ordained to Teacher in Aaronic Priesthood yesterday, and that was a great step in his life.

Stay strong and keep strengthening your testimonies. Keep reading the Book of Mormon, Praying individually and as a family, and having a family home evening each week. If you do that, the prophets have counseled that we will be blessed. Stay strong in the small and simple things. 

Love you, 

Elder Hill

Dear friends and family. Matthew has mentioned his emails from some of you.

I would ask that if you are writing to Elder Hill at his email address instead of through, that you PLEASE STOP, per President Hanks.

Reading all of these emails in his 45 minutes on P-day does not give him enough time to read them all, write his President and then write this letter and upload photos. If you write him through then he gets the printout in the week and can read them when he has a chance, therefore allowing all of us who look forward to his weekly letters longer letters and photos. Thanks!
AGAIN, please forward if I have missed people or to the President's in the stake if you have their email addresses. Thanks!
Elder Hill skipping on Railroad tracks~My Joy Is Full!

Abril 30, 2012
I have called this weeks letter "My Joy is Full" because Lorena and Raul are active in the Church, faithfully paying tithing EVERY week, and they are always on when we show up at night. Their two boys, Gael 7 and Uriel 4 are learning the gospel and want to be missionaries like us, with shirts and ties and name tags. They actively seek to attend the primary activities, even if they have to travel a few miles on a bus to get to the stake center or our chapel. Raul drives a camion, or basically an informal bus and is always reading the pamphlets and his principles of the gospel book when he is on his breaks. They are headed for the temple for sure!
Elders Hill, Ton & Ortiz before today's transfers

My new companion arrived in La Quebrada today. His name is Elder Galvan from the furthest Northeast Corner of Mexico. I   don´t remember what it is called, but that is how he described it to me. He is like 1.9 meters tall (6 feet) and a big guy. Really nice guy. We have only been together for an hour, but there is good to come.

Elder Ton left to Queretero and Elder Ortiz stayed in Valle de Tules and his new companion arrived here as well.
Still Gotta eat! Chicken Mole Enchiladas~YUM!

Keep going forward with everything that life throws at us. P-day today is super short because we had to travel and pick up our companions. This week was a work hard week and I have learned a lot about planning. I hope to work even harder this transfer because I know that there are people prepared for us.

Real Quick -- We found Angelica this week while we were looking for someone else. We knocked on her door, and presented ourselves to her, then she invited us to her patio to explain who we are. She talked to the missionaries once a few months back, but those elders never returned or at least they didn´t see her again. Two months ago her husband passed away from something called pararesperatario, from what I think it is, he hit something in his car that collapsed his lungs, and so his body wasn´t getting oxygen. Who knows-you guys have google but I don´t.     (Respiratory arrest. SUFFOCATION. Asphyxia. It is the lack of oxygen in the lungs. Asphyxia soon lead to respiratory arrest. )
I know that there are people prepared for us. I am waiting with open arms!

Love yall,

Elder Hill

President Hanks Was Right ~ 
The Lord Speaks The BEST Spanish!

Abril 16, 2012

Thank you for the package. I will look for it in a few weeks when we have transfers again. Let Kathy know that I have received her letters, but with all of these weird things happening in the mission  lately, I haven´t had time to write ANYONE, including the girls. Tell Ryan congratulations and happy birthday for me. I wrote him a letter but don´t know if he ever got it. Should have  come this last week. Tell Kim and Grammy hello as well.

Thanks for your help with everything. It isn´t easy being so far away from life as I know it , but it is worth it. Before I know it, it will all be over. Tell Josh, Des, Mike, Ryan, Allie and all hello.

 I uploaded some pictures of when we went to the temple and the MTC that is right there, too. 
The fruit is the first course of our breakfast every Wednesday.
I didn´t take a picture of the second portion this last week because  it was whole boiled chickens, and I was a little bit distracted to take a picture. 

(He must've known I would be horrified 2 pairs of ECCO shoes in 2 months!)
My shoes that have paint-- well, those are the work shoes, and the less dirty are the dress shoes. Don´t worry, neither have paint and both are very shiny. I take care of my stuff. 

What a week!!! Just like many times in life, we had a really good few days, and a few really hard days. So goes the cycle. My companion went home on Thursday for medical reasons, and I don´t think that he will be back. He only had until January 5th so I  don´t think he will have time to come back. That was strange because I lost my trainer, but I was working in a trio for a few days with the elders in the ward that we share the building with. 
We would have been in a trio for two weeks until my companion arrives during the normal transfers, but president called last night and moved one of the elders in our trio to another area to cover for an elder who broke his ankle playing basketball. Elder Ton, my temporary companion, says that this transfer has been extremely weird. I agree.

This week I unconsciously used a phrase that I learned in Ms. Nelson´s spanish class. It was ''andando por los nubes'' or daydreaming, basically. It was with Lorena and Raul, who are always willing to help me with my spanish. I was happy to hear that they called me practically mexican, because white guys don´t use that phrase. So, again, props to Ms. Nelson!

On Friday, we taught a lesson to Arturo the abogado. (Lawyer) From the moment I saw him at the door, I felt like something was wrong. He was just different. Wasn´t as upbeat and talkative. As we sat down to start the lesson (on the word of wisdom), I felt like he had been drinking. In just a few seconds he starting talking to us about what had happened the night before. He just poured a little bit of alcohol that he had so that he could calm his nerves about things that have been happening with his kids. Well, that little bit turned into a lot. Just as with all things bad and that are of the devil, just a little bit will pull us under and it is very hard to surface. Before leaving, we left him with a Priesthood blessing. Elder Ton annointed & I sealed, and I felt like I was guided by the spirit. I don´t remember exactly what I said, but I know that the Spanish that came out certainly was not mine. Like President Hanks said-- the Lord speaks the best Spanish. 

He came to church sunday, and after the services ended, he told us how much the blessing had helped him have the strength to resist, and feel better. There is a talk in the April Liahona about the atonement and the enabling power... you should read it. It´s grand!  (He loves Elder Bednar! Here is the link for your reading! :) Bednar-Atonement )

That´s how my week was this week! Pretty good for the most part. Ups and downs, but all is well. Gotta go!

Love you,

Elder Matt Hill

Mexico City North Mission

march 12, 2012
I Survived my First Earthquake, Jamaica Flower & I am Really Excited for Conference!
you-- Thanks for the pictures details. I am trying to upload them right now, but I don´t like this new way that you gave me because I have to upload one at a time, I can´t just upload my entire card, or at least several photos at a time. Happy Birthday to Mike!! I sent a card this last week, so plan on two weeks from now. Mail is hard here because it isn´t like the states where there are drop boxes all over. There is one post office and it is out of our area so it is hard. It is easier to have the mission office send the letters, not to mention that it takes 2 weeks or so to get there. I´ll try the other pictures way, but if not, next week... And if you send money, make sure you exchange it to pesos otherwise I can´t use it. The only exchanges are in the airport. Also, let ryan know that I will be sending his card next monday. I missed the chance to do it today. Sorry. 


This last week went by pretty fast, but I like that because it means that we are working hard. On Tuesday I survived my first earthquake! I was studying at my desk when I felt the building start to sway back and forth. At first, I just thought that I was dehydrated or something. Then the door started to rattle, and I thought that some kids were just playing. I finally realized that it was an earthquake when the ladies on the floor just above us started running down the stairs screaming, ´´ It´s tremoring! It´s tremoring!  Get down the stairs! I don´t want to die in this manner!!´´ That´s my translation from spanish to english, but it was so much funnier in spanish! Occasionally somebody will try to talk to me in english, and I get really confused because I am so used to spanish. I have to sit and think of how to reply in spanish. I think that is a sign that I am learning spanish little by little.

We have a family that we have been teaching, and that the other elders before us were teaching back in January. They are Lorena and Raul. Usually after a month or two, investigators are dropped if they aren´t going to get baptized and aren´t meeting the goals to be called ´progressing investigators´ but they have been progressing and going to church. The week before last, they didn´t want to get baptized yet because they wanted to learn more about the church. We decided that we would finally have to drop them for a while until they are ready to be baptized. Last sunday, we met with them and they still didn´t want to get baptized, but were willing to set a goal or date by which they would be baptized. The deal was that they would go home and talk about it, and we would visit them sometime during the week to see if they wanted to be baptized. On Tuesday night, Elder Nunez and I said a prayer outside their gate that His will would be done, but that they would desire to be baptized. The first thing that they talked to us about was that they decided that as a couple, they wanted to be baptized on the 1st of April! We didn´t even mention it, but they  brought it up. Prayers are answered if they are asked with faith and according to the will of the Lord. Sometimes it is hard to know the will of the lord, but that is what we have the gift of the Holy Ghost for.... to help us understand that will that we are to accomplish.

There is a purple flower here called the Jamaica flower. Yesterday I ate enchiladas made from this Jamaica flower, and I´ll be honest.... it wasn´t that great after the first three bites. At first it was exotic and interesting, after that it was just a bit grody. However, I have had green chile chicken enchiladas and they are much better. They taste like what enchiladas should taste like, and they are better than any enchiladas I had in the states. :]

I am really excited for conference this week. It is a bit strange because I am usually in seminary preparing for conference, but I suppose I am in a different type of seminary. It will be really cool, but I am a little nervous for the spanish. The general authorities speak in proper english as it is, but proper spanish is even harder for a green missionary in mexico. Let´s make the most of the conference weekend! Listen to the prophet, because he knows the way. If you want to know what the Lord expects out of you for the next 6 months.... listen to conference. It's just that simple.

Love you guys! 

Elder Hill

Obedience Brings Blessings & We Need Blessings Right Now & 3 New Members of the Church on Our Side to Fight the War. P.S. 2 Month Mark.

Sorry to keep you waiting on pictures. Thanks mom.


This last week actually moved faster than the last few weeks have. I realized that yesterday was the two month mark since I went into the MTC. For this week, I studied Alma 5 which talks about our spiritual checklist that we need to be good in this life and be able to make it back to Heaven and meet our goal of Eternal Life. Elder Nunez is a fun guy and we have good times together. He teaches me, and I teach him, and that is how life is. Nobody knows everything, but together we know everything that we need to do to have a happy life.

Yesterday we had 3 confirmations in our ward. That means we have 3 new members of the Church on our side to fight the war. On Tuesday, we contacted a lady on the street who had two kids with her. Turns out that she is a member, but oldest son isn´t a member because he wasn´t old enough when the missionaries were there to baptized him, and she has since gone inactive. However, Elder Asmus was the companionship who baptized this lady named Eugenia. Pretty cool to hear the name of someone familiar. Also, I saw the first white kid in what seems like forever. I love the Mexican kids, but it was strange to see a white kid. I think we both stared at each other for like 15 seconds before I realized that Elder Nunez was waiting for me to open the apartment door. Oh, and for a service project this week, Elder Nunez and I cut hair for two kids in our area who were restricted from going to school because their hair is too long, and the family didn´t have enough money to get it cut. Just think... we are blessed in the USA.

All of the people that we have had referred to us  to teach live out of our area, which means that unless we have authorization from their bishop in the ward their house is in, we can´t baptize them. But, It is also hard because their fellowshippers live in our ward. Life can be so simple yet so complicated.

That´s all the time I have to write today. I´m trying to be obedient to ALL of the rules that we have in the mission, because obedience brings blessings and we need blessings right now. Elder Nunez and I have decided that starting today, we are going to work our tails off to bring salvation unto the people in our area. They need it more than they can ever imagine.

Love you all! Keep up the great work and build the kingdom! Don´t be afraid to share the gospel! If you have faith, your mouth shall be filled!

Con amor,

Elder Hill 
Mateo's Apartado

The Work is Going Great & Every Member is a Missionary

March 5, 2012


      Everything you gave me isn't working, so sorry. Make it more clear or something, because it isn’t working. Your godaddy credentials were incorrect. I´ll have to do it next week. Before you send it, make sure it works so I can do it fast. My president is pretty strict on only 45 minutes to write him and family. Also, my address to send ANYTHING is the apartado postal 98 address that i gave you before. If it goes to the mission office, it will be rejected because nobody is hardly there. Also, use the plaque scripture that i gave you. i think it is dc 11:21 about seeking his word.
     Sorry to hear about Sister Brown. That's sad, but she is definitely in  better place and probably feels much better. Give bro. brown my best wishes.
     This week was pretty crazy. I got into the airport at Mexico City and met President and Sister Call after waiting in line. The three other elders who came with me got in their minivan to go to the mission office to spend the night. The traffic here makes New York City look like a learner´s permit. Some of the elders were getting  a bit car sick and thinking we were going to die, but I just liked to laugh at it. It really is pretty crazy here. For dinner, and my first meal in Mexico, we had pork tacos, or tacos al pastor.

Elders Nunez, Tolentino & Hill

My companion is Elder Nunez from Acupulco Mexico and he speaks maybe 20 words in English. No big deal. Until tomorrow, we have also had Elder Tolentino, who was with Nunez before me, but he is headed to Madrid Spain because he had to wait for his visa as well. They are both really great and help me with spanish, and i do my best to help them with english. I am really glad that i can speak enough spanish to get my way around. Not to be prideful, but they both said that my spanish is pretty good. Props to Mrs. Nelson at BHS.

     My area for the next few months is called La Quebrada, or the broken. It also includes colonies named Tutitlan and Santa Maria. The hills here are insanely steep. We have to take a cambi, or vw bus type taxi up otherwise it takes forever.

Yesterday, we had a baptism. Her name is Yenny, (pronounced Jenny) and she has been taking lessons for the last month. It was really cool to have a baptism the first sunday here. We also had to clean out the font yesterday during sacrament meeting because there was a ton of dust and dirt in the bottom for some reason.

The work is going great. I love being here so far because the mornings are great, they day is a little warm and the sun is strong, but the evenings are great. It is a great little area that we have and we have great people. Yes, we have rejections, but that just means that they aren't the Lord's CHOSEN people right now. They still have experiences to live that will, or will not, soften their hearts to the Savior. The field is white and ready to harvest, not brown ready to plant. We are here to find those who are prepared to listen to the Savior's voice through us, His servants.

We have a baptism next week with Chava and Ana who are really cool people. I dont know them that well, but they both are really cool. They're a couple and they have a little kid, but i don't remember his name. oops.

Every member is a missionary. If there is a baptism going on in the stake, go support that convert. It makes a difference! Keep it up!

Con Amor,

Elder Hill 

Elder Matt Hill
Mexico City North Mission

Elders Hill & Nunez with Ana, Chava y Nino
My First Baptism on the Mission & We Can Eat An Elephant, But it Only Works if We Do it 1 Bite At a Time.

March 12, 2012

     (You) I will try to get my photos uploaded this week, but you may have to wait a few weeks. I have 45 minutes to write a letter to you and to my president in that amount of time and it isn't that easy. I have to keep typing differently because these stinking keyboards are different and I am not used to it yet, so it takes me longer. You just get to be patient. Photos will come in one way or another. Also, mail is very hard to send because I have to get it to the mission office to be sent, and I can´t just drive over to the office and drop it off. I don´t need anything sent to me right now. I will look at walmart and other shops before I ask you to spend that much money to send me anything. Tell mike thanks for the letters from dearelder. I will reply to them when I can. I don´t have anymore time today because I just got back from the migration office to get my visa completed for the next 12 months. If you want, you can send all of my friends letters or whatever it is that you were talking about via dearelder because they come with church mail from HQ and i get them fairly quickly.  My church is in Valle de Tules. It´s the only lds chapel in my area, so I am not sure what you meant by there are lots in La Quebrada. Thanks for everything. 


     Yesterday was stake conference here in my area. It was definitely different than stake conference at home for a few different reasons. The biggest one is that I couldn´t understand what was being said because it was being broadcast and it is in Spanish, so basically I only caught bits and parts of it. Not only that, but we had to fill the font for a baptism. I guess it would be important to mention that it was my first baptism on the mission. They are a couple with one son. Their names are Salvador y Ana, and I baptized Ana and Elder Nunez baptized Salvador. That was a pretty cool experience to be the Lord´s hands in opening the door to salvation and eternal happiness. I will try to send a picture today, but maybe next week. 

     I met an elder who served with Elder Nicholas Thomas Terry III in Tampico!!! He is our ward mission leader, Oxata Juarez, and he is studying to become a homeopathic doctor here in Mexico. That was neat to hear because it really is such a small world, even in a city with nearly 25 million. 

     During Salvador y Ana´s baptismal interview, I was able to learn the right hand of ‘Nearer My God to Thee’ in the regular hymnbook, speaking of piano. We really can do anything if we just pray and ask. There is a scripture in 3 Nephi 13 I think, and it talks about how Father already knows the desire of our hearts before we pray, but he is just waiting to hear from us. (8 Be not ye therefore like unto them, for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask him.)

Let us all make good goals that are inspired of the Lord and you will be amazed at what can happen.

     We had an hermana chase us down one night after an appointment. It isn´t very often that we are chased down by people, especially for good reasons. This sister was crying about some problems in her family that had recently occurred. We shared a brief message with her, prayed, and left her our testimonies that only through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can we become clean for our sins and become truly happy and have our burdens lifted. We met her again yesterday and she was better. She had embraced what we had left her and is ready to hear the gospel. The work moves on ever so rapidly.

     The people here are great. I am still trying to learn the area, the ward, and the mission. It is a lot of information to learn all at once. Sister Call told us that we can eat an elephant, but it only works if we do it one bite at a time. Break things down into manageable pieces and life is easier.

Love all of you!


Elder Hill 

Last Day in Texas & Ending with ice cream... couldn't be better! Arriving tonight in México!

February 27th, 2012
Hola from Arlington!

      This is my last day in Arlington, well Texas in general. This week was pretty good. We have been meeting with a couple who are getting baptized this Saturday the 3rd. They have been taking the lessons really well and understand everything that we teach. That's what the spirit does, is testify, and there are no problems. It works.
      Sorry to hear about Carol, that's really sad, but she is in a better place doing a more important work. 
"There is no obstacle too great, no challenge too difficult that we can not meet with faith." Gordon B. Hinckley and "It isn't the load that breaks you; but the way you carry it." -Abraham Lincoln
      Texas has been great. I have been able to love the people that I have taught, as well as those who avoid or reject us. They will remember us one day and either receive the gospel, or reject it. Everybody has their agency and nobody can be forced into it.
Elder Coffman got here yesterday to replace me. We were eating dinner with a member and President Sagers called and said, “Elder Hill, I have Elder Coffman with me and we'll be at your apartment in 5-10 minutes. Where are you at right now?" So, we left dinner and picked him up. We taught Rosalio about the law of chastity and tithing, so that he can teach his wife before their baptismal interview tonight. It was a good lesson and the spirit was there. After that, we had an appointment fall through, so we decided to walk around and contact people who were already outside, because it was too late to contact doors. We met a nice couple and they accepted a return appointment. It will be good to hear how that goes.
      My first Zone Conference was on Thursday. President Sagers taught us and spoke to us about how to be better missionaries and how to be better teachers. We learned a lot. It's hard to say what we learned because each person is taught by the Spirit differently based on their needs. So President talked and provided an atmosphere for the spirit to dwell, and that's when the real teaching happens.
     It's awesome to hear about Tony!! He is such a funny kid. Tell Grandma Griggs that I did receive their card before I left. Thank you! I meant to call, but I just forgot. Sorry.
     We are going to get "cheese ice cream" whatever that is. That's how I'll spend the last p-day in Texas. Ending with ice cream... couldn't be better!
     Love y'all. Gotta go! My ride comes in an hour to head to Mexico!

Elder Hill

Strange Week & .. All these things shall give thee experience..

February 20, 2012
     This week was alright. It has definitely been one of the strangest weeks of the mission thus far. Last week we had transfers for the new missionaries, and along with that transfer came a lunch of briscuit(?) and Texas food. It was really good. Training that night was great.
     President Sagers taught us a lot about how to be good missionaries and  how to have the spirit with us. He taught seminary for many years, so he's a good teacher. That first night, Tuesday, we went downtown Fort Worth to do street contacts and we were all given a copy of The Book of Mormon to give out. Let's just say that it was Valentine's day and
there were a lot of couples who were in a hurry to get to dinner or just walk and talk and not be bugged by guys in suits. We got rejected by quite a few people. Just before we were going to the van to return to training, a man walked up to us and told us that he had his stuff stolen at the bus station and he only needed three more dollars to stay at the bunk house. Usually I'd say that he was just looking to get drunk, but he was clean shaven, didn't smell awful, and was nice.
     So, my companion (at the time) and I told him that we'd each give him a dollar if he would listen to our message, so he agreed! He got $2 dollars and we placed a Book of Mormon and he was actually genuinely interested. We got his address in Houston and we'll send it to the elders there to follow up.
      My companion now, Elder Smith from Arizona, is great. We met last week when I got here. His companion left to another area, and the elder who he was supposed to train from the MTC decided not to come on the last night in Provo. Therefore, he's my "trainer" and my District Leader as well. Last Wednesday he was really sick with a fever, nausea, and not feeling good. It's a long story, but it was getting worse and he has spots all over. (He says he has leprosy). He went to the clinic on Saturday and they didn't have any idea what he has, so they sent a blood sample out. I think he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, but
we'll find out tomorrow if they know when the lab results come back. The antibiotic is helping.
      So, with that said, it has been a strange week. He has been getting worse and people have been sketchy about shaking hands with him. I feel bad, but there is a lesson to be learned in it somewhere. The other day it rained all day and we had to go riding in it. We rode our bikes for a few miles and were soaked and filthy from all of the road construction going on. That was probably the hardest day so far.
    We taught this guy Abraham again. He likes to speak English more, so we might turn him over to the English missionaries. He hasn't been reading or praying (specifically about our message) and it's frustrating. I was probably a bit too bold with him last week. I kind of told him he needs to do his part and really want it, or he won't get the point of our message. He didn't seem to care too much. We can't force people to use their agency how we want it to be used. Someday his heart will be turned and he'll want the blessings of the gospel.
     We tried to meet with a lot of different investigators this week, but most of them didn't follow through with appointments or told us to come back. Less active families just didn't answer the door, instead, they send the kids to the door to yell "quien?" (who is it). We reply, "Los misioneros!" and they say nobody is home, but we could see the kids looking into the kitchen getting orders from parents. The driveway is full of cars, so they were home.  It's just funny.
     Dinner last night was probably the best yet. We had flateaus(?) and pico, salsa, beans and rice. I ate way too much and was about to explode when we rode to appointments after. It was still extremely satisfying.
     The closest temple is in Dallas and it's not in our mission, nor are we allowed to go. President Sagers said that we are called to do work for the living, and temple work is for the dead. That's why we spend two years helping the living so that they can get baptized, go to the temple, and do work for the dead. The wards usually set up weekly temple trips, if enough people sign up.
     The language is coming. It's getting easier and I'm learning more every day. There are some members, and even investigators who will correct Spanish for the missionaries, if we correct their English. It works out nicely. One investigator, Wendy, was super excited to learn about the gospel because families are important to her. We told her about church and the first question was where is it? She sounds like what we call a golden investigator. She asks genuine questions and has
a desire to learn more, and she is one who corrects Spanish.
     I knocked my first door solo this week. A lady named Maria answered. She was really cool. We talked for a while to get to know her. We asked if we could do anything for her and she asked us to pray with her right there in the doorway, so we did! That was a surprise. We set up an appointment to return tonight, but I won't be there because I'm spending the night at the mission home to go to the consulate tomorrow. I'll ask my companion how it goes.
      This week wasn't a really spiritually uplifting week, more like an "all these things shall give the experience, and if ye endure them well, ye shall be exalted on high" type of week. I think that is in D&C 121. Talks about Joseph Smith in jail. My companion says that this transfer has been his worst yet, both with trials and numbers. But, it's only the first week and there is room to improve. I think it will be easier when he doesn't see himself as a leper. He's just funny and likes to joke a lot.
      **We don't learn first names as missionaries, so I don't know their first names.
      Have a nice week. Read, pray, and do what's right. Everyone has the light of Christ, and many of us have the Gift of the Holy Ghost to guide us, all we have to do is let Him in and we have the presence of a member of the Godhead with us. Think about it. He can tell you what you are doing well, what you need to work on, and warn you if you are about to do something wrong. Listen. Hearken.
      Love y'all. They say y'all here a lot, and I haven't been able to let myself do that yet. Plus, I don't speak English very often so it makes it easier.
      Be safe and be nice.

Elder Hill

Greetings from Texas! 
Prayers are answered if they are asked with true intent and the eye single to the will of God.

February 13, 2012
Hey Everyone!

      It's been really good here. The first two minutes of walking outside of the terminal with my bags, one of the elders who picked us up started talking to a man from El Salvador, and he put me in the position to testify of the Book of Mormon (in Spanish), which was great. We got to the mission home, took pictures, ate pancakes, and headed out to our new areas. I am in Arlington with Elder Torres and Elder Milstead, but transfers are tomorrow, and Elder Hunter will replace Milstead, and Torres goes from District Leader to Zone Leader.

     The first night, we went out to a few appointments, and for those who didn't answer the door, we contacted a few houses before we left. I have been really tired for the last few days. I try to study in the morning and I will doze off, but it's getting better. It was hard to get up at 2:00a and fly on a plane, work all day, sleep in a very uncomfortable mattress, freeze, and wake up early and fulfill a full day. All is well, and it is fun.

    We have met people from different parts of Spanish speaking countries so far. There was a guy on Saturday from Mexico and he knew a lot about a lot. He even knew about the locust/seagull story when I told him I was from Utah. He is Catholic, but has been studying about other religions and was super excited to read the Book of Mormon and do research. We have an appt. this week with him. Another couple, Esther and Luis, we were talking to about the Plan of Salvation and we mention the scripture in 2 Nephi 2 that talks about opposition in all
things. After we prayed, there was a knock on the door... there were two guys from another church inviting them and their kids to a barbeque and games.
     Well, Texas isn't all what I've heard of it, but they definitely are pretty prideful about their state. I see the Texas flag flying more often the American flag, and when the USA and TX are together, they are the same height. They’re nuts. But the Hispanic people are great. The dinner has been wonderful, thus far. I'm learning a lot and I'm starting to love the people already. There are some people I talk to who I feel like I've met them before--and I have-- just not here.
    There is a reason I am here, but I don't know what yet. It's a bit hard not knowing how long I will be here, because I get up each day wondering if today will be my last, but I'm still here.
      Last night we went to visit a young boy, "David," and there apparently has been a weird feeling in the house when my companions have been teaching. We prayed before going in, and specifically asked for the weird situation to be revealed, and when we were teaching, his dad told us what we were looking for. Prayers are answered if they are asked with true intent and the eye single to the will of God.

Elder Hill

First email! Received Jan 21st.
Just had returned from driving in a nasty rainstorm turned snow blizzard delivering treats to the Post Mart in Provo for MTC delivery today!
Below is a link to "Dear Elder" where you may write an email (free) to Matthew. He cannot reply, but can in our letters, we can then pass it on!

Wednesday, January 18th 2012
(Received Saturday in the mail, after the email and AFTER I had driven to Provo with goodies!)

Hey Familia,

I’m here safe. Don’t have much time to write. We don’t usually write until P-day. I think mine is Thursday. I’m here safe, I already said that though. My companion is Elder Coffman. Crazy, I know. Couple of things - say hi to everyone. And my plaque scripture is D & C 11:21, forgot to tell you. (Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men.)

Can you send me one of my little notebooks I left? About 20 notecards w/ one of the paper clamps on them? One of my plastic ID clips that are on the top (L) shelf of my desk, 5 thumb tacks, and I think that’s all. I’ll be sending some clothes back because I have too many.


 Love y’all,

 Elder Hill

P.S. Pick a good close up picture for my plaque. J
And, ask Tyler if he can get a copy of my line of Authority.

Please send a small paper clamp, either silver or black. Thanks! 

Saturday, January 21st 2012


(For You) I got your letters last night, but I haven't had time to read them. I sent you a letter the first night asking for a few things that I forgot. Also, could you get my Vitamin C too. They don't really have that sort of stuff here.

It's been a good few days. Weird not seeing you guys but it is good I guess. I miss you guys, but  I'm enjoying being here. Also, can you dearelder me Rachael Gehmlich's address. Maybe text her, my phone has her number. She wrote me a card but I forgot to write down the address. I'll reply to your dearelder letters as soon as I can. Maybe today for a short p-day. Be patient.

 (For Everyone) The first few days have been pretty good, but difficult. I am companions with Elder Coffman from BHS and we get along great. There are four beds in our room, but we only have the two of us in there so it is really nice. There are some Elders here who are still getting used to how their companions act, so this is good. The language is coming along at a good rate. In class, we are supposed to only speak spanish and though it is hard, it helps a lot. We don't have a lot of time during the day because we are the advanced "district" in our branch. Elder Coffman was called as our District Leader yesterday and that was good news. He does a great job and we all have fun with him. We still have all the same classes for our language and district, but there is one that we don't have on the computers where they just reply to emails and questions. Instead of doing that, we have study time. My district is great. I have Elder Coffman and I, Elder Garcia (Oklahoma/Columbia country) and Elder Baez (Massachussetts), Sister Camarillo (Mexico) and Sister Bojorquez (West Valley, UT) , Sister Arguello (Colorado) and Sister Zepeda (El Salvador). They are going to: (in order) Merida Mexico, Mexico City North, SLC North, Peru, Oakland CA, St. George, San Fernando CA, San Fernando CA.  Districts are classrooms, fyi. It's a lot of fun. The food is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be, even the orange juice. It's not prison like some people feel. It's just fun to spend all day studying the very gospel we should be living every day of our lives anyway.

It takes some getting used to, meaning the life of a missionary at the MTC. You can't just go to the Walmart and get whatever you need from various departments. If they don't have it at the bookstore, you don't need it (basically). No chewing gum here. No "Hey you guys!" It's "Hey you Elders/Sisters!" and you always try to speak your language. There are some other rules, but it doesn't matter what rules exist-- it matters that you follow them. Like I said, it has been quite enjoyable so far. Sometimes I miss everyone, but I'd rather be here doing the work that I need to, so don't worry. It's a lot of work to memorize and study everything that we have to do. There are certain scriptures, parts of Preach My Gospel, and we have to write a talk each week just in case we get called on.  The Branch President is really funny. He is an older guy who shares stories and scriptures and advice about whatever he feels like.

Gotta go have some fun with the laundry. ¡Adiós Amigos!

I am sorry, I have yet to retype his hand written letters...Here is the latest!


     (YOU) - Thanks for the packages. I'm sending some stuff home tomorrow that I will not be using at all, or that I haven't used. Can you take care of the garments for me, as far as ************** etc.? Can you send me my brown OR tan towel from Deidra? And my good vitamin C that isn't colored or flavored? Also, can you look for my black belt and brown old navy belt? I either left them there or I have them here somewhere. Thanks! My wrist is okay. I have my appointment tomorrow so I'll let you know what happens. I'm not homesick, to answer your question. Sorry. Hey, ask Niki about the same day mail thing in Kaysville. Stop driving all the way to Provo... that's ridiculous.  
(What he doesn’t know is I know every spot to drop off MTC pkgs. However, I like Desi and I to make something fresh, or I take down things I had been working on. For instance, the whole day and night I have been finding and editing his family and friends’ photos. I will not be done by ten am to drop off here. His friends are leaving Wednesday, that he wants to see the photos. I asked him several times to takes some…I will need to drive further south to still be finished and get them to him. J Plus, maybe I am just closer, insane or BOTH!)
     (ALL) This week was really great. On Tuesday night, I sang in the MTC choir for the 50th Anniversary of the MTC in Provo. Elder Russell M. Nelson and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland came to speak to us. Elder Holland told us that we are obligated to remember the history of missionary work. WE became obligated when we received the call to serve. Elder Nelson spoke about some history of some famous prophet missionaries and he re-dedicated some buildings here on campus that have been remodeled. We have this teaching skill called TRC, where we teach a "progressing investigator" a couple times a week. Usually it is a convert who acts their conversion story out with different missionaries each week. Our guy was named "Abraham" and he was looking at how he could live with his son again, who died from brain cancer 8 years ago; he was 14. We have met with him 4 times since being here, and last night was our last meeting. We committed him to being baptized after we had taught him various subjects about the plan of salvation and how he can live with his son again. When we finished, we explained that we wouldn't see him again because we are supposed to leave on Tuesday, and there isn't another time slot for TRC. Elder Coffman, Elder Bahr (our tag along), and I began speaking to him about his real life experiences. His name isn't Abraham, but he told us what it is. He is from Mexico City and he is a doctor in Mexico, but he isn't here. He works in a hospital, but I forgot what he said he did. He is such a great guy and has such a wonderful spirit with him all the time. As we were getting ready to leave, he told us a little secret.... that we were the only companionship to convince him to be baptized and that the Gospel was true, and the only way to return to live with his son in happiness and glory. The only set of missionaries. That felt pretty good. Elder Coffman asked how his Spanish sounded, and Abraham told him "good, but you need to work on it a little more," then he looked at me and said, "I think you know it." Ha, ha.  That was pretty funny when we talked about it later, and he's okay with knowing that we all have work left to do with the language. I really don't know as much as Abraham thinks I do, but I could convey my thoughts fairly well when he asked questions.

Surprise! I'm going to Fort WorthTexas next Friday, February 10th, along with Elder Coffman. We checked the mail this morning and we had "Temporary Assignment" slips in our mailbox for the 4 elders in my district going to Mexico. Elder Coffman and I went and talked to Travel and the lady said that we are leaving tomorrow morning at 3:00AM. When this conversation took place, it was only 1:00PM. We started stressing out super bad and we went and started to do laundry and other things to get ready. I had to try and get my dr. appt rescheduled, then some time during laundry I decided to actually read my paper that had my assignment on it. It read that we were both leaving NEXT Friday. That was the biggest relief. I can't even tell you. The other two Elders are going to... guess where!!???...... BOISE,IDAHO. Ha! That's all I will say. :)
Oh, and I already wrote people telling them that I was leaving tomorrow, so I just wrote P.S. I'm not leaving tomorrow on the back of their envelope. They can handle that.

Gotta go. Times up. Hope everything in B-town is good.
Love you guys. 
February 9, 2012

Sorry, no time to talk this week. I spent all of my P-day packing, going to the temple, and taking care of final things before I leave at 3:00am. The rest of my district is gone. We had two days of freedom to do pretty much whatever we wanted to and it was kind of cool. We felt like we were just "here" and didn't really have anything specific to do. Well, I have to go clean my room and take out some weight; I pack like a girl.


Elder Hill

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