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Elders Hill & Rangel
Such is the day in the life of a missionary....Hill & Rangel

Día de los Muertos y Todos los Santos y ¡Feliz cumpleaños!
October 29, 2012
One SPECIAL Hermana (Sister) must've know that those chocolate muffins are probably
 Matthew's FAVORITE treat, ok, choc. chip cookies, brownies, ice-cream and Keva's too!

Thanks for all of the Birthday wishes!! I was a pretty normal day for me. Went to church, worked, and had a family night lesson and they remembered it was my birthday so we had cake. Pretty cool. 

Good to hear about Ryan and all that. No es tu trabajo. Haz lo que tienes que hacer que seria mejor para tus hijos. 
(He wanted me to send brownies…takes 3 weeks for a package, I asked if he had an oven) No. I don´t need anything to bake nor do I have an oven. it is rare that people have an oven.

One thing that I like about being Mexican for two years is that we have holidays and parties for EVERYTHING! This week, starting yesterday, is Day of the Dead and All Saints Day. It´s pretty interesting from what I learned in Spanish class, but now I get to live it for real. 

This week Jaina and Wendy were confirmed members of the Church. Pretty exciting. Jaina signed up in RS to have us eat in her house this week AND paid her tithing. What a stellar convert. She is truly converted in her heart. We had a FHE lesson with Wendy last night and they remembered that it was my birthday. Her birthday was this week too so we all had a nice little festival for the refreshments part of the FHE. 
Wendy's familia with Elders' Hill & Clayton
David and Nicte also said that they wanted to be baptized because they said that they haven´t seen any other church as true as ours, so they are going to try it out, as they put it. It´s pretty neat. They are one of those couples that you just wonder "how are these people not members?" We are working this week on helping them be converted, too. 

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes from everyone! You are all fabulous and I love you all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE THIS WEEK, AS WELL!!! 
Elder Rangel in my district made me a pretty cool b-day card with a popup elder and everything. He´s going to be a big artist someday. We also had Costco muffins this week..... something very rare unless you find someone who has a membership and is willing to buy them. We have secret connections from one certain HERMANA. Were the favorites of the bunch! ;) 

Well my pals, have a great week. Be safe trick or treating and don´t take candy from strangers! Good luck! 


Elder Hill 
Triple Action and The Church is TRUE. Never Leave It.
October 22, 2012
Elder Matt Clayton, Irineo & Elder Matt Hill
This week was a week of threes. We were in a trio for the week because Elder Cruz went to the offices for a week but comes back today. The three of us were Elders Clayton, Rangel, and me. We also had three baptisms, Jaina, Irineo, and Wendy. It was pretty good. 

Elder Clayton, Jaina, Elder Hill & Wendy Baptism
Irineo said that he felt really calm and a peaceful feeling that very few times in his life he has felt. He was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday while Jaina and Wendy were only baptized on Sunday. It was a really great service. Jaina had some problems before she left her house with her family because they didn´t want her to get baptized so it was special for her becuase she did it out of her own conviction and doesn´t really care what everyone else says. Wendy said, "Thank you so much, really, thank you." Almost her whole family are members but inactive, and we are starting to get them back to church. It´s always great to see how the Gospel changes lives, if people just let it. Nicte and David have changed their minds since they saw what happened with Jaina and Nicte´s mom. Nicte is influenced a lot by what her mom says, and David just doesn´t want to accept it. It´s sad that some people KNOW and FEEL that it is true, but don´t have the courage to say no to the world and do what is best for them. Nicte wrote a little paper one day at work and shared all of her feelings. All of them pointing to the Gospel, and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson, but her mom just doesn´t want to let her be a grown up. Maybe some day. 

P. S. Missionaries with sexual sins are a risk to the work because if something happens in the field, it can ruin a whole village from listening to the gospel. Read Alma 39. There is a process of repentance, but they can talk to their Bishop about it. He has the keys. Also, if they go through the temple and everything, and messes up on the mission, they will NEVER, (rarely) return to the church because the guilt and the sin will be way too much for them to handle. Greater light = greater condemnation. Read Alma 39 by clicking here!
Yes, there is repentance for young people that break the law of chastity, but most of the time it is not enough to stop them from serving a mission unless it is a pattern, and a consistent trend.  That has been my experience.  It is all about the sincerity of their repentance, and the remorse which generally stops them from doing the thing over and over again.  So although the bar is raised, it is still a bar that most can jump.  President Epperson

The Church is True. Never leave it. And if you are not a member, investigate, pray, and you will know. Just do it. 

Elder Hill 

Zone Conference & Bueno Bueno Bueno!
October 15, 2012
Zone Conference Tezontepec

 Bueno Bueno Bueno! 

That´s how some people answer the phone here. It´s pretty funny. A while back we had zone meeting so here are some of the pictures that we took. I haven´t taken any pictures lately because I have run out of interesting things to take pictures of. We´ll see how this week goes! 

This week was a pretty good week. We have been going with Jaina, Wendy, and Ireneo who all three are going to be baptized this next weekend. They all went to church on Sunday and got to see the baptism of a member´s daughter so that was neat. They´re all excited, and Wendy is a little nervous, but she´ll be okay. David and Nicte are in the process of receiving their answer. They feel like it is true, but they still don´t KNOW. Faith is not a perfect knowledge, but believing in things that you can´t see but do exist. We are trying to explain that principle to them. Also, Nicte is from a religion that doesn´t believe much in Christ. We asked her the baptismal interview questions and she doesn´t know why everyone says that Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the World. We have an appt tonight and we are going to talk about that. Pray for her, please. They just need that much more help to make it to the waters of baptism. 

We have had a hard time finding new, committed people to teach. There are LOTS of people, but few who want to listen. There is a scripture in 3 Nephi 19:12 that tells us that Christ chose people, prepared people, to be baptized. It is the same today.
(11 And it came to pass that Nephi went down into the water and was baptized.
 12 And he came up out of the water and began to baptize. And he baptized all those whom Jesus had chosen.
 13 And it came to pass when they were all baptized and had come up out of the water, the Holy Ghost did fall upon them, and they were filled with the Holy Ghost and with fire.)

There are chosen, or in D&C it says that 'mine elect'. There are people all around us who are being prepared... it´s just the job of each of us to preach the gospel and help them know Christ and come to the straight and narrow path. 

I hope everyone is reading conference talks. They are holy scripture for us in the next 6 months, and even more. Keep doing the small and simple things and the Lord will bless you! 


Elder Hill 

General Conference and Birthdays!
October 8, 2012

The big old 18! Happy Birthday! (bro)
Happy Birthday to Hayden! (nephew)
(Elder Hill also turns 20 on the 28th and many of his friends birthdays are in October!)
Matthew, Josh & Hayden last year

Today we made flour tortillas in the church and ate tacos. Everyone here eats corn tortillas because it´s cheaper, and because flour is more expensive, nobody makes them. We also moved houses last week because of a few problems that we had at the other house. With a new house comes buying and doing a few new things. We bought a mirror and had to silicone it to the wall. The wall is concrete and tape doesn´t stick, so we used the shower curtain rod to keep it in place while we went and worked all day. Here in Mexico they call that a "mexicanada", or like a mexican jimmy-rig. It works! 

President Monson, "I am pleased to announce effective immediately all worthy and able young men that have graduated high school or it's equivalent, regardless of where they live, will have the opportunity of being recommended for missionary service beginning at the age of 18, instead of the age of, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service beginning at age 19, instead of age 21."
Conference was amazing. There are a lot of things that I loved, but the message that struck me with the most power was President Monson when he announced the change in ages for missionaries. When he announced that it would be 18 for all young men, and 19 for all young women, I felt the Spirit testify that President Monson is a prophet, and that CHRIST is at the head of His church. That was a prophetic change. It will be a conference to be remembered for many, many years. I also had a more perfect realization that Heavenly Father knows each of us and knows our future. He helps us plan for our future if we will just let Him guide us. Click to learn more ~ Church Lowers Age Requirement For Missionary Service

Before I left on the mission, I wish I would have familiarized myself better with Preach My Gospel. It is an inspired manual that came from the other side of the veil and put together here. The story behind preach my gospel is fascinating. If you can look into it, I invite you to do so. 

Elder Clayton continues to progress. He had to put extra notches in his belt this week because his belt was too big! He lost a little weight when he got sick. He told me that even his pants are a little looser. That´s how I felt when I was in the hospital before left. My suit looked like a fat man´s suit when I wore it. But no worries.... I´ve gained it all back. :)

Be good. Love you all. And in case you didn´t understand Elder Nelson.... If you have a question about ANYTHING, ask the missionaries. WE KNOW EVERYTHING! Elder Nelson's talk on The Importance of Missionary Work~ Click here!

Elder Hill 
Elder Hill with Chapulines... fried Grasshoppers/Locusts!
October 1, 2012

October Conference and Grasshoppers!

This week was another week of eating weird things. They are called something like chapolines, but I´m not sure how it´s spelled, (Los saltamontes, Grasshoppers know as locusts in Mexico  as 'chapulines'. ) They weren´t as gross as the other Shaguey, (Shumways/Fried Beetles) (again, not spelled correctly). I don´t know how to spell it because people in Hidalgo talk a little funnier than people in Mexico state. They weren´t too bad because I put lots of Habanero salsa on my taco to cover up the taste a little. It didn´t really help. All it did was burn my lips for a while. Cheaters never win!

I can´t believe that conference is next weekend. I´m really excited because this time I will be able to understand it a little better. It´s strange to hear the translator´s voices instead of the actual person. That´s something a miss a little. 

David and his family are doing great. They are soaking up the gospel and progressing. So David and Nicte-ha are married. Jaina and Adrian are bro and sis of Nicte. Jaina is separated from her husband, Iram, but they went to church together becuase they feel that it could be the link that brings them together again. It´s amazing to see the Atonement and the gospel change lives. Jaina was totally different when we first taught her, and now she is more into it than David and Nicte. Elder Clayton and I are excited to continue finding people like them who are ready to hear the gospel and change their lives. Wendy is doing good and has a baptismal date for the 13th. Ireneo went to church and loved it, and said that he wants to be baptized. He has a bapt date for the 14th. The work continues and the days fly by. 6 months ago I was beginning my time in mexico and here I am again for conference. What a privilege it is to listen to the Prophet, Apostles, and the other General Authorities of the church. Prepare for it- don´t take it for granted. At home we don´t have to go to the church to watch the translated broadcast. Let us be better than 6 months ago. Always moving up and forward. 

Keep your chin up, each one. 

Elder Hill  

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