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P. S. Missionaries with sexual sins are a risk to the work because if something happens in the field, it can ruin a whole village from listening to the gospel. Read Alma 39. There is a process of repentance, but they can talk to their Bishop about it. He has the keys. Also, if they go through the temple and everything, and messes up on the mission, they will NEVER, (rarely) return to the church because the guilt and the sin will be way too much for them to handle. Greater light = greater condemnation. READ Alma 39 by clicking here! Yes, there is repentance for young people that break the law of chastity, but most of the time it is not enough to stop them from serving a mission unless it is a pattern, and a consistent trend.  That has been my experience.  It is all about the sincerity of their repentance, and the remorse which generally stops them from doing the thing over and over again.  So although the bar is raised, it is still a bar that most can jump.  President Epperson

Abril 9, 2012
Did you pick up $? Yes, thank you. 
Who’s Cocina w/ orange and green? Mine.
Can/do you ever cook there? We can; but i have not.
Do you need anything from home? told you already.  
Best Green Chilies & Chicken Enchiladas EVER huh… Recetas para la madre? (Recipes for Mother)  No recipes yet. I´ll ask some of the sisters when we eat with them if they can write down a few recipes. 
Gary@ Firestation Engine 81 said “Hi” saw him at Costco. The bald one :) ? Hello!
Do you have “pain” cream or did you leave in TX? I have some. If you want to send more, fine. I did use it.... and it hasn´t helped thus far.
How was the Temple Visitor’s Center? It is closed for construction until 2012. (Must've meant 2013)
What did Dr. Say? sensitive skin. allergies. hydrocortizone cream. 
Is it gone? (I feel…no) nope. still healing. 

Abril 2, 2012

Dear Elder Hill,

Have you had the opportunity to go to the Mexico City Temple, if so impressions? No. We are going to visit the mission doctor tomorrow and his office is by the temple. We will go into the visitor´s center, but not a session. My companion has a problem with his knee, and my skin is super sensitive....
And no, I haven´t seen the blog yet. I´ll look next week. I don´t have enough time today.
Do you have a washer? We have a member who has a washer. We go to her house every monday at 8am and wash our clothes while she feeds us breakfast, but that´s it. We wash and dry our own clothes. I don´t hang a line because we don´t have room. Besides, we are gone all day anyway, so I can leave it all on my bed to dry. 
Do the members wash your clothes or you? answered
Dry Cleaners? Yes. 50 pesos or so. I haven´t taken my suit in yet because we only wear suits on sunday and occasionally for interviews and such.
Have you spent the dinero you were sent with? 200 pesos on soccer jerseys, and 11.50 pesos per letter I have sent. 
Recitas por Madre? rephrase this because this is asking if you have written any prescriptions.... (Was supposed  be recipes for mother???)
Progress on Eugenia & Familia? I don´t remember who this is, so apparently we dropped them for not progressing. 
Did you hear from Elder Asmus? No.... I haven´t. 
Did you receive Rachel’s letter? Rachael Ghemlich? I have one from the mtc, but that´s it. I replied to it already. 
Te amo mi hijo precioso

Marzo 2012

Dear Elder Hill,

So what miracles did Heavenly Father send your way this week?
Your foto of your apartamente scared me a bit, was that all your laundry drying on the bed? Yes.

Elder Hill's bedroom (L) and Elder Nunez standing by his bedroom...
Answer to "hang a line":I don´t hang a line because we don´t have room. Besides, we are gone all day anyway, so I can leave it all on my bed to dry. 
You haven’t said much about Elder Nunez. He seems to be quite outgoing. A little too much for you? No. Elder Nunez is a fun guy and we have good times together. He teaches me, and I teach him, and that is how life is. Nobody knows everything, but together we know everything that we need to do to have a happy life.
Thought for sure you’d be THRILLED at how neat your blog looked. Did you not see?  Look in the corner of your browser when you glance at it, I created your  own favicon, (like the B in blogger or the Christus on…Yours is Moroni I took from the B-town temple.)     :) WAY COOL!
I am very proud of you and love you deeply, mi precioso pastel de calabaza!
Do you ever get home sick like the other missionaries do?     No. I know I am supposed to be here. It wouldn´t be worth it if It wasn´t hard.
Have you ever just cried laying in bed wondering how you can do it?    No.
Have you found out the best way to mail? No. Haven´t sent letters yet.
Do all pkgs and letters go to Apartado Postal #98 address?   Yes. They all should. Packages sent to the office will get rejected if nobody is there and sent back to usa. Only letters are left at the office.
Special note to Bishop Sargent for his memory book. I´ll write bishop a letter.
Have you went bowling?    No.  Saw some pix of Missionaries bowling. What have you been doing for “fun”?   No time for fun lately. Fun today was cleaning the bathroom.
Service?   Painted a kitchen. Elder Nunez and I cut hair for two kids in our area who were restricted from going to school because their hair is too long, and the family didn´t have enough money to get it cut. Just think... we are blessed in the USA. Do the sisters sign up to feed you lunch or dinner? Lunch is their big meal here and we eat at 1400 just about every day, and occasionally dinner.
Upload photos and then mail some cards home in CASES! Missionaries that send theirs home without the cases run the risk of the machines erasing data.
I also have more cards for you. Plan to mail an 8Gb this week.    I don´t need any more cards and I don´t think that I will send my cards home. It isn´t worth it. Especially if they are uploaded.  
Write everyone’s answers in one letter to home to be forwarded to recipients.
Why did you not take your Spanish scriptures? I did.
Are you using your English ones? Yes,
Have you gotten sick or Montezuma’s Revenge? No. I take medicine when I know I will get sick.
Favorite food(s) so far? Don´t have time to look them up.
The YM & YW at Tammy & Jerry’s had another BOM read-a-thon. Des too young. Josh was very ill with a sore throat last weekend. Took to Dr. Monday, said virus. Lori and I got it a couple days later. STILL sick. Was at hospital from early morning until 4 pm with Lori..pneumonia. Still very ill, Josh boycotted Friday, but then went from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm Saturday and Sunday they had it at church, then broke for sacrament and then after church till Bishop Sargent’s gathering, then went back to Tammy & Jerry’s for Testimony meeting. Josh bore his testimony! YYYIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! His favorite person was Captain Moroni   :)  The way he was such a leader and could fortify the cities. He also mentioned Mormon 5, ( I believe that would be the part about the BOM coming forth to convince men that Jesus is THE Christ and that the Matthew’s of the world will deliver the gospel to the Lamanites in the latter days.) Then the warriors that there were thousands and untouched…think it was the Stripling Warriors story. He was a little “short” when he got home. Didn’t really wanna discuss it after days of it. Can hear him coughing as he sleeps.
Have you seen Dillan, (Elder Dove) again?
Are you playing soccer like them? Haven´t played soccer once yet.
What about Troy Shuler? I don´t know him very well yet. 
WHO is the missionary in the airport and with Hermana & Presidente the first day or 2? Glasses, of Spanish or Asian? descent? Native American and his name is Elder Smith.
Te amo


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