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May 27, 2013
On Thursday we had the baptism of Marco Sergio. His wife was baptized a few weeks ago- he had to wait because he drank coffee once- but they are investigators of Elder Larsen and Elder Dominguez. It was cool because they both have the desire to go to the temple with one of their daughters who is also a member. 

I got an email from Lorena and Raul a few weeks back and they told me that they were preparing to go to the temple soon. I´m just waiting for the call so that I know when their sealing session will be. I´ll keep you posted. 

Raul and Carina went to church yesterday and enjoyed it. She´s still feeling a little insecure about the whole baptism covenant thing but all is well. She enjoys the church and loves everything but just doesn´t feel ready to make the promise. She still wants to learn more. Please pray for her that she´ll find her answer and feel ready! 

Well, that´s about it for this week! It´s been raining pretty much every afternoon so that´s a big change from the dry climate of Queretaro. Elder Larsen and I are finding new members that we don´t know and really showing them that we´re not JUST here to baptized new people, but also help all the members. 

I also feel like I should ask for a little extra prayer help for a certain family here. Christian and Elizabeth are a less active family, sealed in the temple, but are thinking about getting divorced. Please pray for them that they can realize what is God´s plan for them and that they can work through their problems. 

Thanks so much! Love you all! 

Elder Hill 
Yes, Jardines is the new ward and the church is on that address. I would tell you where we live but we are looking for a new house because we live right in front of a drug dealer and it would be super easy to break into our house if someone really wanted to do. I`ll keep you posted.

Anyway, I haven´t been able to take pictures here because my area is pretty ghetto and I don´t want my camera stolen. I´ll see if I can find more opportunities this week to take pictures now that I know the better parts of my area. 

MAYO 20, 2013


The work moves on! This week we went looking for a name that we don`t even know where we got it from and we found a less active brother who had been praying for help to know how to get back to the church. We went looking for his brother but found him. We honestly haven`t found out from where we got the name and address, but we found him and his wife (who isn`t a member) and they were pretty much just waiting for us to show up and invite them to go to church and for her to be baptized. They are Raul and Karina. Raul has a testimony but just hasn`t been going to church for some reason and Karina is really interested in the fact that families can be together forever. They pretty much made the promise right there that she would get baptized because she loves the church and go to the temple some day. It has been a neat experience to be an instrument in God`s hands to answer the prayers of one of His children. Heavenly Father knows each one of us and He answers our prayers-- in His own time and way-- but he does answer them. 

Other than that, we have just been working with the ward to get to know them better and have a better relationship between missionaries and members. We`ve been visiting the members who the missionaries don`t normally visit because it`s 'too far' or 'too hard' to find them. We have already received 5 referrals this week by doing that. By the sweat of your brow will you earn the daily bread. It hasn`t been easy to do what is right, but it is worth it. 

Other than that, not much happened this week. I have to go because we had a few hiccups with our schedule today but I`ll write more next week! 

Love you all! 

Elder Matt Hill

--pic real quick before leaving the house.... I`ll take more. 
Mayo 13, 2013
Saying Goodbye's, Transfers to Jardines, Cuautitlan Izcalli & Made District Leader on Mother's Day!

(Ma) I didn't even know you were on! So how is it so far?
(EH) It´s definitely different and I´m not so sure I´m going to like it was much but the attitude is what makes it count. It´s a different type of area, people, culture, house conditions, etc. I feel a little empty right now after leaving Queretaro because it was a good ward and area but there are good people here, too, waiting to hear the gospel. (He wasn’t happy about going to Querétaro either and LOVED it!)
(Ma) You will acclimate and love it! Everyone is uncomfortable with change. I love u. U r doing great things son. You are a wonderful young man. Companion? Fotos?
(EH) He´s a good kid so far. We´ll see what happens. Send some in a second. 

Today I was transferred to a ward called Jardines in Cuautitlan Izcalli. It´s totally different from Querétaro where I was and I´m still getting used to everything after being out of Mexico State for so long. It´s a different form of living and people and just everything is different, but we can´t progress in life without a little change and trials. 
Yesterday I had to say goodbye to everyone I could in the ward and it was honestly tough. It was the first ward that I´ve had so far that I really didn´t want to leave. Everyone said that the first area is the hardest to say goodbye to but for me it was this one for me. There are a lot of great people here that I know I waiting to hear the Gospel. Also, if anyone has any ideas for district meetings, all suggestions are welcome! I wasn´t looking forward to the assignment but when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! ;)

My new companion is Corbin Larsen from Payson, UT. I´m still getting to know him so I¨ll let you know what´s going on next week. Elder Corbin Larsen
Hermana Call, (Mission President's wife) sent me an email yesterday saying that I wasn´t going to say goodbye to her yet and that I am going to stay with them. So, I have been assigned to the Mexico City North Mission... again! So, looks like in the next 8 months I´ll be in Mexico or Hidalgo, but no more Queretaro! So many missionaries who I thought I´d see again in the mission but looks like not. 
 Good to talk to the Family yesterday, (Mother's Day). Happy Mother´s day to all whom it applies! Keep up the good work! 

Well, that´s all that has been going on lately. I´ll write next week. 


Elder Hill 
Flor signed up to feed us on Friday which was mother´s day here and they took us to a restaurant. 
Jimenez/Gil (prounounced Hill) family when we ate on Sunday 
-Daniel and Diana (first baptism when I got to Queretaro)
-Orozco, Rafaela, Crisanta, Yatziri, Kenith, me saying goodbye to Rafaela (grandma) because she´s leaving next week. 
Hernandez-Mendez Family (they want you to put it on fb and tag them, too, please)
Mosiah Hernandez 

Fast and Testimony Meeting ~ Sesión de Ayuno y Testimonio ~ Reunión de ayuno y testimonio
Yesterday was testimony meeting and a lot of people went up front to bear their testimony and everyone did a good job. Of course, there were the usual members who cry, tell their life story, thank everyone in the world for everything, the kids who spit on the microphone, and the kids who just shout so that the world can hear them. It was a good fast and testimony meeting. What made it better was that Flor and her youngest daughter Larisa went up to share their testimonies and Spirit was felt. Later on there were members who told us that they felt the Spirit when those two stood up and spoke. It´s because they have sincerely prayed and really felt an answer from the Holy Ghost that this is true. They don´t just say it to say it and that´s what I love about their testimonies. 

Also, I got to confirm Yatziri yesterday. I remember that we went up on the stand and we just put our hands on her head. I realized when we were ready that I didn´t even think about how the prayer went word for word and I thought for a second, "What do I do?" but then I just felt calm and opened my mouth and the words flowed out. During the blessing I felt that what I was saying from the Holy Ghost and not from my own mouth. Later, her family said that they felt the Spirit when Yatziri was being confirmed. It was a neat experience to be involved in that. I haven´t confirmed anyone in quite a while. 

Patty went to church yesterday and stayed for Gospel Principles class, but she had to leave early. She just said that she had lots of questions but what will help a lot is that she was tearing up during the class which means to say that she probably felt the Spirit testify to her that it was true. I´m so grateful that the Spirit convinces people because I could never convince a person and have that convincement(?) last as long as an answer from the Holy Ghost.

Next week we have transfers and Mother´s Day so it will be a good experience to see y'all again and hear your squeaky voices! I still don´t know if it will be on Friday (Mother´s Day here) or on Sunday. I´ll let you know in a short little bit what will happen. 

Have a great week! 


Elder Hill

Emails back and forth on Monday
llamada telefónica!!!! YIPPEE!! LOL, our testimony meeting was in Tongan!
Looking forward to my phone call! Will not stand so close to your MAC this time!

Te amo mi hijo de oro, (I love you, my son of gold)


Worried about Des and this move. Slipping into depression…
Fading…not much to say, it almost consumes all thoughts, worrying about it.
(EH) Which Des and which move? Gotta tell me directly because I don´t understand., ttyl
My daughter/your sister. If we HAVE to move. I start crying every time I think of it, which is often. She's gonna be ok. Worried about not going to MPJH, not really rentals there.
Read D & C 100, the whole thing…….Was believing…I know it will…just really afraid…Ya, I know that one too. I have faith it will all work out.  It’s the MINE not Thine problem. Pretty crushed as you can imagine….
(EH) Quit worrying because worrying never got a person further in life! That´s what I was always told by a friend. Just let life flow and do what you can. If you want to be good with the world, be good with God. That´s something that I realized in my studies this week when I was trying to study for a certain family. I´m not saying that you´re not good with God, it´s just something I realized yet again this week. (re: 542)

Obviously I guess I am still being perfected.
(EH) We´ll skype on Sunday at 3pm your time, 4 my time. You´re not in church are you? I don´t remember but all is well. Love you. Have a good week! 

Me. Son of Gold, I mean God. :) 

Um yes, I will leave right after sacrament. 
Te amo, mi hijo de Padre Celestial!
Mamá, (I love you, my child of Heavenly Father!

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