Monday, September 10, 2012

Seeing The Mission Through New Eyes!

2 MATEO'S!! Elders Matthew Hill & Matthew Clayton


This week is week number one for Elder Matt Clayton from Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada! I told him where my grandma lives and he´s like, 'Oh yeah, those streets!' So, I´m not sure if he really knew, but it was funny! Elder Taylor left and Elder Treviño left as well to other areas.

I´m seeing the mission through new eyes now. All the little things that I have gotten used to and are just normal now, are extremely astonishing to my companion. I am also realizing that the Lord prepares whom He calls because I didn´t really feel ready to train a new missionary, but it´s not so hard. The new things that have sparked a reaction are the following:

-All the dogs in the street
-Teaching real people who accept the invitation to read the B.of M. because they want to
-Stopping people in the street to talk to them about the Church
-Eating weird things (consumé- greasy soup with beans and veggies....and chicken legs)
-Mexican people who talk so fast you don´t catch anything they say
-Well, this one I´ll just say people are more open about their feelings here than at home
-Teaching a lesson in a van while going to another area and this person saying he´s been looking for answers the last few months
-Things the Spanish teachers teach them from other countries that NOBODY does or says here
-and the list will go on for a few more weeks! :)

I ate Dominos pizza at the training meeting on Monday-- Dominos for the first time in a long time. Everyone says that they get sick when they eat American food, but it was delicious and I didn´t get sick at all! The funniest thing that Elder Clayton told me when he got here was that he remembers reading my blog before he went to the MTC.

Also, my voice is cracking again. I think my voice is hitting stage two of "the changing phase". It´s kind of funny when I speak Spanish and words that are accented funny because my voice cracks and I turn red and try not to laugh because it´s super funny. Oh, the things that entertain a missionary!

Something neat that happened was yesterday. We got in a van to go to another village and a little after we got in, a man stopped the van to climb in. As I saw him through the window I felt like I had talked to him before or at least seen him. He got in and sat by me. After a few seconds I asked him if I knew him. He said no. I introduced myself to him, and him to me, and I  said that we were missionaries. Jesús is his name, and he said that he knew that we were missionaries. He had been investigating religions lately and read something about our Church, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. As about 20 minutes of our ride went on, I taught him the whole first lesson, explained the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and gave it to him. He is the first person that I have met that describes the scripture in D&C 123:12  that says the people are kept from the truth because they don´t know where to find it. He´s a chosen one- he´s ready to be baptized. We just need to be able to meet with him because his family doesn´t like other religions coming over, so that would be a problem.

We have other people to teach, but I´m out of time to tell you about them. None of our investigators went to church this week so it was a bit of a downer, but all will be well.

Gotta go. Love you all! Keep your chin up and congrats on the beginning of a new school year.... or just another month if you´re an old person.

Elder Hill

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