Monday, November 12, 2012

We Should All Have A Valid Temple Recommend & Look For A Spiritual Experience This Week.

Birthday & Zone Conference
We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was pretty cool because it was a regional conference. It was broadcast from the Conference center and Elder Richard G. Scott spoke to us .... in Spanish! He talked about his wife in his talk, and we all know that the best talks are the ones when he talks about his wife. What a stellar Elder!  Our bishop is a bit of a clown. So much that he has his own website of just jokes. We are trying to look for a member in the USA who married an investigator, but then he got deported. (BTW- I´ve met a lot of people here that have that happen. SISTERS- make sure your boyfriend is legal before you marry him!) Anyway, He told us yesterday that Facebook is more efficient than the Church´s system MLS. He´s a funny guy. 
Elder Hill passing through a Graffiti Festival on Dia de Muertos,
(Day of the Dead, where they celebrate loved one(s) that have passed on.
    We found a few new people this week from a Ward FHE lesson that we had and we have some members that since they found out about our new rules, they have been trying to find new people because they don´t want the missionaries to leave. Everyone wants to feed us food because they feel that we are angels in their house (they give us too much credit, I tell you) and so they want us to stay! It´s pretty cool! Honestly, I can´t remember what else happened this week. It went by so fast. 
Rabbit for lunch
   In conference we were reminded that we should all have a valid temple recommend even if we live far from a temple. It reminded me of the interview questions that we have and what they mean. They aren´t just a checklist, they are requirements to enter the House of the Lord. They are covenants that we have made or are going to make. They are important. I haven´t gone to the temple in Mexico, but it is still a reminder that I need to be worthy of that passport to Christ´s house. Tithing is worth paying to "rent" a temple recommend and to help other people on the other side of the veil. There is a statement in Ch. 9 of Preach My Gospel that talks about vicarious ordinances as being the SAME saving missionary work as what 55,000+ missionaries are doing. It´s truly incredible God´s Plan. Keep studying the scriptures and becoming your own first "convert" so that you can be prepared to help somebody else. We´re all in this together. 
… I translated the word literally. It was basically a treatment is what I meant. They extracted the antibodies from my urea and made the stuff. ( I am thinking for his dermatitis he has struggled with since in MX) I forgot the words to describe it. Spanish is ruining my English.... it´s sad. I can´t talk like an EMT anymore. 
Gotta go. Tell everyone hello for me. 

Elder Hill 

P.S. Have a good week. Look for a spiritual experience. 

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