Monday, March 25, 2013

Semana Santa, Easter, & the Story of Chickens Hatching, Trials Are For Our Good.

Remembering the Savior at Easter
Read and view prophetic messages that testify of the Savior as you ponder the Atonement and Resurrection this Easter season.   CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!!

Hola Everyone!
So this coming week is Semana Santa and everything is closed this week. Everyone is gone from Thursday to Sunday and others are gone for the next two weeks straight. People here celebrate Friday, Saturday and Sunday with mass and parties to remember the death of Christ. It's their Easter celebration done Mexican style and its interesting because there are a lot of movies about Christ on TV and people start to learn more about Christ and the Spirit works to help them see that there is more truth out there. 

I was listening to a talk by Elder Holland (Safety For The Soul) from October 2009, and he said that the world will need many more ready and worthy young men and women to serve as missionaries in the months and years to come. Safety for the Soul
It was also the conference where President Monson called for more willing and worthy missionaries.

I felt that it was one of those prophecies that comes to be fulfilled soon, based on what we've seen lately with the missionary work around the world. They are men of God and they will never lead us astray if we will only do as they direct us to. 

I heard the story of how chickens hatch from their little egg when they are born. They grow and mature to the point that they are ready to break free. Their eggs are kept warm and protected until the hour that they are ready. When ready, they start picking at the shell with their horn thing and little by little they break free of their shell and begin the journey in the big and scary world. But what would happen if we were to have compassion and help a little chick break free of his little egg? If we were to pick away even a little bit of the shell and help the chick, it would die. They need the strength obtained from breaking free and working hard so that they can make it through the journey of life. This goes to show that trials are for our good. We have to work hard to be able to overcome the trials in life that eventually will make us stronger for something further down the road. 

I hope that we can all be strong and of good courage and face life with strength in the Lord Jesus Christ for it is by His grace that we are saved after all we can do ourselves. Let this week be a good time to reflect on what we know to be the birth and death of the Savior of the world, as well as the restoration of the True Church upon the Earth once again. Let us all press on with a smile on the face and joy in the heart. 

Love, Elder Hill 

P.S.....Hey, I'm not sure what I did with her car. I only remember that it had a fuel sensor on the block that needed to be fixed but other than that I'm not sure. (Grandma's car)

Good to hear that Josh went to church. Who is the friend, (he took to church~Chase)? And did Des enjoy (Impact Trainings) ropes and all that? It's going to be short today because all of the Internet places are closed because of the Easter break and I'm writing in an ipad and its not nearly as fast to type as a keyboard.  We have transfers on Monday but I don't think that I'll go because I've only been here three months but well see what happens on Saturday. That's a cool pic of Ryan and Allie. Who is Rachel or rather which one? Last name? Isn't Kidd in the Philippines, too? Where is he at? Congrats to Natalia as well. I got her letter two weeks ago and she told me that she was going on a mission. She said that she chatted with you on Facebook. I can't send pics because I'm on an ipad. I took some but you'll have to wait to see the, until next week for the complication we are having.

Tell Mike Happy Birthday for me tomorrow!

Happy Easter. Yeah, unless I give you an address to send it to it's usually batter to send it normal because I usually get it the same time as everyone else. There are rare occasions when someone goes to the office or things like that but it's usually the same.  Loves. Me. 
(Mom)~Ya well I had no choice. They (USPS) upped the price to $78.00 almost DOUBLE.
Hmmm... That's the last package for 10 months. :)

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