Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Matthew Entered the MTC today!

WOW! My boy finally made it to the MTC!
Last night, well actually 3am this morning, I knelt down to say my prayers before getting a few hours sleep. I kinda, no, I blatantly told the Lord that I've heard all about the blessings that come when your child serves a mission, and though I wanted some things really badly, ie., Josh mission, this house... NOTHING was gonna make it worth missing him for 2 years with little or no phone calls and not seeing him. I immediately heard, "He is alive!" WOW! Touché!
Ok..I was done complaining, I felt quite stupid at that moment crying! I quickly admitted defeat and stopped. Talk about the Lord answering your prayers! Too bad they aren't all that fast. I was put into immediate check!
I am really blessed that I am not sobbing and wrenching in sheer despair, speaking of today being the day he was supposed to finally go to the MTC. Considering how very ill he had been since mid October. He is just barely able to handle almost a full normal day now! He's only really been out of bed for more than just a few hours about 19 days now!
Matthew probably wondered why I didn't shed a tear and was brave as can be all morning, at least until we left the MTC grounds! I honestly don't know how I didn't lose it, you can see from the photo, I knew this day/week??? would be gut wrenching. Especially after I saw all my wrinkles!
(Now can I say this is going to be the second hardest thing I have ever done...the first was triple this one.)

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