Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Matthew is officially a missionary ~only a few hours left.

Matthew @ our favorite restaurant 
"El Matador" after being set apart.
The day has finally arrived. My sweet boy was set apart tonight by President Hanks, (a truly wonderful instrument of the Lord.) Most of the family was there. There were only a couple of dry eyes in the house. Matthew's wasn't one, nor mine! Present were: President Hanks, President Olsen,  Ryan, Allie, Michael, Joshua & Destiny, Kim & DeVon, Aunt Ruth (Hill), Niki (Matthew's sister) & Scott, Katherine, Scott and Andrew, DeVon, Scott (Owen), Scott, (Martineau), Tyler Roberts, Andrew Fry, Gordon Irving? and Joseph couldn't get out of the hospital in time to be there, but was there in Spirit. My camera was there but not the memory card, so I will have to upload a photo later of that.

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