Monday, March 19, 2012

Obedience Brings Blessings & We Need Blessings Right Now & 3 New Members of the Church on Our Side to Fight the War! P.S. TWO Month Mark.

Elders' Hill & Nunez Apartado


This last week actually moved faster than the last few weeks have. I realized that yesterday was the two month mark since I went into the MTC. For this week, I studied Alma 5 which talks about our spiritual checklist that we need to be good in this life and be able to make it back to Heaven and meet our goal of Eternal Life. Elder Nunez is a fun guy and we have good times together. He teaches me, and I teach him, and that is how life is. Nobody knows everything, but together we know everything that we need to do to have a happy life.

Yesterday we had 3 confirmations in our ward. That means we have 3 new members of the Church on our side to fight the war. Read MORE of Elder Hill's letters here!

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  1. It is so awesome to hear from you each week. We all think about you almost every moment, and you are in our every prayer. Skyler is so cute. He never forgets you and always asks HF to bless you that you will be strong and share the gospel. Andrew blesses you that you will find those who are seeking the gospel. We love you so much! I am being old fashioned and sticking to snail mail!. I hope you have gotten or will get a letter soon. We will keep tham coming :)
    XOXOX Aunt Kathy Yvette


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