Monday, March 26, 2012

I Survived my First Earthquake, Jamaica Flower & I am Really Excited for Conference!

Survived my First Earthquake, Jamaica Flower & I am Really Excited for Conference!

This last week went by pretty fast, but I like that because it means that we are working hard. On Tuesday I survived my first earthquake! I was studying at my desk when I felt the building start to sway back and forth. At first, I just thought that I was dehydrated or something. Then the door started to rattle, and I thought that some kids were just playing. I finally realized that it was an earthquake when the ladies on the floor just above us started running down the stairs screaming, ´´ It´s tremoring! It´s tremoring!  Get down the stairs! I don´t want to die in this manner!!´´ That´s my translation from spanish to english, but it was so much funnier in spanish! Occasionally somebody will try to talk to me in english, and I get really confused because I am so used to spanish. I have to sit and think of how to reply in spanish. I think that is a sign that I am learning spanish little by little.

We have a family that we have been teaching, and that the other elders before us were teaching back in January. They are Lorena and Raul. Usually after a month or two, investigators are dropped if they aren´t going to get baptized and aren´t meeting the goals to be called ´progressing investigators´ but they have been progressing and going to church. The week before last, they didn´t want to get baptized yet because they wanted to learn more about the church. We decided that we would finally have to drop them....


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