Monday, January 14, 2013

A Snow Day!!?? and Magnify Our Calling(s)

Elder Hill under a Banana Tree!


Enchiladas? Looks SO yummy!
I´ve been reading the letters that you sent me and the pictures. It´s funny because we went to costco today because it was in the plaza where we were going to look around. We tried to buy food but they said that you have to have a membership so we didn´t get to eat. It´s not like at home. (Sent him a photo of his Costco card and the #, saying maybe you can show this to them and have them print you a card while you wait for this one.)

So the weather here has been the strangest winter in my whole life. I´m used to tons of snow and coldness.... here it´s dry and hot! It will surely be a winter to remember. We were hoping that it would be more of a "white" winter with more baptisms but it´s been hard lately. We are still transforming from not being able to knock doors or talk with EVERYONE in the street (only if the Spirit indicates us too we can). Few members have the desire to share the gospel with the friends and neighbors because they fear that they aren´t a good enough example, don´t know enough information, or don´t talk to people. That has been our work lately is trying to strengthen the members so that they have the desire to share the gospel. It´s going to take a while because our ward list is 17 pages long with families.....

Querétaro Historical District

Possibly Elder Norman Martin~Historical District
Ananías has been doing well. He hasn´t fallen into temptation to drink or smoke or anything else lately, but he hasn´t been able to go to church which is super important. Brenda just hides from us now so that´s sad. We think that she talked to her pastor because she told us that she was going to mention it to him. We started teaching Guadalupe because her husband is a member but less active because of work. She likes the church but says that she doesn´t know if she can get baptized because of her super catholic family. She said that she would read and pray so we have confidence in Moroni´s promise- that she will receive an answer.

I read in Jacob 1:19 yesterday about magnifying our office. I thought about an experience that we had when we went to visit Hermana Jimenez because we were assigned to eat with her. She told us that in 20+ years, the missionaries had only been to her house twice, including us, because she lives so far away from the center. She started to cry because it meant so much to her. John Taylor once said that we will be held accountable for the souls that could have been saved had we magnified our calling. It makes me that more anxious to be able to find more people to save and help those who are already here stay here.
Destiny showing Matthew how much snow on day 1 of  snow dump

Destiny shoveling behind Josh snow-blowing neighborhood
I can´t believe that there was a snow day. That never happened in 12 years of my school history. Oh well. Enjoy the snow because it´s hot here.

Well, loves to you all! Have a happy snow-filled week.

Elder Hill

-One sister has a banana tree in her front yard so that´s cool!
-Pineapples here are 2 for 20 pesos... like $1.80 US

-- Elder Matt Hill
Mexico City North Mission

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