Monday, January 7, 2013

2013... The World Still Lives & Cockroach Nightmare’s!

Elder Hill at Atlantes..ancient Jaredite ruins

Lot´s of people have mentioned to us that according to the Mayan Calendar the world was supposed to "end" but here we are still. I think that the mayan calendar wasn´t "wrong" just those who interpreted it. The second coming is near... so let us draw near! I still remember enough English to make a rhyme. 

This week´s events were as follows: 

1) Ran into a guy on the street who asked us for a Book of Mormon and of course we were willing to give it to him. When I asked where he heard about the BOM he said that he went to NYC and saw the Broadway play about it and it caught his attention. He said that because it was written by the authors of South Park he knew that some things were simply being made fun of in a crude manner and he wanted to know the truth. We found him the other day and he said that he started reading it, that he would like another one to give to his cousin, and that he wants one in English. Satan must be one frustrated guy! Trying to destroy the kingdom and it just keeps building! 

2) I met Claire Chilton´s nephew. Also, all of the members here ask me if I know their missionary because 99.9% come from Utah. Turns out that I did know a few. I love being from Utah. Just sayin´. 

3) My nightly dreams have turned from knocking doors and talking in spanish to killing cockroaches. The landlord told us to just cover all the holes with something and then they won´t get in the house, but we decided that we wanted to kill them at the source-- the drain access outside the house. We opened it up and sprayed Raid all over and they kept climbing out and running toward the open house door. Bad idea. 

4) A referral that we got from the other elders in the stake is "golden". Ananías is a man who has addictions and is separated from his wife and daughter for the same reason. He hasn´t believed much in God for the last 40 years but he has realized that God loves him in is there for him. He´s changing his life and wants to be better. We´ve only met him once, but we have another appointment today. 

5) Enrique is the son of a family that my companion had been teaching before I got here. He was sick with a strange form of Hepatitis from birth and it was rapidly progressing in the last three months. Last week we taught them about the plan of salvation and how it plays a role in their lives right now. They had him scheduled for a transplant the 8th of January. The other day they called us and had us go to the hospital to see him. He was in a coma and on life support. Shortly after we left he passed away because his heart stopped beating. He was my age. 

Life is precious gift. Make the most of it. D&C 60:13-- let us not waste our time in the mission of life. 

Rosca de Reyes is a tradition to celebrate the three kings day (instead of santa). Two members gave us a piece of their rosca de reyes. My companion got the little doll in one and I got the little doll in the other. The tradition is that we have to make tamales the 2nd of February. The member who gave me my piece already moved out of our ward so I guess my companion gets to make tamales! 

I hope that everyone has a great week and a happy new year. 


Elder Hill 

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