Monday, November 11, 2013

Jared, Pray for the Gonzalez-Valdespino Family, Companion on the Same Level, SCORPIONS in the House & Redheads are Good Luck!!

So do you remember the 10 year old kid, Jared, from Jardines who had Leukemia? When I left in September he was doing fine, at home playing video games and all that. The other day I heard that he was going to have a heart transplant. Today we went to Jardines so that we could talk to Roberto about my companion`s knee and he told me that Jared passed away Saturday morning. I remember when the whole process started we went to visit them and I ended up sharing a message that I felt inspired. I talked about the plan that was created and that if Jared ended up passing to the other side that they needed to stay strong and stay in the church. I thought it was harsh at the time and when he was getting better I just thought how great that nothing had happened. Now that he has passed away, he really is in a better place and without a diseased and suffering body. Please pray for the Gonzalez-Valdespino family. 

Well, we did exchanges this week and I was with Elder Quintana. He`s a funny guy and he takes sleeping pills at night because he`s been having a really hard time not sleeping. At like 10:15p he lays down to go to sleep and I`m sitting there on the bed thinking about reading a little and he starts telling me that the light bulb is yellow, but then as he turns his head to one side it turns blue, then purple! He was just talking and talking and then he just fell asleep. It was seriously a funny moment. Something else that happened while I was with him is we got into the combi to go to another appt and a little girl sitting in the back corner pinches her little brother. The little brother gets mad and says, "Why did you pinch me?!" the little girl whispers, "Shhhh... it`s a redhead.... their good luck... I`ll tell you later!" So, even in Mexico people pinch just because they see a red head. 

This week we found five new people who accepted a baptismal date. We`ve been seeing the fruits of working hard and being obedient. It`s so nice to be with a companion who is on the same level as me. I mean, the Spirit is who does all the work but it`s just different being with a companion who has the experience and knows his stuff well. And at church, five new people showed up to church without us even doing anything. They just showed up and happened to like it and said that they will come next week. Three of them was a Mom, Dad, and a son who E. Sandoval and Elder De Los Santos had contacted while we were on exchanges. When they contacted them they didn`t want anything, so they just left a card with our names and address of the church on it and pretty much just saying, `well, if you ever have time or want to stop by, here we are on Sunday`. SURPRISE! They show up. Miracles DO happen. 

Oh, and we have scorpions that sneak into the house at night so we have to watch out. Also, I bought a box of cereal this week and the girl on the back wasn`t dressed very modestly, so, Sharpie made her modest. E. Sandoval made a dessert, too. I don`t know what it`s called in English or Spanish. But it`s like a quick lemon pie type thing. 

Well, other than that.... it was a pretty good week. I just don`t remember every little thing that happened. It`s hard to put 7 days or 168 hours into an email. Love you all! Have a fabulous week! 

Elder Hill  


  1. We LOVE to hear how Elder Hill is doing!
    His experiences are so great, and we know that he is a very important part of furthering the work!!!!

  2. We will definitely be praying. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Gracias por amar a los hermanos mexicanos.


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