Monday, April 2, 2012

Your Testimony is One of the Few Things That Will Transfer to the Next Life & I Can Testify That Success Comes With Hard Work, No Matter the Subject.

Thanks for your words of wisdom about conference and such. It is good to hear that you are watching conference and gaining a testimony. Your testimony is one of the few things that will transfer to the next life... always remember that. So, it might as well be strong while we have the opportunity to do so. I hope Josh and Destiny are doing well as they finish up the year. Yet another school year almost gone. When I get home, Des will be in junior high and Josh better be on a mission... just sayin´. Thanks for the money, too. I will go to the store tomorrow and pick it up. Our p-day is over because we had to go to the offices. Happy Easter this week and have fun! Tell everyone hello for me. And tell Hawkins what´s up with the move? Anyway, it´s all good.... I´ll see them when I get back. I uploaded pictures to photobucket so they should be there. Well, it´s half way anyway. I don´t copy my letters to my president because they are personal and very short. He doesn´t like long letters.... he just wants a progress report. And I don´t write in spanish because it takes way too long and I don´t have the time. Not to mention that I don´t speak spanish well enough yet to make all of my thoughts clear, and translators make it even worse. Let kathy know that I got her letter, but I haven´t read it.
Meeting House

Conference this year was special in several ways. 1) It was in spanish 2) We baptized Lorena and Raul between sessions on Sunday and we ate food at the chapel as a ward 3) It´s in the mission field. I´ll be honest, I only got bits and pieces of the talks because the translators speak really fast to keep up the pace, and it is a bit strange that the voices are different. That will take some getting used to. Good thing I have three conferences left to get used to it! It was great to watch the priesthood session because we showed up to the stake center and they had a separate room for the 7 guero elders (white guys) to watch in english. I was really glad that they did that because that is the one session that I really wanted to understand. The other talks I got bits and pieces, but I can wait until may to get the liahona and read the talks then.

This week we found a 22 year old guy named Nestor just by knocking on doors in his building because an appointment that we had didn´t show up, and that happens often. But what doesn´t happen often is that we knock the doors in that apartment building and find a guy who lost his mom 6 months ago to breast cancer and is searching for answers. His dad is a Jehova´s Witness, but Nestor doesn´t feel right when he talks to them. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he wants to know about the restoration. We haven´t met with him in a few days, but I hope the best for him.

Luis is a reference that we had. He is 20 and he showed up to church and said, ´´ I want to change my life. I like it here. I like the book of mormon. I want to keep coming to church. I want to get baptized.´´ Now, it wasn´t that cut and clear, but then again it really was. He is now moving from his house in the capital to a house for rent here in our area, which means we can baptize him. I can testify that success comes with hard work, no matter the subject. Isn´t it amazing that a parable about the gospel can be made to nearly everything in this life. That is not a coincidence. It is naturally supposed to be that way. Jesus created the earth, so why wouldn´t his gospel reflect it? And I mean the earth, not the world.

That´s my time for today. Love you guys! Be good! 

Elder Hill & Nunez' desks

Last day in Arlington Texas with Compadre Coffman

Elders Hill, Nunez & Tolentino on P-day!

From their apartamente in La Quebrada

Service project: Haircuts

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