Monday, June 18, 2012

Farmland Journey and Citrus Essential Oil

No matter were i go or what I do, there will
always be a lot of "cop" in me!


Life in Tezontepec is super cool because it is city with farmland. Just walking down the street, we hear cows, turkeys, chickens, dogs, pigs, etc. It’s nice to be out in the open air instead of in the city.

Just a few things that are kind of cool that I found out this week.
Elder Hill on a wire bridge
1- I went into the MTC on the wedding anniversary of Joseph and Emma Smith.
2- Elder Dillon Taylor from American Fork is in my district now, and he knows Melissa Angus. Strange to have connections when we’re like 6,000 miles from home.
Elder Trevino with a chicken

Elder Hill and a hen...did he ever
tell you the Little Red Hen Story
was cited to him MANY times!
I really enjoy my new companion and all that we are doing in our area.  I am working harder with him than I have in my whole mission and I really enjoy that. We have found a lot of people this week, but they’re not really secure for progressing. There is one couple, Jose and Flor, that we are working with. They have two kids, but aren’t married. Flor is a member just Jose no. We met with them yesterday after church to talk to them about the word of wisdom. Turns out that Jose has difficulties with smoking and drinking on occasion. He said that he is willing to give it all up to be closer to his family and friends. Then, the marriage thing came up. Jose said that he wants to get married, but Flor was a little hesitant. She said that she doesn’t want to marry him (keep in mind that they already have two kids together) because of how Jose drinks and smokes. We asked her that if Jose quit smoking and drinking in 3 weeks, if she would marry him. Her answer was YES! It’s just super cool to see how many blessings we can receive from living the commandments.

There is another hermana, Inez, who isn’t married either because her boyfriend is still married to his previous wife, and hasn’t divorced. He is a member but super inactive and she feels like he is holding her back a little bit from progressing (being baptized with her kids) and to keep going. We are working on that situation as well. We might be missionaries with the power of God, but we don’t have powers to marry or divorce people on the spot. That would be kind of cool though!

So here is the citrus oil part. (Mother’s letter last week: There are at least 20-24 months that you will have opportunities to have the oils serve you and during that time you will know when your mission is up who you are prompted to leave the oils with.)

Yesterday we were at a homecoming for a missionary that came home and there is this 4 year old kid in the ward who is super hyperactive and just mischievous as can be. He is innocent, but he is still difficult to control. Well, my mom so lovingly sent me some essential oils that I didn’t think I would use and yesterday I had brought some with me to show an hermano in the ward who uses them. I handed him a blend of citrus oils. He went over to this super active kid and rubbed this oil behind his ears and was like "Oscar! Smell this!"...... and within 5 minutes this kid was calm as can be! The 5 of us who knew what happened were laughing soooo hard! I think we found a solution for Sunday so that everyone can take the sacrament without yelling and screaming. :)

My Captain Moroni stance, overlooking the river.
-Elder Trevino with a chicken (like Simba)
-Me with the hen
-A super huge pig
-Oh, and "I didn’t know it was there.... It isn’t mine!" (Marijuana leaf)
-Me on a wire bridge over a river

Well my friends, this is what I am doing in Tezontepec!

I hope that you are all enjoying your summer!

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