Monday, December 24, 2012


Well, I think I`ll start out this week`s details with the fact that the mission isn`t all clean and happy as some people think. I arrived to my new area with one of those horror stories about missionary houses- mold, dirty, tons of cockroaches, and just not that great. My companion cleaned a lot before I got there but his last companion just didn`t mind the mess. Elder Martin is a good Elder and we worked hard this week to have a clean house, and it`s better! It`s definitely a nice Christmas present. 

On Tuesday we went to do a service project in a community in our zone. We cleaned up a lot of weeds outside and waterproofed the roof. I don`t have pictures, but that was a good second service project. I don`t remember if I wrote last week that we had gone and cleaned up a lot of garbage in an area by the city cemetery, but that`s what I did on Saturday in my last zone. Fun times. 

Wednesday we went to find a less active member and found some other guy who rents in his same building. We had a lesson with him and at the end he asked if he could pray his way and he did. We knelt down like we did at the beginning but then he stayed standing, so I thought O.K. Then he started praying really loud and put his hands on our heads and starting blessing us. He went on for like 5 minutes and ended, but that was a strange experience I tell ya! 

On Friday I had an experience where I felt that Heavenly Father really does send missionaries to areas where there are people ready for that missionary. Diana is the girlfriend of an RM, (return missionary), and has been investigating the church for about 1 year, but hasn`t been baptized. On Tuesday we had a lesson with her and I don`t remember too much of what was said, but we invited her to pray to know if she should be baptized this next Saturday. So she prayed and felt like she should and said that something that I had said is what helped her to make the choice. I tell you that it wasn`t me, but the spirit acting through me. That`s what makes the mission amazing- all of the little experiences like that. 
Presidente & Hermana Call's son, Shane, with Matthew's tie on!

Saturday there was a little activity as a zone for Christmas with President and Sister Call and their family. I don`t have the pictures yet but we sang songs, played activities, and exchanged ties. We dressed up and acted out Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and guess who was Rudolph? Yours truly, Elder Hill. 

Sunday, well, we went to church and I met the ward. Nobody was there because a lot of people left for Christmas, but they tell me the ward is huge. 

Queretaro District
And today we had a little activity as a district. We exchanged gifts, broke a piñata, and went to a Chinese food buffet. Haven`t had Chinese food in a long time, so that was good. 
I read this week in Jesus the Christ, In chapter 8 about the Babe in Bethlehem and the story of Christ`s birth.  Click here to read Jesus The Christ~scroll down for Ch. 8
It was a little more in depth than just reading in the scriptures and I really enjoyed it. If you have the book, it is an invitation to study a little more about Christ and WHY we SHOULD be celebrating Christmas. He did a lot for us, but I feel that many times in the Christmas season we forget about Him and just spend a lot of money on things that have no eternal significance. Although Christmas is not over, the mission has opened my eyes about what matters most. 

I hope that everyone has a great week and that you can have more Christ in your lives. 


With Love, 

Elder Hill 

1- Elder Martin and I 
2- District activity after breaking the "mission sins" pinata (waking up late, facebook, etc - all the stuff that we shouldn`t do and don`t do) 
3- Cockroaches in the cupboard
 ****************funny de la biblia 
 ***************1 Tim 2:11-15 and 1 Cor 11:14-15

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  1. Queretaro was Dylan's very first area. It was a little more difficult because of the wealth but there are great people there. He taught a family of three that was baptized and they were just sealed in the temple! Dylan was able to go down for the sealing and he is still walking on air. He says it was the best moment of his mission thus far. Good luck to Matt, it sounds like he is doing great work already!


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