Monday, December 3, 2012

Greater Light = Greater Condemnation & My Jumpsuit is TOO Small!

Jaina, Elder Hill, Jaina's hijo Arjun & el Papa, Arjun e hiram Garcia at Arjun's baptism, (just turned 8!)
This week was a little crazy. We´re already in the 5th week of the transfer and it feel like it just barely started. I get confused with what happened this week and what happened a month ago. However, David and Nicte were confirmed yesterday. It was Elder Clayton´s first confirmation so that was cool. I also got to baptize Arjun, Jaina´s son who turned 8 last month. I thought that I would wear the jumpsuit because I
didn´t have any clean white shirts but when I put it on at church it was too small! I looked like a little kid in pajamas that didn´t fit. Hence, I am behind Arjun. His dad, Hiram, came and is also going to church where he lives and reading the BOM and the pamphlets. The gospel changes lives. We´ve been trying to find new people to teach this week but it has been a little hard because of relying on the members. It´s difficult because we have to train the members on how to talk to people and what to do. Many members get embarrassed when talking about the church, but we are helping them build THEIR testimony so that they can help others. This last week we also had flu shots and I got to help. We have a hermana in the mission who is a doctor so she came to give the shots. When Hermana Call told her that I was an EMT, she had me fill the syringes. With nearly 11 months in the mission.... I was a little caught off guard but I think that everyone survived.

We went to Tula today because our district wanted to get out of the little village and see something bigger, so we went to a store and Burger King! Elder Clayton has been wanting to go ever since he got here, so happy birthday to him (on Wednesday)!!!!! We don´t go because it´s really expensive and just not a place for missionaries to be. I´m okay without burger king for another 11 months.

(From Elder Clayton's letter) Oh yeah, Elder Hill and I got spit on the other day for the first time. We were walking down a road and some car zoomed past us and a woman spit on us, haters gonna hate and mormons gonna morm.
One thing that I was studying this week was a talk from Ezra Taft Benson about pride. It´s from the April 1989 conference and is titled Beware of Pride. I highly recommend it because I think that we are all subject to pride in one form or another. It´s powerful. I was also studying about knowledge. I came to the conclusion that knowledge won´t save you, but it will condemn you. Greater light = greater condemnation. It´s interesting that in D&C 131:6 it says that we cannot be saved in ignorance, and other scriptures that tell us we need to always learn. Being a member of this Church is "easy" but hard work at the same time. We are always progressing forward, or falling down the ladder of progression. That is also a bad effect of pride-- we can´t progress. Keep studying ´out of the best books´ and ´treasuring up the words of life´. I know you can do it.

Have a great week! Gotta go!

Elder Hill

1-burger king
2-guys washing a big tent at a circus
3- Arjun´s baptism

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