Monday, February 11, 2013

Families CAN BE Forever, But Only by Partaking of the Everlasting Covenant of Temple Sealing.

He must've got this for me! I am ALWAYS raving about "Dillan Dove" He and Matthew were supposed to enter the MTC together on Dec. 7th. I love his letters....

What a strange week. This week we have been visiting our members more to be able to find new investigators because lately it’s been a little hard on teaching people. We have people, but they just aren’t progressing. So, we received a referral this week from a member and we went to visit this friend. We walked to his house and knock on the door. This guy answers and I thought, "Cool. For once we’re not teaching a single mom with 7 kids!" So we started talking and I was trying to not to smile because this guy is... gay? Well, at that moment we didn’t know that he was gay but it’s something noticeable. So we taught him like one more time about the BOM and invited him to church. He went to church but during one of the classes we pulled him aside to talk to him about baptism. It was super awkward but he told us that he doesn’t like churches because they don’t accept gays and what they do. 
Leviticus 18:22
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

And there are a lot more that frown on that. This was my first experience with teaching a gay guy, and I think that I prefer the single mom with 7 kids because it’s easier. Everyone is a child of God. He is my brother, this man, but he’s just a little off the straight and narrow path. 

Elder Hill with Claire Chilton's nephew, Elder Holmes
We also talked to a member last week who told us that on Sunday he had a disciplinary council. We know that he has made some mistakes in his life, but he moved from another state just to get away from that old life and repent. He was really sad about it when we talked about the possibility of having to be baptized again. The Spirit was so strong and we talked about the temples and how he can make the goal to take his family to the temple. He showed up on Sunday with a white shirt, tie, and a suit and told us that he was no longer a member of the church. He had been excommunicated just an hour before, but he came to church and had a smile on his face. He has made some mistakes, but through the process of repentance and the Atonement of Jesus Christ, this brother’s soul can still be saved. He is looking forward with faith for the one-year mark where he can be baptized again, and the two-year mark where he can take his family to the temple to be sealed. He told us last week that he hadn’t felt the urgency to go to the temple with his family, but he has realized that this life is all too short and that sometimes tomorrow was too far away to make the right decision. 
Families CAN BE forever, but only by partaking of the everlasting covenant of temple sealing. 

The Church is true. Never leave it. 

Much love, 

Elder Hill 

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