Monday, February 4, 2013

Hey Buddies & yet ANOTHER sign that God is accelerating the work because we are in the last days.

Elder Hill & Dominican bananas
So, crazy news for the new Mexican MTC! Many members have been commenting to us about how they all grew up in that school-back when it was elementary-high school- and that they will miss it. This is yet ANOTHER sign that God is accelerating the work because we are in the last days. How many prophets have told us that this is a chosen generation and that we need to be ready to meet our God? In the last days there will be famines-- food storage. In the last days the hearts of men will fail them-- feast upon the words of Christ. We are the LATTER DAY SAINTS preparing the way for the second coming of the Lord. It was the 11th hour in Joseph Smith´s time.... what would that make today? It has been interesting to be able to study the gospel every day because I have been able to learn so much. The second coming, temples, baptism, etc. I hope that I will be prepared. 

This week we found a 22 year old named Manolo. He´s funny because when he sees us he always says, "Hey buddies! How´s it going?" (he was a foreign exchange student in Iowa) He went to church on Sunday and really like it. Hopefully he comes back this week. Flor and her family had something happen right before church and they didn´t end up going. We promised that she would have found her answer if she had gone to church. Satan knew that too. Keep praying for those who do not know the gospel so that you can be an instrument in the Lord´s hands to helping them become converted. 

Love you all. Gotta go. Duty calls. 

Elder Hill 
Elder Hill and a Guanabana (whatever THAT is!)

pix-Guanabana and Dominican bananas.  

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