Monday, February 18, 2013

Transfers, Christ Is A Gentleman & Spirit Was So Strong

Can't take the EMT/Dr. out of him!
Hey Mamà, 

I stay here in Hidalgo. I just sent my letter. I`m sorry I don`t have much time to write today because of transfers and we don`t have much time. Good job on FHE and I`ll talk to you later…..Yeah, it`s a good ward and it has a lot of potential. We have to change the bad rep that this zone has. It`s all a matter of attitude. 
…FHE topic…missionary work? Also, Elder Nelson said that "in my lifetime there will people who flock to the church" and Elder Alonso told us this week that there are a lot of changes that he can`t tell us about yet.

Love you. Have a good week. 
Holá familia y amigos, 
Elder Ivan Orozco & Elder Matthew Hill, new compadres!
We had transfers today. Elder Martin left to Huehuetoca, Mexico and my new companion is Ivan Orozco, from Colonia Juarez. He`s actually from the same stake as President and Sister Call so that`s cool. We`ve only been together 3 hours, so I`ll let you know more about him next week. 

This week was pretty great. On Thursday we had a meeting with two of our area Seventy- Elder Alonso and Elder Hernandez. They talked about our calling as missionaries and how we need to magnify it because nobody else has the same calling as us. Even them as Seventy don`t have the authority to preach the gospel all day every day with a name tag and all that jazz. It was pretty inspiring to have two General Authorities and special witnesses of Jesus Christ with us. The Spirit was so strong. They reminded us about the fact that we have a special message for the whole world-- that the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored with all the power and authority that He has given from Adam to Tommy Monson. The world will self destruct and the only thing that will save it is the Gospel. We don`t know how long we will live and our families need to be sealed eternally in this life. THIS LIFE is the time to prepare to meet our God; not the spirit world. If we are not ready now, we cannot be ready then. It was interesting because there was one point when I felt like I was at football camp again because Elder Hernandez asked, "What is our message to the world?" and somebody responded, "The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ." Elder Hernandez shouted "THEN TELL THEM THAT!" It was a shout from the Spirit because it penetrated to the soul. Oh, and that was my Valentine`s day as well. Much better than any other Valentine`s day I`ve ever had. 

Christ is a gentleman.... he only comes into our life if we let him in. Revelations 3:20-22 Christ stands at the door and knocks, and we must let him in. That`s why the painting of Christ knocking on the door doesn`t have a doorknob outside- because it has to be opened from within. Let us all invite Christ into our lives every day, and not just on Christmas day. 

Flor and her daughters will be getting baptized on Saturday and we hope that everything goes well to make it happen. She went to church ready to receive an answer from the Spirit and she received it. The meetings we have on Sundays aren`t just meetings- they are environments that we can create to receive answers to prayers and the remission of our sins. 

The Church is true. I will say it so many more times in the next 11 months because NOBODY can take my testimony from me. I am willing to give everything that I have to say that, even my life if needs be. It`s a devotion that has grown in the mission and will continue to grow. 

Love you all. Have a great week! 

Elder Hill

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