Monday, April 29, 2013

Repentance is to Change Everything...Thoughts, Desires, Actions...a Real & Possible Process

Elder Hill, Yatziri and Elder Orozco
Yatziri was baptized yesterday after church and it was a great experience. She felt really scared (of the water) before but she was really happy after. She started crying when everyone got up to congratulate her after the service and she felt the power of the Atonement. 

This week we had Zone conference and we talked a lot about repentance and how, as missionaries, we need to teach people better the doctrine of repentance. I have learned a lot this week as I have been studying this topic. I´ve learned that obedience is what gives us the exaltation in the world to come. God is no respecter of persons nor can he look upon sin in the least degree as acceptable. There are a few scriptures that I like to use when teaching this topic. 

Yatziri y familia
-Mosiah 4:30 because our thoughts, words, actions all act for or against us. 
-Mosiah 2:23-24 because we are all debtors of the Lord for all that He has done for us. 
-Mosiah 4:1-3; 5:2 because they repented, felt the Spirit, and were changed so that they had no more desire to do evil. 
-James 4:17 because we all know what is right and wrong and we sin when we choose not the right thing. 

Repentance is to change anything- our thoughts, desires, actions, beliefs, traditions, etc- that is not in harmony with God´s will and put it inline with His will. Brigham Young said, "Virtue is knowing the will of God and doing it." Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly. 

I know that repentance is a real and possible process. It is a requirement to salvation and exaltation. 

Also, last week we were walking along a street and some guys from the other side threw bottles at us and they shattered against the wall, spraying us with glass. I thought of Samuel the Lamanite in Helaman 16:2, but changing stones and arrows to bottles. Life as a missionary takes on different views. :) 

Have a great week!


Elder Hill 

Sister Call and I and a sunrise going to church. 
The 2 red-heads! Elder Hill and Hermana Call (Mission President's lovely wife)
Sunrise on way to church
Got my package. Thanks for everything. I might have to send the rain jacket back home because I think you thought I was fat now and bought a LARGE! I haven´t gained that much weight, mom! 
Ma: Actually, u always like large, we tried it on, thought better. VERY nice jacket. I'll send medium. Like pants and tie?

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