Monday, April 22, 2013

Confirmations and Dentist y Confirmaciones y Dentales

Hey, I`m on but only for a few minutes. Sorry. We went to the dentist and took longer than we expected, we just barely got done. She started a whitening session and is going to find me some new gel for my trays. We`ll see how it goes. (I sent him a whole thing of gel…hmmm, what’s he eating?)

Looks like a good dance pic. (Josh's senior prom pix) Was that Prom already? How time flies. 

Yesterday, Flor and her daughters Aurora and Laurisa were confirmed members of the Church. It would have been great to be involved but while we went out of the meeting for an investigator, we missed seeing the actual ordinance but I know that they will feel the difference in their lives with the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Pati is a referral from a recent convert in another ward and she is one of those people who has been looking for the truth for a long time but hasn`t found it. She is divorced and her church has pretty much shunned her for that so she just stopped going. She went to church yesterday and loved it. My companion got to talk to her before she escaped out the door and she said that she hopes to keep coming because she felt the peace in her heart.

I can`t remember if I wrote this in another letter but about two weeks ago I finished the Libro de Mormón and I have been reviewing all that I have read, studied, and marked in the last 15 months. I have felt over and over again of the power THAT book has. It was written and translated by prophets of God. The Book along with the Bible are the route guides to our lives. I find so much doctrine and things in those books that I love. Study and read from the Scriptures so that you have the daily antidote against the fiery darts of the devil. 

Keep you chins up high because in the eternal perspective of things, ALL IS WELL. 


Elder Hill  

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