Monday, October 21, 2013

"Hey Loma Linda!" Vianey, Missionary Badge, & Article of Faith #11 applies to everyone, even members of the church.


There are people who come up to me in church and they make a joke in English like, "Hey, you´re beautiful hills (lomas lindas)" or "Hey loma linda!" etc. Yesterday was my first meeting here and it was pretty good. It´s kind of ironic that we hear a talk about keeping the Sabbath day holy and 20 minutes later the family that we were going to eat with gives us money so that we could go buy food because she wasn´t able to make anything.... :) Article of Faith #11 applies to everyone, even members of the church. :) 
I met Mario this week. He´s a 29 year old lawyer and pretty much the future bishop, he just needs to find a good member and get married. He´s super cool and reads a lot about the church so he already knows everything to be baptized. He was going to get baptized this weekend, but he went out of town for a training meeting for work and his baptism will be the 9th of November. 
Vianey was baptized yesterday. Even though there were screaming, fighting, crying kids all during the baptismal service, the Spirit was strong and when she shared her testimony at the end it was really powerful. In the mission I´ve been able to see why some members of the Church wish they would be baptized again as an adult because it really does wash away all of our sins and there is a huge relief for all that we might have done being taken away. It´s beautiful.
Tuesday we had money to go buy food and since my companion had one of his wisdom teeth pulled a week and a half ago, we went to the store to buy something instead of eating on the street. I bought chicken nuggets and barbeque sauce. It´s been a while. Also, Sunday morning we went to go pick someone up to go to church and we saw a mini van on rocks (they don´t use blocks here to steal tires) and a group of people just looking at their car like, "I never thought it would happen to me." I would have taken a picture but that might have made them more upset. God is great, the food is good, and people really are crazy.
Marco Antonio, or "Polo" as everyone calls him, is a clown of some sort. He wears some sort of outfit (like Barney, Ronald McDonald or something like that) and films commercials or movies. I´m not really sure. Anyway, he´s doing well. He´s stopped doing all sorts of drugs and now he´s just left on the smoking part. He´s programmed to be baptized on the 17th of November, but, he didn´t go to church yesterday so we need to go see him. 
Oh, something kind of funny that happened was Saturday night. I dreamed a very strange dream in the which were several returned missionaries- from this mission, friends, family, etc-- and nobody had their name tag on. Everyone was telling me to take mine off and that I couldn´t wear it anymore. I looked at my name tag and told them that if I had it on then I must have been a missionary still. ... and then I woke up. So, at least for a little while more I´m still a missionary! It´s an honor and privilege to still be here and wear the little black badge. And it will be a privilege later to have it still painted on my heart. 

Well, that´s about all I can remember for now. It´s been a little more relaxed being a zone leader because I don´t have to spend so much time on the phone at night and I´ve been able to write in my journal a little more. 
I hope that y'all have a fabulous week! 
con cariño, 
Elder Hill 
Hola mi hijo...LDS médico
Why so high of blood pressure? And why was your spo2 at 88? I gotta go. Loves. Hope you feel better and tell everyone hey for me. 
Elder Hill
Thanks! Love you Sweetie! Say a prayer for Mama! Te amo!
Mamá because mama is breast. 
 Smarty pants! I am not on the Mac, so don't know how to do accents on regular  pc. Then say a prayer for mamá and that her mama’s are both w/o problems!

Fotos ~ Pix: Piotroski and I and the baptism pix
we went to a Chinese buffet today. 

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