Thursday, October 17, 2013

Zone Leader, Tranfers to Loma Lindas, Cucarachas, y The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways!

Hey, so it turns out that poor Elder Lamping just can´t seem to hold on to his companions! On Tuesday Elder Garcia left to Argentina because his visa came so we were in trio-- Lamping, Valdez, and me-- until Friday in zone conference President Call told us that one of the three would be leaving but that he still didn´t have the decision made. He called us Saturday night and let us know that I would be leaving Valle de Tules and I would be going to Lomas Lindas as a Zone Leader. I was pretty sure that I was going to stay in Valle de Tules but then again ever since Tuesday I had been feeling like I was going to be leaving soon. I just felt like my connection with the area just wasn´t happening like it should be and I thought that I would be leaving. My new companion, Elder Ali Piotroski from Argentina, told me that when we had a conference a few weeks ago, he knew that I would be his next companion. The Lord works in mysterious ways. This should be exciting because it´s a big area and has really good members. The stake was just divided almost a year ago and the stake presidency is working hard in the area of the Work of Salvation. We have a meeting with President Call and the stake president tomorrow. 

Yesterday I was able to see Yenny Montaño again and I also bore my testimony in La Quebrada (we went to both wards with the whole trio thing), too. It was cool because when I was there Gabi left on her mission and I saw her leave. She has also returned and she´s so much more refined than when she left. I say refined because we don´t "change" as missionaries. We are still the same people, same name, same background, same stone in the river. What happens with time is the experiences that we have challenge us and we chip off the sharp edges and become smoother and more refined, but we´re still the same stones. The Gospel of Jesus Christ really changes lives, but only when we do what is required. It´s been great to reflect on all that I´ve been able to improve thanks to the mission, and even better things are to come. 

Going a little off topic.... we were in the house one morning and Elder Valdez says, "Hill! Hay cucarachas en el microondas!" I knew that there were cockroaches crawling around the microwave and one time I saw them inside, but there was one right in the number screen! Those things are seriously so hard to kill. It´s been a good few hours to be in a house that doesn´t have cockroaches. 

I´ll let you know how the area and all that is next week. Don´t really know anything right now. Good times ahead! 

Be good and don´t forget Whose you are! 

Elder Hill 

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