Monday, October 7, 2013

Conferencia General ~ General Conference y President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

General Conference was pretty much just amazing, as always. I can´t believe that it´s the last conference for me as a full time Elder, until maybe the mission with the wife. Elder Lamping had his first experience with the Spanish translators and it was pretty hard for him to be able to understand everything. It´s hard the first time but then you just get used to it. I feel kind of bad because he was super pumped up and then nobody we are teaching went, and it was hard to understand and to stay awake. :) 

On Sunday morning we went to pick up a few people and we ended up running into a few members who were helping a sick sister. We ended up helping her and then the people that we went to go pick up didn´t want to go or weren´t home and we went with a member in their VW bug. We were six adults and one little kid in the car and we drove what would probable be the equivalent from Bountiful to SLC. There is no front seat so my companion was just sitting on the floor board. That was pretty fun. 

It was just a great time to be with the District and with the rest of the members. It was really what I needed to be able to feed my spirit so that I can help everyone else. I can´t wait for the Liahona! 

I can´t really sum up 10 hours of conference. I hope that you all watched it and took notes. Remember, It´s the will of the Lord for us in these next 6 months. I loved what was said in all aspects. About the Priesthood, missionary/member work, visiting teaching, families, temples, etc. For 3 of the next six months I will be on the missionary end; the following three it will be my turn to apply all that I have learned here in the mission to continue helping everyone else I know to hear about the Restored Gospel. We are living in great times! 

One thing that I loved was something that President Uchtdorf said about doubting our doubts but never doubting our faith nor our testimony. I hope that it will be true to us all. Love you all. Keep up the fabulous work of being Saints or future Saints! 

Elder Hill 

my district during conference 

Sisters Ibaven, Rosa, and Perez. Elders Valdez, Garcia, Chandler, Bautista, Lamping, and Hill. Also, the picture that I sent a while back with Zeagler, me, and another elder is Elder Shumway from AZ. he goes home in 3 weeks.  

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