Monday, January 6, 2014

Blessings Feeding Missionary's, Dividing Zones, Sister Missionary's, Wicked Awesome Lasagna, Grateful for Mission Padres, Cold Shower y Feliz Día de Reyes!

When I`m in the house thinking of what to write all these cool ideas come to mind.... and then when I`m in front of the screen, I forget everything. Sorry.... I`ll try to change that for next week.

Anyway, on Tuesday we had to be home at 1900 because things get crazy in the town on party days. We were passing drunk people at 12pm! I just don`t see the fun of not remembering two days of your life. But the time at the house was good because I was able to catch up on my journal writing. I`m getting better, but I still don`t write EVERY day because of the reports and all that fun jazz. On Wednesday, well, we did our weekly planning and ate with the Martinez Family. Since that sister is in charge of the food list if there is someone who doesn`t sign up then she signs up. She must get a lot of blessings because we eat there a lot lately. 

Thursday was my last leadership council with President and Sister Call. It was also the last leadership council in the mission home because we`ve too many leaders now. President is dividing zones like crazy and the amount of sisters coming into the mission is simply AMAZING! At the end of this transfer, we will have doubled the amount of sisters that we had in July when the mission divided. There are so many good changes that are happening because the work is hastening. I`m grateful that I`ve been able to see so many good things in the mission and I`m excited for everything that I`ll see after being a missionary. Oh, and in the leadership Sister Call made some wicked awesome lasagna and brownies. It was a long time since I had eaten real lasagna. So grateful for having them as mission padres. 

Friday was the monthly zone training. It was exciting and all, but I think I`ll leave it at that. We talked about what we learned on Thursday about goals, our purpose, and repentance. After the training I did exchanges with Elder Espinoza in Tepotzotlan. He`s a good missionary. A little timid, and he talks to himself a lot. Many times I said, "Excuse me?" and he just shook his head like he didn`t say anything. Good times. 

Saturday we ended exchanges. Did a little planning. During the day we visited Coral, who is going to be baptized next week. She`s 8 years old, her brothers are members, but her parents aren`t because they are married to other people and not married to each other. We were leaving the house and my backpack knocks over a little planter and all the mud spills all the way down my pant leg. Great. So we leave and I just thought I`d clean it up in the food appt. We were standing on the side of the road trying to cross the street and a combi drives by and splashes mud on us. It was just one of those days. 

Sunday: A lot more people showed up now that we are in the morning. I hope that we can continue moving up in attendance. Alfredo was confirmed. Oh, and the coolest thing I`ve seen in a long time was that Christian and Cinthya had their FIVE kids blessed in fast and testimony meeting. That was a great experience and it made the ward that much happier and excited to find families to teach. This week E. Sandoval took the zone reports so I got to watch all of the Joseph Smith movie, John Tanner, and some other D&C videos. Then I got sleepy and wrote a quick letter. 

Monday: Elder Sandoval got in the shower and the water was hot. I get in and it`s freezing cold! Resulting in the fact that the gas decided to run out to wish me a happy Día de Reyes (their Christmas day when the kids open gifts and all). And here I am. 

See you soon. I hope that Josh and everyone can come down. We`ll be seeing you all soon. LOL (LOTS OF LOVE, in President Hanks' language)

I still don`t feel or realize that it`s only 2 weeks away. I know it is and on the calendar it looks short, but the time still feels like it`s months away. Not a bad thing, but I`m just not too distracted about that. 


Elder Hill 
zone pic. 


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