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 Hola Mom!.... Okay. I`ll be on later but just a little sketch of what I think will work best is the following. 
-Estado de mexico, Teotihuacan, La Quebrada, Tepotzotlan, etc. 
-Hidalgo, Tula- Los Atlantes
-Queretaro. Hidalgo ward, Mosiah, Flor, etc. 
-See the downtown historical part and museums. 
-Morning in Queretaro 
-Leave around 12 to go back to Edo Mexico in Jardines because a few members want to meet you and feed us. 

-leave early from somewhere near Jardines or La Quebrada depending on who can help us with getting the luggage to the airport. 

Let me know what you think. ttyl 

Well, see you tomorrow! Love you, bye! 
Matthew: Who will be coming? 
Mama: Mike, Destiny, Josh, & me.

EH: Might even stop by and see Pres and Sister Call at their house on one of those nights when we´ll be in Estado. Just don´t know yet. 
Ma: No I figured we'd rent one there. I can book one tonight j just Claudia, Cesar’s wife, told me not to drive there figured I v could reach to Izcalli if Yenny doesn't come and then we'd get one. Ya, it is her bro.
Also ask around about Mexican herbs, Essential Oils, and vitamins for TX of cancer- b17 is one.
EH: You can´t take herbs into the US and who has cancer? 
Ma: Aunt Lori, Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I've gotten stuff in to you, (essential oils), I'll get it out. Your friend that gave Oscar, (wouldn’t stay still during Sacrament Meeting-ADHD??), a sniff, of essential oils---oddly, a citrus blend), would know right? Who was that?
EH: He´s in Hidalgo but I´ll ask a member here who would know. 
Ma: That´s what I´m saying... I´ll ask President what time we are going to finish and maybe see if there is someone from Jardines that could take me to the airport and from there rent the car. I doubt any member would lend us their car....  Besides, the taxi from the airport would only charge about $300 pesos to the office. Just don´t take a lot of bags so that everything fits in one taxi. The last thing you want to do is split baggage and people (and more when you don´t speak the language or know the area.)
Ma: Oh, ok and maybe pick us up at 7:30? Ok, will what the back do we do. Facebook message me or something or call the phone. Same password.
EH: I can´t get on Facebook but I don´t think that the phone will work here. Just use a pay phone, it costs like 3 pesos.... I´ll call President and Let you know tomorrow morning. I cell phone costs like $260 with the chip and then just add credit once in a while... 

My translation for above itinerary: 

Más or menos el horario: 

Miércoles: Edo. de México-- Teotihuacan, Yenny, La Quebrada, etc. Cena en la noche con familia Vazquéz-Recendiz (Brianda, Rodrigo, más Christian, Cinthya, y más)  

Jueves: Hidalgo--- Tula, Los Atlantes, Tezontepec, (David Nicte, Jaina, Familia Hernandez,etc) 

Viernes: Querétaro--- Barrio Hidalgo, Flor, Mosiah, Familia Ramos, Cerro de las Campanas, Centro Histórico, museos, etc. 

Sábado: Querétaro--- Terminar en la mañana y salir al medio día para Edo. de México. Ya en la tarde, Barrio Jardines con Familia Rivera-Hernández / Hernández-Tapia, etc. Algunas familias les quieren conocer y darnos de cenar. Quedar la noche en Jardines o en La Quebrada. 

Domingo: Salir al aeropuerto allí por las 7am, si no, más temprano. 

Okay, I´ll write a little....  
This last week was really hectic. We were all over the place trying to help missionaries find houses to rent in areas that are being divided. We didn´t get a whole lot done as far as proselyting goes. 

One experience we had was on Thursday. We left Brianda and Rodgrigo´s house and we were walking home and we see a taxi so we stop it. He turns around to pick us up and seconds later we see Christian and Cinthya drive by and they could have given us a ride without charging. So I thought, "We should have waited just a few seconds more and not pay!" But then I started thinking about WHY we had gotten in the taxi at that time. So I contacted the driver and turns out he had quite a few questions about churches and all that. We gave him a pamphlet and some information and he said that he was going to read it because he was interested. He didn´t accept that we visit him but he said that he´d read and let us know. Then I knew why we didn´t wait a few more seconds and $25 pesos cheaper. Good times to be a missionary! 

Yesterday we had the baptismal service in the stake center (it was stake conference) for Yolanda, Ana Laura, and Eduardo (from another ward). It was a good service and the Spirit was strong. I was really nervous because it´s been a while since I actually performed the ordinance instead of a member. Ana Laura was baptized twice because the first time her feet came up and she freaked out with the water. I told her that we had to do it again and we did. When she came up she shouts, "Did my feet come out!?" Everyone got a good laugh at it! Yolanda was baptized once and it was a special experience. It was a nice experience to baptize the last week in the mission field.

Well, there are many other things that I will be telling y'all later. 

3 John 1:13-14

 13 I had many things to write, but I will not with ink and penawrite unto thee:

 14 But I trust I shall shortly see thee, and we shall speak face to face. Peace be to thee. Our friends salute thee. Greet the friends by name.

Ma: That's an awesome quote!! Are we seeing you tomorrow? Is there a # that I call???
EH: I´ll by a cheap cell phone and send you the number so that you can call me from a pay phone tomorrow. 

Sister Call´s is 55-****-****
President Call´s 55-****-****

Try Hna. Call´s first because I´m sure President will be in interviews or something.

Gotta go. Love you. Confirm in the morning with you. 
Ma: Ive added International calling & minutes to mine and Destiny's # *************.
EH: But to talk down here? 
Ma: Ya!


Elder Hill 

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