Monday, May 28, 2012

It All Takes Time, Prayer, and Fasting

Me as a Vaquero with a poncho and hat!
Hey, how did the wedding go? Happy Birthday to Destiny! Tell Ryan and Allie congratulations for me. 
I feel like this week went by way too fast! Every night when I wrote in my journal I felt like I was just there, and the dates just kept going and going!

This week we found two new guys to teach. Carlos is a doctor that lives in our area and has a "Papeleria" or paper store, just for a hobby on the side. He works in two hospitals in the ER. I like to go and talk to him just for that, not to mention the Gospel. He is married and has one daughter, but we haven´t really talked to his wife because she isn´t usually at his paper store where we have taught him. He is super cool and says that he will read and go to church, because he doesn´t usually work on Sunday in the hospitals and the paper store is always closed on Sunday. 

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