Monday, May 7, 2012

The Prophets Have Counseled That We Will Be Blessed

Matthew's Missionary Plaque with his old tags below from plaque that was being made...
dates changed and he liked the laser plaque better
This week’s letter is a little short. We had to change our schedule for P-day because we had to change a few things around. I still have to head to the mission offices and pick up materials and all that jazz. 

I forgot to inform you that I gave my first talk in Sacrament meeting last week about missionary work and how the members can help us. I wrote my notes for my talk and what I would use, and I was surprised that when I was up there talking, I used most of what I had prepared, but I talked for much longer than what I had planned but that was all the Spirit. The Bishop said that when I was done, it was a great talk and that " it was strange, but we can’t deny the Spirit". I think that I was called to the ward to accomplish their duty as members of this Church. Rather, the Spirit called them to their duty and asked them to be better. It wasn’t my intention, but hey- the Spirit knows all. 

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