Monday, May 14, 2012

Yeeehaaa! & "Hmmmmmmm..... My Daddy Doesn´t Understand the Word of God..."

Elder Hill's first cake on mission...for Mother's Day

Don´t know why I called this week Yeeehaaa, but it rings good in the ear after speaking Spanish 24/7.... or at least very close to that. 

I don´t have a whole lot that happened this week because my companion and I were a little sick in the stomach for most of the week, and we missed out on a lot of lessons... however, we did have a few neat or funny things that happened.

-- We went to a chapel today and played futbol, the real football, with all of the missionaries in the zone. Let´s just say that I ´m not Mexican yet.... but it was still fun. We got to play with all of the elders and a companionship of sister missionaries. My companion hit both of them in the head with the ball.... the zone wasn´t happy about that. We also kicked the ball over the fence 3 or 4 times and the neighbors weren´t happy with us either, but all is well, we were happy. I also sat down with an elder and we started talking. His name is elder Barerra from
Chicago. When I told him that I was from Utah, he told me that there was an Elder Hill in his District in the MTC, but he never showed up.
 I asked him when he was in the MTC and he said December 7, 2011. Turns out that he was in my class that I was going to be in if I hadn´t been in the hospital. He served in SLC for two months waiting for his visa, so we pretty much have the same amount of time here in Mexico, but he is fluent in spanish from his family. More about Matt's Illness HERE

-- We are teaching the husband of one of the sisters here in the ward. They are like 28 years old, and have one little girl, and another on the way. However, he is SUPER catholic, but only because his entire family is. He was in the catholic seminary, where they learn theology and such, but he doesn´t know the bible very well. He told us that he doesn´t accept ANYTHING from our Church-- Book of Mormon, DyC, Pearl of Great Price, Prophets... etc. So, he said if you want to teach me about your church, do it with the bible. MORE of this letter..CLICK HERE!

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