Saturday, August 11, 2012

Elders Hill, Taylor & Hermana Call: DOGBITE

Elders Cruz, Trevino, TAYLOR & HILL@Atlantes
Hermana Patricia Call & Presidente J. Dana Call

Hi Wendy,
I’m really slow at updating Dylan’s blog but I wanted you to see the adventure he related in Monday’s letter.  This is straight from his letter, no editing as you can see.
 okay well im gonna tell you guys a story. but im just going to relate the conversation that i had with Elder Hill, Myself, and the Hermana Call.
EH: Okay we need to call the hermana....
Phone Ringing.....
HNA: Bueno?
EH: Hi hermana its elder hill
HNA: Hi elder hill how are you?
EH: Im fine but my companion is not.
HNA: What happened?
EH: Well i did divisions with elder taylor and we were knocking on a door and facing the door and out of nowhere a dog comes up and bites him on the butt.
HNA: Oh okay well is it bad?
EH: Well it broke the skin
ME: No! dont say that she will think you have seen my butt!
EH: It wasnt your butt it was just your left cheek.
ME: Hill! she doesnt need to know that!
EH: Hermana we are men here okay.


hahaha so it was crazy. a stupid dog bit my butt. and i might have to get shots. the hermana said if the dog dies within 10 days it has rabies and i have to get shots, if not then i dont have to. so now we have 4 days down and we’ll see if it lives haha. but im fine. it just hurt to sit down for a few days. but now im all fine and such.

I’m glad Elder Hill was with him, it sounds like his paramedic training kicked in.  The best line is “we are men here okay”.  So funny!
We have been laughing about this and saying carefully worded prayers for Dylan all week.  “Please bless Dylan’s …injury...”
I just hope he is using antibiotic ointment on it and other than that it will be a great story for him to tell about his mission.  Knowing Dylan he’ll get a lot of mileage out of it.

Just wanted to share, have a great day!


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