Monday, August 6, 2012

Barbacoa Pork & "Discipline Is “Knowing What You Want And Taking The Most Direct Route To Get It!”

Hey Mom, 

Thanks for sending the package. I really appreciate it. I still haven´t sent the package yet. I have been waiting to see a few things. Transfers are somewhere around the 1st of September, but it depends because there are a few missionaries leaving next week so we might have emergency transfers. I´ll let you know when I know. 

I asked you to tell Susan thank you for me. Please let her know. 

Bummer to hear about XXXXXXXXXX. Seems like those two just can´t get out of their own holes and into the right path. I´ll pray for them. 
Here is a quote: "Discipline is “knowing what you want and taking the most direct route to get it!” If you know what you want, you will go for it. Just like the Olympics. 

Congrats to Ryan. I hope he gets the house! 

Viewmont is a good school, however, there are more opportunities to do wrong there, just because the bad stuff is more available and more known, but it is a good school. It all depends on the person and what he wants to do with his life. 

I´ll send my SD card home with this new package that I´ll send.
I´ll wait for the package and all that. Life is good. The work goes on. I´m in Tezontepec de Aldama, not in Tula de Allende. Tula is a different area than mine. 

I´ll wait for your reply. 

Love you, 

Elder Hill 

Hi-Thai! (That´s what Treviño always says to little kids who ask if we speak a different language) 

This week went better than last week did. Jose and Flor got married this week after a whole lot of jumbling things and working with our connections in the government to get them married, they finally tied the knot. They said it pretty much just feels the same, but now they are keeping the commandments. Jose was baptized on Saturday night and Jose, Maria Isabel, and Fanny were all confirmed on Sunday. Maria Isabel´s baby was also blessed so that was neat-o! 
Saturday the Elder´s Quorum had a nice activity on the farm. We played soccer in the pasture and then we had barbacoa pork and chicken. I was already sick for 3 days this week and I thought that I would be worse after eating, but I was just fine! It was interesting 

to see how they do it and experience just a little piece of culture. I remember from when i watched a movie about barbacoa in Spanish class in junior high. It was pretty much the same. 

Also, I don´t know how many of you have heard funny stories of companions and/or members tricking missionaries into eating strange things, but it happened last week. READ THE FUNNY STORY HERE!!!

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