Monday, August 27, 2012

"The Pure Love of Christ" & Joseph Smith: "El amor puro de Cristo" & Joseph Smith

Photo nicknamed by Elder Hill's whole district as "The Pure Love of Christ."

Hola, ít´s good to hear about all the things that are going on at home. It is crazy to think that next week school starts already. Summer has gone by way to fast. Sounds like Destiny is having fun and enjoying spending time with you. Tell Ryan and Allie that I hope that they get the house and Josh that he does well. Our ward mission leader´s name is Josué, or Joshua, in Spanish. They are similar in many ways, actually. Thanks for my package. It did get here. Some of the ward members saw that I left the bishop´s house with it and they started telling me to open it, so I did. The most interesting thing was the wax paper that said, "Mom and Destiny´s dead skin" with tape on it. (Destiny put tape on me for some reason, then her and turned around and put it in plastic wrap and threw it into Matthews package…guess we started some new weird thing!) Don´t worry, I´m going to send my package this week with something that tops that. Keep up the good work- you´re doing great! Also, ask Abel what´s up with the mission. He should have his call by now.... Also, can you look up Nuñez on Facebook and send me his email for next week, please? It is Alex Nuñez from Acapulco.... The other picture is from when we got soaked at night. We ran three blocks straight and still got drenched.

I´m not really sure if I have sent this picture, but if not, here it is. It has been nicknamed "The Pure Love of Christ" by my entire district. Sometimes it feels good to just be a bit of a dork. Elder Treviño and I this week also talked about how we need to love others in order to love Christ and Heavenly Father. It feels like sometimes we just say that we get along with people, but it doesn´t really mean that we love them. It is a difference that from this week on, I will work on correcting. 

Most likely the picture he had
This week Paulino, they guy who has been investigating the church for about 10 years, since his daughter was baptized, had something amazing happen. He laid down one night to go to bed thinking of other things, but once he fell asleep he dreamed that somebody from the old days told him that the Book of Mormon was true. On Saturday morning I felt to take a picture of Joseph Smith that I had on my wall with our lesson to him that day. I brought it and asked him to remember about his dream and what the guy looked like. He grabbed his Book of Mormon and turned to Joseph Smith and said it looked kinda like him. Then I gave him the pic of Joseph and he was like, "Yeah, that´s him! That´s the guy!" He didn´t know who the two pictures were, but we told him that they were Joseph Smith. Then he took us to buy a cake and we ate cake, and we didn´t get any further in the lesson.... until next time, I guess. I hope that he accepts it.

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