Monday, October 29, 2012

Día de los Muertos y Todos los Santos y Feliz Cumpleaños!

One SPECIAL Hermana (Sister) must've know that those chocolate muffins are probably
 Matthew's FAVORITE treat, ok, choc. chip cookies, brownies, ice-cream and Keva's too!

Thanks for all of the Birthday wishes!! It was a pretty normal day for me. Went to church, worked, and had a family night lesson and they remembered it was my birthday so we had cake. Pretty cool. 

Good to hear about Ryan and all that. No es tu trabajo. Haz lo que tienes que hacer que seria mejor para tus hijos. 
(He wanted me to send brownies…takes 3 weeks for a package, I asked if he had an oven) No. I don´t need anything to bake nor do I have an oven. it is rare that people have an oven.

One thing that I like about being Mexican for two years is that we have holidays and parties for EVERYTHING! This week, starting yesterday, is Day of the Dead and All Saints Day. It´s pretty interesting from what I learned in Spanish class, but now I get to live it for real. 

This week Jaina and Wendy were confirmed members of the Church. Pretty exciting. Jaina signed up in RS to have us eat in her house this week AND paid her tithing. What a stellar convert. She is truly converted in her heart. We had a FHE lesson with Wendy last night and they remembered that it was my birthday. Her birthday was this week too so we all had a nice little festival for the refreshments part of the FHE. 
Wendy's familia with Elders' Hill & Clayton
David and Nicte also said that they wanted to be baptized because they said that they haven´t seen any other church as true as ours, so they are going to try it out, as they put it. It´s pretty neat. They are one of those couples that you just wonder "how are these people not members?" We are working this week on helping them be converted, too. 

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes from everyone! You are all fabulous and I love you all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE THIS WEEK, AS WELL!!! 
Elder Rangel in my district made me a pretty cool b-day card with a popup elder and everything. He´s going to be a big artist someday. We also had Costco muffins this week..... something very rare unless you find someone who has a membership and is willing to buy them. We have secret connections from one certain HERMANA. Were the favorites of the bunch! ;) 

Well my pals, have a great week. Be safe trick or treating and don´t take candy from strangers! Good luck! 


Elder Hill 

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