Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference & Birthdays!


The big old 18! Happy Birthday! (bro)
Happy Birthday to Hayden! (nephew)
(Elder Hill also turns 20 on the 28th and many of his friends birthdays are in October!)
Matthew, Josh & Hayden last year
Today we made flour tortillas in the church and ate tacos. Everyone here eats corn tortillas because it´s cheaper, and because flour is more expensive, nobody makes them. We also moved houses last week because of a few problems that we had at the other house. 

With a new house comes buying and doing a few new things. We bought a mirror and had to silicone it to the wall. The wall is concrete and tape doesn´t stick, so we used the shower curtain rod to keep it in place while we went and worked all day. Here in Mexico they call that a "mexicanada", or like a mexican jimmy-rig. It works! 

President Monson, "I am pleased to announce effective immediately all worthy and able young men that have graduated high school or it's equivalent, regardless of where they live, will have the opportunity of being recommended for missionary service beginning at the age of 18, instead of the age of, worthy young women who have the desire to serve may be recommended for missionary service beginning at age 19, instead of age 21."
Conference was amazing. There are a lot of things that I loved, but the message that struck me with the most power was President Monson when he announced the change in ages for missionaries. When he announced that it would be 18 for all young men, and 19 for all young women, I felt the Spirit testify that President Monson is a prophet, and that CHRIST is at the head of His church. That was a prophetic change. It will be a conference to be remembered for many, many years. I also had a more perfect realization that Heavenly Father knows each of us and knows our future. He helps us plan for our future if we will just let Him guide us. Click to learn more ~ Church Lowers Age Requirement For Missionary Service

Before I left on the mission, I wish I would have familiarized myself better with Preach My Gospel. It is an inspired manual that came from the other side of the veil and put together here. The story behind preach my gospel is fascinating. If you can look into it, I invite you to do so. 

Elder Clayton continues to progress. He had to put extra notches in his belt this week because his belt was too big! He lost a little weight when he got sick. He told me that even his pants are a little looser. That´s how I felt when I was in the hospital before left. My suit looked like a fat man´s suit when I wore it. But no worries.... I´ve gained it all back. :)

Be good. Love you all. And in case you didn´t understand Elder Nelson.... If you have a question about ANYTHING, ask the missionaries. WE KNOW EVERYTHING! Elder Nelson's talk on The Importance of Missionary Work~ Click here!

Elder Hill 

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