Monday, October 1, 2012

October Conference & Grasshoppers/Locusts for Food

Elder Hill with Chapulines... fried Grasshoppers/Locusts!

October 1, 2012

October Conference and Grasshoppers!

This week was another week of eating weird things. They are called something like chapolines, but I´m not sure how it´s spelled, (Los saltamontes, Grasshoppers know as locusts in Mexico  as 'chapulines'. ) They weren´t as gross as the other Shaguey, (Shumways/Fried Beetles) (again, not spelled correctly). I don´t know how to spell it because people in Hidalgo talk a little funnier than people in Mexico state. They weren´t too bad because I put lots of Habanero salsa on my taco to cover up the taste a little. It didn´t really help. All it did was burn my lips for a while. Cheaters never win!

I can´t believe that conference is next weekend. I´m really excited because this time I will be able to understand it a little better. It´s strange to hear the translator´s voices instead of the actual person. That´s something a miss a little. 

David and his family are doing great. They are soaking up the gospel and progressing. So David and Nicte-ha are married. Jaina and Adrian are bro and sis of Nicte. Jaina is separated from her husband, Iram, but they went to church together becuase they feel that it could be the link that brings them together again. It´s amazing to see the Atonement and the gospel change lives. Jaina was totally different when we first taught her, and now she is more into it than David and Nicte. Elder Clayton and I are excited to continue finding people like them who are ready to hear the gospel and change their lives. Wendy is doing good and has a baptismal date for the 13th. Ireneo went to church and loved it, and said that he wants to be baptized. He has a bapt date for the 14th. The work continues and the days fly by. 6 months ago I was beginning my time in mexico and here I am again for conference. What a privilege it is to listen to the Prophet, Apostles, and the other General Authorities of the church. Prepare for it- don´t take it for granted. At home we don´t have to go to the church to watch the translated broadcast. Let us be better than 6 months ago. Always moving up and forward. 

Keep your chin up, each one. 

Elder Hill  

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