Monday, October 22, 2012

Triple Action and The Church is TRUE. Never Leave It.

Elder Matt Clayton, Irineo & Elder Matt Hill
This week was a week of threes. We were in a trio for the week because Elder Cruz went to the offices for a week but comes back today. The three of us were Elders Clayton, Rangel, and me. We also had three baptisms, Jaina, Irineo, and Wendy. It was pretty good. 

Elder Clayton, Jaina, Elder Hill & Wendy Baptism
Irineo said that he felt really calm and a peaceful feeling that very few times in his life he has felt. He was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday while Jaina and Wendy were only baptized on Sunday. It was a really great service. Jaina had some problems before she left her house with her family because they didn´t want her to get baptized so it was special for her becuase she did it out of her own conviction and doesn´t really care what everyone else says. Wendy said, "Thank you so much, really, thank you." Almost her whole family are members but inactive, and we are starting to get them back to church. It´s always great to see how the Gospel changes lives, if people just let it. Nicte and David have changed their minds since they saw what happened with Jaina and Nicte´s mom. Nicte is influenced a lot by what her mom says, and David just doesn´t want to accept it. It´s sad that some people KNOW and FEEL that it is true, but don´t have the courage to say no to the world and do what is best for them. Nicte wrote a little paper one day at work and shared all of her feelings. All of them pointing to the Gospel, and the Spirit was so strong in that lesson, but her mom just doesn´t want to let her be a grown up. Maybe some day. 
I think they are pointing to the MAC (Apple) Matthew is a big fan of MAC!
P. S. Missionaries with sexual sins are a risk to the work because if something happens in the field, it can ruin a whole village from listening to the gospel. Read Alma 39. There is a process of repentance, but they can talk to their Bishop about it. He has the keys. Also, if they go through the temple and everything, and messes up on the mission, they will NEVER, (rarely) return to the church because the guilt and the sin will be way too much for them to handle. Greater light = greater condemnation. Click here to read Alma 39  Yes, there is repentance for young people that break the law of chastity, but most of the time it is not enough to stop them from serving a mission unless it is a pattern, and a consistent trend.  That has been my experience.  It is all about the sincerity of their repentance, and the remorse which generally stops them from doing the thing over and over again.  So although the bar is raised, it is still a bar that most can jump.  President Epperson

The Church is True. Never leave it. And if you are not a member, investigate, pray, and you will know. Just do it. 

Elder Hill 

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