Monday, August 12, 2013

Elder Ziggy & I´m officially gifted in the gift of the interpretation of tongues because I can understand Spanish, English, and North Carolinan!

Elder Matt Hill & Elder Brandon Zeagler

Well, I didn´t put the nickname, but a couple of people have called Elder Zeagler "Elder Ziggy" and it´s funny because he says that´s what they called him in NC. Speaking of that, I´m officially gifted in the gift of the interpretation of tongues because I can understand Spanish, English, and North Carolinan! There are sometimes that I just tell him to tell me in spanish because I just don´t understand what he´s saying. I tell him that it´s because he needs to speak spanish more to learn, but I just don´t get what he says sometimes. It´s pretty funny. He´s a good kid and everyone tells him that he has a "baby face!" Haha! We took a taxi today and the taxista told him in English that he has a baby face. After two years of stressing out and not sleeping, he´ll lose some hair and wrinkle his face a little. No worries. 

Paola was confirmed yesterday, so that was fabulous. She´s been getting to know the JAS (YSA) lately so she´s feeling more comfortable. Her brother, Raul, will be baptized this Saturday. He´s the one in the green suit from her baptism and her mom´s name is Maria de los Angeles. I saw on the blog that you didn´t have it. 

Saturday night we felt like we had to go down a certain street and we didn´t pass anyone the entire street until the end. A lady with some grocery bags walked by us and we just said hello. After she had passed, Zeagler said that he felt sick and thought that she was the one. So, we turned around and sped walk to catch up to her. We finally got there, presented ourselves and started talking. Long story short, we found out that she has been praying to know what to do with her family because she has problems with her husband. She started two years ago looking for God in her life and lately she´s felt an unquenchable thirst to get to know WHO God is. She´s not from our area, but she´s definitely one of those from D&C 123:12. I read that scripture to her on the street and she opened her eyes wide and at the end of everything said thanks for contacting her. 

Sunday night we were standing outside of our entrance to the street of our house (it´s a privada... whatever that is in English) and while I was reporting to the ZL´s, E. Zeagler was contacting people and even though they didn´t want anything, he just kept talking in his new spanish and testified. It´s fun to be with a new missionary. :) I´m learning how to trust more in God than in my own experience and knowledge. I was unconsciously praying for the opportunity to train a white man and I actually had a dream about it before transfers, so I wasn´t too surprised. 

This week we moved houses. We don´t live near as many drunk people and other problems, and we have a kitchen. I haven´t had a kitchen since La Quebrada, but hey, I take hot showers so I don´t have anything to complain about.

Well, keep working hard on the house. Sorry it´s been such a problem, but it will be worth it in the end. Just always keep God first and everything else will fall into place. Love you all! Keep the missionary work alive! Preach to everyone you know! When I get home I don´t want to go to the movie or even hear a cell phone until I´ve talked to everyone I need to talk to about the church! It´s going to be a while! I thought this week that I only have 4 transfers left, and like 5 months. It´s crazy, and I want to make the best of it. This is what Sis. Call wrote in her letter today..... 

 “What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110 percent all the time.”
Jesus could do missionary work in many different ways, but he allows us in this short time, to know Him, to develop talents and abilities, gain attributes and make changes.  It is a time to become more like Him, and realize for yourself that you can do and be more than you once could have imagined.
How do you feel when you see the converts you have come to love dressed in white before their baptism? They are the reason you are here.  They are the ones that help you be a better man or woman, to magnify your priesthood, to love unselfishly, and understand a little better the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Where do we get the energy to do all this?  Sometimes you feel so tired; sleeping hours seems like minutes, the hills, heat, rain, cold, shoes with pebbles in them, etc.  The answer is simple: Jesus Christ long ago did this for us.  He took our burdens and put them on His shoulders, He suffered for each of us.  Now we must do the same for others, and be the kind of missionary who is striving to become like Jesus Christ.  Abrazos……..Hermana Call


Elder Hill 

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