Monday, August 26, 2013

North Carolinian Phrases, Exchanges & Challenges

Wheat pancakes on Sunday morning with Elder Zeagler 
This week I´ve heard all sorts of North Carolinian phrases! "Dang it woman! Open your door!" (wouldn´t open up, but were home)-- "I´m going to beat you with a wet mop!" (we bought a mop today and he realized what his mom always said about how she´d beat him with a wet mop) -- "Dang it, Nancy! (a name written on the back of my chair), "Now we´re cookin´with grease!" (anything that is going good) -- "I´ve really fogged up this time!" (stepping out of the A/C to humid hottness of NC with glasses on)

It´s been pretty interesting to hear how different things can be even from a few thousand miles away. We´ve had a bit of a hard week just with not finding anyone new to teach and having Raúl´s baptism fall through. We don´t even know why, exactly. We went to see him on Friday but he wasn´t there, so I called him and asked him if everything was OK and he said that he wouldn´t be baptized this week. We still haven´t been able to see him. We´re doing what we can to work hard in the ward, to get all the members excited and build their testimonies because when we have a strong testimony, or we really love somthing, we want to share it with everyone. We´re trying to work with the leaders first but they´re not budging to well. Little by little.

The ward area is pretty small, but we have a membership of over 400 members. Only 100 +/- attend on a regular basis. This week we focused a lot on the less actives and I was surprised to see that a few went. Little by little we are "Going to the Rescue" as President Monson has counseled. I feel just as content with an inactive family returning as I do baptizing a new family. It´s something that I haven´t understood until this time in the mission.

We did exchanges with Elders Miramontes, Richardson, Calderón, and Holmes this week. A couple of Elders who were waiting for their visas (Miramontes and others in the mission) got the call on Tuesday night that they had finally recieved their visa and they left Wednesday night. After four months, they are finally in their officially assigned mission.

Well, I regret to inform you that nothing else too interesting happened this week. It´s still fun to see how Zeagler reacts to everything that to me is old. We´ll keep learning.

Love you all. I´ll try to make this week a litte more informative and interesting.


Elder Hillbilly

(Ma)Oh that is funny!! ¡Te amó mi hijo! Mamá

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