Monday, August 19, 2013


E. Zeagler and I continue to learn together. It`s been pretty fun lately because he`s like an energizer bunny who just doesn`t stop until he`s in bed, asleep. Every second he`s just like, "We have to find more people! We have to place more copies of The Book of Mormon! We need to talk to EVERYONE!" I just smile and say, "OK. Let`s go!" It`s been a while since I`ve had a companion who actually WANTED to do everything he could to find new people and be obedient. It would be pretty fabulous to finish the mission training. It`s just so much easier to do what`s right because they don`t have old missionary habits. Doing what Preach My Gospel says is the only thing they know so they can`t go against it. It`s also been pretty funny because I`m reliving the Spanish bloopers again. He`s said some pretty funny things this week. All of which I don`t  remember, nor would it make sense in English. 
Raul was supposed to be baptized this weekend but he wanted to wait one more week and he got pretty sick. As of right now, it`s planned for next Saturday. We`ll just have to see what happens. He`s a good guy, he just lacks a little. 
We started teaching Vicente, an older guy in his 60`s who the Elders started teaching a few months back. He`s been coming to church each week and everything, but he hasn`t been baptized yet because he still has some addictions that he has to get rid of. He, too, was supposed to be baptized this coming week, but he drank coffee again and won`t be able to. It`s good that he drank because we realized that he still isn`t converted and doesn`t really understand what SINNING and REPENTANCE are. It`s kind of despairing because each week in the Sunday school class he asks the same questions and is just looking for someone to justify his sins in his situation. It`s been a tough time teaching him, but that`s how we all grow. I hope that we can assist him in understanding what the Gospel really means. 

Hugo is a young man who went to church last week. He`s been a little depressed and not really knowing if God exists or not. When he was 8 mos old his Mom was hit by a car and killed, and she had just enough time to roll him off to the side of the road. His dad remarried and when Hugo was 10 years old, his step mom was killed in a bus accident. He feels guilty because both times they were with him. He began reading the BOM, but we haven`t seen him since last Wednesday. He didn`t go to church and we don`t know if we can go to his house because he said that his dad was a little crazy sometimes. I know that there IS a plan and that it can`t be frustrated. 

It`s been so crazy thinking that I only have 5 months left. I want to keep working so hard because time just doesn`t last. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. I know that I will never be able to serve 2 years like this again. Maybe later with the wifey and all, but it`s just not the same. Now is the time. Help the missionaries at home. I know that they`re already spoiled and all, but help them make their missions successful, please. :) 
Love you all. The house looks good and hopefully you can finish everything sooner than later. Tell everyone hello for me. 
Loves, Elder Hill 
pic- I was going to record a role play that we were doing but I accidentally hit the camera button. Zeagler says that it shows how our companionship is-- I`m goofing off and lost and he`s studying hard. 

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