Monday, September 30, 2013

SMILE!!! sonreír

Sorry, I have NO time to write today. We spent like four and a half hours washing our clothes today because we don´t have anyone around to use a good washing machine. We walk like a mile or two to use someone´s machine but then we have to pull buckets of water out of a tank to fill the machine to wash, then wait, and fill it again to rinse, then hang it and do it for a total of 4 loads. Takes forever.

I put smile because in 2 Nephi 9:39 it talks about being spiritually minded. Spirtually Minded Is Life Eternal. I was thinking about it and it isn´t coincidence that it comes out like that. To really be focused on the spiritual things is what really makes us happy, or SMILE. Little things that God does to make the life better.... it´s amazing.

Silvia is an investigator that has been going to church for months and knows a member and really likes it all but hasn´t wanted to get baptized. We showed up to our appt on Tuesday and we started talking. She starts saying that she wants to buy her own scriptures and everything and then asks about the burning in the bosom thing. We explain it and then she told us why. Last week in the English class we talked baout how to bear your testimony in English. She kind of did it in the class but never said that "I believe this church is true" phrase. She just talked about prayer and general things. I left them the homework to translate their testimony and while she was translating her testimony into Englsih, she said that she felt the burning in the bosom and knew that the church was true. She talked to her mom about getting baptized and just told us that she´s waiting on her mom to be able to put the date, so that her mom can attend. It was really cool.

I did exchanges this week and while I was on exchanges, Elder Lamping and Elder Bautista taught Bety. She´s going to get baptized on October 12th, that is if her baby isn´t born before. She has been feeling a little sick lately and they gave her a blessing. When they finished giving the blessing she looked around and asked, "How many hands were on my head?" and they respond that just four. However, she responded saying that she felt more hands on her head and somebody with their hands on her shoulders, too. It was a pretty neat experience and she says that she´ll never forget it.

Yesterday we got called over to a group of drunk guys while we were walking. It happens a lot when one of them just wants to speak english. So, this guy just asked us if we wanted to drink, and of course we said no, but that we were looking for people to be taught. He replied, "I´m too drunk to be teached, but maybe next week!" I wanted to reply to him, "Maybe your just too drinked to be taught!" and see if he noticed, but I thought I´d better not. :) Where would the comedy come from without drunk people?

Anyway, love you all but I gotta go. No time left. We hope to find somehwere wlse to wash this week, but we´ll see about that.


Elder Hill

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