Monday, April 16, 2012

President Hanks Was Right ~ The Lord Speaks The BEST Spanish!

Elder Matthew Michael Hill Mexico City Temple

Thank you for the package. I will look for it in a few weeks when we have transfers again. Let Kathy know that I have received her letters, but with all of these weird things happening in the mission  lately, I haven´t had time to write ANYONE, including the girls. Tell Ryan congratulations and happy birthday for me. I wrote him a letter but don´t know if he ever got it. Should have  come this last week. Tell Kim and Grammy hello as well.

Thanks for your help with everything. It isn´t easy being so far away from life as I know it , but it is worth it. Before I know it, it will all be over. Tell Josh, Des, Mike, Ryan, Allie and all hello.

 I uploaded some pictures of when we went to the temple and the MTC that is right there, too.
Mexico City 'MTC'
The fruit is the first course of our breakfast every Wednesday. 
I didn´t take a picture of the second portion this last week because  it was whole boiled chickens, and I was a little bit distracted to take a picture. 

(He must've known I would be horrified 2 pairs of ECCO shoes in 2 months!)
My shoes that have paint-- well, those are the work shoes, and the less dirty are the dress shoes. Don´t worry, neither have paint and both are very shiny. I take care of my stuff. 

What a week!!! Just like many times in life, we had a really good few days, and a few really hard days. So goes the cycle. My companion went home on Thursday for medical reasons, and I don´t think that he will be back. He only had until January 5th so I  don´t think he will have time to come back. That was strange because I lost my trainer, but I was working in a trio for a few days with the elders in the ward that we share the building with. 
We would have been in a trio for two weeks until my companion arrives during the normal transfers, but president called last night and moved one of the elders in our trio to another area to cover for an elder who broke his ankle playing basketball. Elder Ton, my temporary companion, says that this transfer has been extremely weird. I agree.

Read More Of This Letter HERE!

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