Monday, April 9, 2012

My First Baptismal Confirmation in Sacrament Meeting & How Often in Our Lives Do We Try to do Something Good, and There is a Loud ''noise'' of Some Kind That Distracts Us?

President Cory F. Hanks the day Matthew was ordained an Elder


     This last Tuesday I got to go to the temple to visit the doctor at the MTC there. He is serving a mission as well. He is from Colorado, but that is all I really know about him. I got to ride the subway for the first time. It was pretty funny because everyone has to run from stop to stop to catch their next line. We didn´t because, well, I  don´t really know why. We did not have a time limit I guess.  
Who’s Cocina w/ orange and green?  Mine/ours. 
Can/do you ever cook there?   We can, but i have not.
Best Green Chilies & Chicken Enchiladas EVER huh… Recetas para la madre? (Recipes for Mother)  No recipes yet. I´ll ask some of the sisters when we eat with them if they can write down a few recipes.

     Yesterday I performed, as you could say, my first baptismal confirmation in Sacrament meeting. I confirmed Raul a member of the Church and Nunez confirmed Lorena. Surprisingly, the words actually came out pretty clear and concise. I was pretty worried at first, but it was all good.
     Another man named Arturo is one of our investigators. He went from being the highest of the high in the government, had lots of money and possessions, and was incarcerated for something that the government accused him of. However, he now lives in a small little house here in my area, he has very little, but is happier than when he had all of those possessions. 
Elder's Hill & Nunez w/ Lorena, Raul & hijo's prior to baptism's between General Conference SUNDAY sessions! 
     I realized this week that EVERY time we try to  teach a lesson, there is an extremely loud noise of some kind. Whether it be a train, truck, motorcycle, or whatever else... there is always an interruption when we try to teach a principle of the gospel. Every time we try to do the right thing. How often in our lives do we try to do something  good, and there is a loud ''noise'' of some kind that distracts us? Just a thought.

     This week we also tried to find an investigator who lives on ''calle 19 casa verde'' or Street 19, green house. Well, here in mexico they like bright colors. Guess how many houses on that street were green? A lot. We may have found them, on the last green house that we knocked. We still don´t know, but it is a possibility.

That´s all my time for this week. Give my best to Sister Little and President Hanks. Yes, he can write me, but I can´t reply unless I get permission from my President. Which I won´t, and I think that he will be okay with that.

Con amor,

Elder Hill 

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