Monday, April 30, 2012

My Joy Is FULL!

Elder Hill skipping on Railroad tracks~My Joy Is Full!

I have called this weeks letter "My Joy is Full" because Lorena and Raul are active in the Church, faithfully paying tithing EVERY week, and they are always on when we show up at night. Their two boys, Gael 7 and Uriel 4 are learning the gospel and want to be missionaries like us, with shirts and ties and name tags. They actively seek to attend the primary activities, even if they have to travel a few miles on a bus to get to the stake center or our chapel. Raul drives a camion, or basically an informal bus and is always reading the pamphlets and his principles of the gospel book when he is on his breaks. They are headed for the temple for sure! 

Elders Hill, Ton & Ortiz before today's transfers
Still gotta eat! Chicken Mole Enchiladas
My new companion arrived in La Quebrada today. His name is Elder Galvan from the furthest Northeast Corner of Mexico. I don´t remember what it is called, but that is how he described it to me. He is like 1.9 meters tall (6 feet) and a big guy. Really nice guy. We have only been together for an hour, but there is good to come. READ MORE OF ELDER HILL'S LETTER HERE!

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