Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Opposition Is Necessary To Gain A Testimony And To Grow. Trials Are No More Than Opportunities To Learn And Grow To Become What Heavenly Father Wants Us To Become.

Elders Hill and Ton w/ Investigator

It seems like I was just at the computer last week writing a letter. It went by super fast because Elder Ton and I are working in two areas with just us. I have been thinking about a few things to write, just because I don’t remember everything that happened this week, especially in order. However, here are a few things that happened this week: 

-We were walking from appt. to appt. one day and in front of us were two little girls playing with bubbles, but the huge kind with the big wand and all. Elder Ton was watching the bubbles float in the wind to see how long they would float without popping. As the bubbles started to pass behind us, he turned his head and was watching the bubbles while we were still walking. Then I heard a nice thud.... I turned around and he had walked into the back of a parked car! And we walk fast, too! I know that it’s not funny when people get hurt, but this was hilarious. I’m trying not to laugh about it right now in the internet place. Oh, Elder Ton.... 

Elder Hill's Zone @ water balloon play
-Today we went to a chapel about 40 minutes from where we are and had a huge water balloon fight/capture the flag with 18 Elders and 2 Sisters. We estimated that we had filled approx. 1000 water balloons to play with. That was super fun! However, our team lost the first few fights. I am still convinced that they won because they had the sisters, but oh well. It was fun to play with the entire Zone for a few hours. It was really nice to wear shorts and a t shirt in the sun again.... it has been a while. 

-I cooked Mexican style eggs. Not that exciting, but it was the first cooked meal in the mission. 

-Yesterday, the bishop in Valle de Tules pretty much set the whole ward straight during his talk. He talked about how every member has a calling and a duty, but he spoke with power. He asked everyone why there were empty seats in the congregation when they could be filled by their family that they home teach or visit teach. He asked the members if they are doing their duty as members of the church... but he left it open. It was a pretty powerful talk, and I´m sure that somebody in the ward was a little scared at that moment. Man, I was even a little scared, and I don’t have to answer to him for my calling! 

-One thing that I learned in Zone conference last week, is that one description in the Scripture Study Guide (for Spanish scriptures, I think it is Topical Guide for English) of the
TRUE Church of Christ, is that there is opposition. If this Church weren’t the only true church on the face of the Earth, It wouldn’t be so hard to send missionaries to countries, presidential nominees wouldn’t have such a hard time with the media, and life would just be easy. It is not that way because we are the true church. Satan doesn’t like it, so he will send false tyrants to oppress, false prophets, and false churches that teach pieces of truth, but that with the small lies he has their hearts. Opposition is necessary to gain a testimony and to grow. Trials are no more than opportunities to learn and grow to become what Heavenly Father wants us to become. 

-We met with a family this week who are talking with the Jehovah’s Witnesses right now. After we explained the Restoration and the Book of Mormon, we told them that they would receive an answer if they prayed. They asked that if they didn’t feel something good, would we go to church with them one day? I said yes....and so did my companion, but only because I did. However, I know that if we read the book of Mormon with true intent, we will receive an answer through the Holy Ghost. Chapter 4 of Preach My Gospel tells us how we can receive answers to prayers by the Holy Ghost. 

That’s what happened this week. Mexico is great, and the people are really wonderful. I’m excited to keep going and to keep teaching. I hope that I don’t get moved this week. President has said that he might have to close some areas this transfer because we don’t have enough missionaries coming in to fill all of the areas. Hopefully it won’t be my area, but we’ll see. 
Be good and stay strong, 

Elder Hill

3:02 AM  Man Son...THANKS! I REALLY NEEDED ALL THAT! Love you so dearly! XOXOXO So happy you got to have fun today...actually it's way late, so sore..tired. Came in, made late dinner, got kids to bed and I just showered and could finally stop and read your letter! XOXOXO
Funny thing..few pix and 4-6 were is the photo of the shirt I made him..of all the backgrounds and photos...I chose the one below. See the correlation/connection...whatyamacallit!!

Matthew's shirt, Called to Serve in Spanish. Sunset from our house front porch! We love Sunsets, can you tell!?

Earlier that day.....
Sunday April 22, 2012
Dear Elder Hill,

Hola mi Hijo de oro!
Watching , “That Promised Day” The Coming Forth Of The LDS Scriptures
Deepen your appreciation for the massive effort made to create the Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, Joseph Smith Translation, footnotes, maps, and more. Listen to those who worked on the project over 30 years ago and hear their inspired ...
the story of how our LDS Scriptures came to be. Pretty cool! I have been taking notes for you, but think I will just make DVD! It IS REALLY awesome! Great missionary tool actually because it shows how they took all the bibles and made this one. Also covers the making of the Santa Biblia. It’s an hour long, may be shorter online. It was very awesome! They ended up having Cambridge (UK) print it since they had printed most all of the Bibles since the 1600’s.
Monday…I was typing a quick history on'll have to wait. I have been outside all day digging up our lawn, sprinklers and rolling sod...for Alan & Melinda’s forms to be put in tomorrow, J !! Tired, burnt,  ache! I'll upload some'll see them when you upload to photobucket! LOVE YOU!
Hola! Como estas? Hola! Estoy bien. Gotta go. love you! Te amo mucho mi hijo de oro!!
How many pesos a month do you get? 1200, 1400 or 1500?1400 pesos, or 140 bucks.
Do you always use the same place to get on internet?  Usually, unless it is full of guys playing computer games.     Internet café? Yes
Do you know if you are changing areas during transfers?  Don´t know until Saturday before at 9pm  What area?
Spiritual Guess? No
If you left your battery inside your camera, it could ruin it. If so let me know and I’ll text Ruth to go take it out. I don’t remember. Text her. 
I have received some letters from other friends, and I have replied to each one about a month late because we just don´t have time.
…I understand that you wait, I wait too. But patience is a heavenly virtue to be acquired here. (Told me we may not get an email a week if he has to write the Bishop, Tyler or Bishop T, I had a little fit.) Also, you will get your phone call either May 10 or May 13... which do you prefer? May 13, Mother’s Day!  If I get emails from Thueson, or Bishop, or Tyler.... I reply. That´s all. 

Love you all. 
Gotta go! 

And what´s the deal with Alan´s yard? I hope you aren´t spending money you don’t have on his project. Love ya!
Dude, NO $$$ to spend. Alan is building a wall and I was taking our side up! I prefer Mother's Day, J Love you! Do I have pix?? ;)

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