Tuesday, July 24, 2012

¡¡¡ Happy 24th of July & Missionary for LIFE !!!

HAPPY 24th OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!

I hardly even remembered until I saw the date and all that jazz! Time flies when one is having fun! 

Yesterday, Edgar and Denise went to church and loved it. They had a good time and said that they will get baptized if they like church as much as they did yesterday and if they feel that it is true. Pretty much that means if we have faith and do what is right, the Lord will bless them and us with a baptism! Also, Nadia went to EFY this last week and she loved it. She talked to one hermana yesterday and asked her, "I loved EFY! Now what do I need to do to be baptized?!" She left church early with her sister and we couldn`t find her after, so we will keep searching. Or as the scriptures say, "fishing".

The funny thing about Edgar is that when we taught him the first time we had mentioned that somebody he knew was a member of our church. He sells propane and knows a lot of people. He started asking if a lot of people that he knew were members. Almost every name he rattled of is a member of our ward or the other ward her in Tezo. I find it funny because he has so many friends of the church that had NEVER talked to him about the church, and here he is loving what he learned yesterday and being around the people that are members of the one and only true Church of Christ. I invite each and every one of you to talk to your friends about the church. Pray for a way to bring it up casually and talk about it. I have a friend who talked to a girl about the Church, ...(Read more of this letter CLICK HERE!!)

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