Monday, July 30, 2012

My Testimony Was Renewed, I Had An Amazing Experience!

It´s pretty much August already! Summer is going by fast, but I´m not on summer break so it is all the same for me! This week was really 'chafa' as they say here. Our confirmations, Maria Isabel and Fany, didn´t show up to church.  We went to her house to look for them and the grandma was there. She said that the girls had left to a party with her other daughter and that Maria had to work, but I knew that she was lying to me so I went in the house and the two daughters were there watching T.V. and having a good time. Later we found out that Maria had to work because her boss wasn´t going to pay here for the three days that she had already worked if she didn´t go on Sunday. Jose and Flor didn´t get married this week because they couldn´t find some of the papers required, therefore, he didn´t get baptized. But we hope that this week all will be well and things will work out. 

On Saturday we were on our way to an appt. and we stopped to say hello to una hermana at here business. She was outside talking to a friend and we started talking to her. We invited here to go to church yesterday and she came! That doesn´t happen very often, but she is super cool. She knows a lot and is ready to hear the truth. We have another appointment tonight. Her name is Lucia. 

Last week, I had an amazing experience where I found out that I had done something that normally I wouldn´t have done, but I felt like I should. Turns out that it was the Spirit helping me to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands to answer. READ MORE OF THIS LETTER BY CLICKING HERE!

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