Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Been A Year Since My Call & Don't Play With Snakes!

Elders Cruz, Trevino, Taylor & Hill @ Atlantes in Tula

(He has NEVER said “Aloha”! What he doesn’t know is that that is how Jordan’s Bishop welcomed everyone to Sacrament Meeting and Jordan’s Farewell on Sunday!!!)

I was reminded by mom that I received my mission call one year ago yesterday. I didn´t even remember. I just thought, "July 16.... Wow! July is going by fast!" and that was it. One year from the call, and six months in the mission. I think that when I left, Cameron Hawkins had six months in the mission. Crazy! 

This week was pretty great. It was surely a wet week because the rainy season has arrived. A little late, but it usually rains every afternoon now. We found 5 new people to teach this week and they´re great! Edgar and Denise are one couple that we found. We showed up to a business of a member who always helps us and she was like, "Hey Elders! This is Edgar! Talk to him!" She has no shame about sharing the gospel and it´s AWESOME! We taught them Saturday and they said that they would go to Church, but they forgot and went to DF to buy a truck. But we went to their house last night and they said that they would get baptized if they like the church and all that it entails. That pretty much felt that for sure they are going to get baptized. Also, every Sunday we work as a district (the other 2 companionships that are close to us) in one of our 3 areas. Yesterday we worked here and the others elders went and talked to a contact that we had and they accepted a baptismal date! I don´t know them but they are Marisol and Juan de Dios. To be continued..... 

Jose, a guy that we stopped visiting nearly two weeks ago, accepted his baptismal date again and is excited to be baptized. I think that sometimes time can heal old feelings and get us excited again. That´s what happened. Yesterday he came to church in slacks and a white shirt. That´s awesome! 

This week, I picked up a small black and yellow snake. I don´t remember much about snakes from Boy Scouts, but if anyone knows if that snake was poisonous, please let me know. The talk from conference a while back came to my mind that was titled "Don´t Play With Snakes!" ( I think that was the spirit regeñandome. I don´t know how to say that in english anymore, but it´s something like chastising. My friends, it would be hypocritical to tell you not to play with snakes after relating that story, but I highly recommend following the counsel of our leaders. I was thinking what other "snakes" there are in life. You know what your snakes are, and I invite you to get rid of them. Snakes are no fun! :)

This week I read a few talks from conference. I love conference talks. One that I loved is from Richard G. Scott and talks about how to receive personal revelation.  I can’t think of the actual title, but check it out. ( ) It´s pretty awesome. Also, for you guys out there, read the talk from Elder Bednar in priesthood.... ( ) Oh man was that good! 

We went to the Atlantes in Tula today. It wasn´t much to see, but it was cool. They are pyramids and they have lots of symbols of things in the church. 

Anyway, I don't have much else. 

Love ya all! 

Elder Hill

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  1. Great picture thanks for posting! The mystery man is Elder Cruz;)


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