Monday, July 9, 2012


Always has reminded me of Elder Matthew Hill!
(Artwork by Greg Olsen ~ permission granted for us in this blog)

Buenas Tardes, 

This week went by super fast! Elder Treviño and I didn`t even notice it was Friday and now it`s Monday! Anyway, this week we had Zone Conference. That was great. We basically got told, "Good job, but why aren`t you guys working?" The Stake President showed up and said that it was an embarrassment to missionary work that a Stake took 20 years to be divided. Honestly, it was GREAT! I sometimes feel that people don`t understand what they need to do when they are told in a nice and round-about way. I think that the Zone (and me as well) will start to understand better what it means to be a missionary in these days. We are fulfilling prophecies of thousands of years past by Prophets of the Old Testament! We are also fulfilling prophecies in the Book of Mormon. It`s pretty sweet to think that I`m fulfilling a prophecy! :)

This week we were in a store that is owned by a member. Across the street is another store owned by our ward mission leader. So, some guy pulls up across the street on a red motorcycle  with a sombrero. The member across the street also has a red motorcycle. So, I whistle at this guy like (whooot-wooo)..... this guy turns around and looks at us and it was just some random guy who went to pick up something from the store. We just started laughing!! I learned to not whistle at people, no matter what.
Love is not looking at each other, it's
looking together in the same direction.

Our investigators Clementina and Nadia came to church yesterday. They are great people and are willing to learn. We don`t have very many new people to teach this week, so we are scrambling to get to work. Our baptisms should be for July 21. That will be cool.

Mexico City North Mission
Everyone here in my district keeps teasing me that I will be getting a call, everyone has started spreading rumors. Guys and gals-- rumors don`t end. They`re always there, but the topics change!

Jeffrey R. Holland ~ General Authority
This week I read Elder Holland`s talk from Conference- Laborers in the Vineyard. Read it. (Click to watch it!) My favorite part is the last line. Don`t delay! It`s getting late. If that just isn`t a Spirit filled line I don`t know what is!

My friends, I love ya`ll! Keep at it and be good.

Con amor,

Elder Hill

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